Friday, October 31, 2008

I had a delightful halloween this year, mostly due in part to my eldest child's quick wit and ability to deadpan like a pro.
Some highlights include:
*While trick or treating through the mall, a group of three teenage girls were walking toward our direction. They were those girls, the ones you hated in high school because they thought they were so perfect and so important, and they lived in their own world where everyone bowed down to them, and generally just reeked of attitude. Well, a group of these pounced by, swinging their hips and chatting away "Ohmigod, I know, she so did that, like, I don't..."
Eldest looked up at me and said, "Well, they just think they all that."
I cracked up. Did she read my mind or something? Or were those fake girls so obvious a 9-year old could pick up on it. Too funny. I swear, my child is a little version of me right down to the thinking patterns.
* While making our rounds through the mall, the kids stopped by Victoria's Secret because one of the employees there was handing out candy. She looked up at me and said (dead serious, in a low voice), "I feel uncomfortable here. There are bras everywhere."
* Gotta love those moments when your kid looks up at you and asks if you got a load of "that woman's gut."

*But I think my favorite moment was afterwards, when we were back home and I was showing her my new website and that her picture is on there from when she was a baby. She noticed it was her baby picture and asked:
"What about me in--" pauses to do a supermodel-ish hand sweep indicating herself from head to toe "--this form?"
Oh, brother. What am I to do? And just a few hours after talking about some other girls who thought they were all that.

Well, hope you enjoyed. If you're the type who needs a good visual to get humor, here's a little clip from last night's Halloween episode of Supernatural (come on, you know it'd been too long since I posted a clip from the show. Almost a whole week!). This is a scene where always-hungry Dean doesn't want to give up his candy to a portly trick-or-treater (aw, Dean. You meanie!) Poor little trick-or-treater. He gets his revenge though (-: )

Thursday, October 30, 2008

I Got A Nice Review!!!

Fellow author, Christle Gray, posted a wonderful review of The Fire Still Burns on her Myspace blog! Here's a little excerpt:

This book marked my introduction to the world of e-books, and what a wonderful relationship it started! Rain's dialogue and prose flowed smoothly, like ribbons on the page. I lost all sense of time while I read, and finished it all in one sitting!
Brynn's secret from the past, paired with the mystery of the arson investigation kept me guessing right up until the end.

To read her whole review, click on the title of this post to reroute to her blog post!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I Gots Me A New Place (on the web).

OK, so I finally decided on a website builder/host/whatever and went for it. It's going to take 24 hours for my domain name to work so you probably can't view it today (I don't have very much up yet anyway, just the basics) but when it's up it will be
Yippee! Now I can do my contest from there and make it all more streamlined and user-friendly. Yay!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Your Mission, Should You Accept...

I'm getting crafty. All kinds of ideas are brewing in my head about how to make my 1st Annual Unofficial But Totally Awesome Nano Contest (Seriously, could I have thought of a longer name for it?) even funnerer (yup, that's a word. I just made it up myself.) and I've had another lightbulb moment:
I'm sending you guys on missions.
That's right. You'd better check in daily and get ready. The more missions you complete, the more chances you have to win. What will those missions be, hmmmm? Nothing illegal. Don't fret. And I'm not going to ask you to make xeroxs of your butt or anything (but hey, whatever you do in your own time is alrighty-tightie. Just don't share it with me).
Maybe I'll... give you a mission to watch a certain show at a certain time... or check out certain small presses... or... share a charity with us...
Who knows what I might do, but be ready to jump on board!

Monday, October 27, 2008

You Should Be Watching : August Rush

I thought up a new blog "series" to do, and it's called "You Should Be Watching". I'll be blogging about movies, television shows, plays... you name it. First off in this new series is...
August Rush
Looooooooooove it! There have been many reviews about this movie which state it is unrealistic and you can predict the ending and blah blah blah...
Are there things in this movie that simply would not happen in real life?
Is the concept kind of totally out there?
Does it matter?
Lyla Novacek, cellist (is that how you spell it???), and Louis Connelly, lead singer of a band, meet one night, fall instantly in love and make a baby unbeknownst to poor Louis.
You see, Lyla's daddy wants her to do nothing but focus on playing the cello. So she's forbidden to see Louis again. Even after it's found out she's pregnant.
Louis & Lyla are both completely messed up over this, even giving up music. Lyla gets in an argument with her father and runs into the street where she's hit by a car.
She is told she has lost the baby but actually, her father forged her name on an adoption agreement. (Totally impossible that any woman would not be told by the doctor/nurses what had really happened, but what the hell. It made the story possible).
So little "Evan Taylor" is an orphan. He is a prodigy, hearing music in everything and being able to reproduce it easily.
August Rush follows the journey of these three as they search for each other.
Why you should watch:
Jonathan Rhys Meyers plays Louis.
You get to see Terrance Howard as a good guy (Seriously, it seems like all the man plays are creepy bad guys).
Jamia Simone Nash - cutest little actress ever, and the girl can "SAYNG"!
Alex O'Laughlin is in here too.
It's a feel good movie. We need more of these.
The music. Oh my goodness, the music! Jonathan Rhys Meyers sings and plays guitar, and he's got a really good voice. And the talent of the kids in this movie is amazing!
Check out cutie-pie, Jamia Nash, in her singing part here:

Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Contest Is Coming...

It's almost that time of year again: NaNoWriMo.

The third book in my Blood Revelation series is due to the publisher in May so I'm all in, though not in an official capacity. I don't go to the official site and compete to get a certificate. I don't do it for that. I do it to get stuff done.
And I play outside the rules. My manuscript already has 15000+ words, HOWEVER... I screwed up and started it in the wrong place. The timeframe is all off soI have to start it over. Does that mean a lot of cutting & pasting in the beginning along with re-writing? Yep. Is that cheating?

Who cares? This is Rain's 1st Annual Unofficial But Totally Awesome NaNo Contest!!!

Prizes will be given for Best Line, Best Title, Random Comment Pick and a special referral prize for checking out some of my friends' sites! So whether you make it to 50,000 words or not, you can still win! Join in the fun and be rewarded for your effort (and have fun doing it)!
(And still go get that certificate at the official site! It's good to have goals!)

Prizes include:
Free copy of my e-book
Home Interiors candles, room sprays, or potpourri

Keep checking back. It all starts November 1st!

Hey, in the meantime, run on over to and check out the Christmas merchandise. It's like, 50% off! Wow!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Eye Of The Tiger

Jensen Ackles is a goofball. He plays Dean Winchester on my favorite show of all-time, Supernatural. In this scene, Dean is supposed to be laying down in his car with his eyes closed, playing air guitar to Eye Of The Tiger. Jared Padalecki, who plays his brother Sam, is supposed to tap on the roof of the car and that's when Jensen pops up, says his line, gets out of the car and they do their scene which is basicly just dialogue.

Well, according to a story I read, Jared decided to play a little prank and just step out of the shot, leaving Jensen hanging.
This is what Jensen did:

How hilarious was that? I love these guys. Catch Supernatural Thursday nights at 9PM eastern on the CW.

Oh, and I just picked Jensen as our first official Hunk Of The Month on the Sapphire Blue Bombshells blog. Go check him out:

Friday, October 17, 2008

Bad News, Good News

Got some bad news the day before yesterday. Very bad news. News that could get worse. Unfortunately, it's news I don't want to share in the public domain just because certain people could see and then my bad news would turn into catastrophe. So anyhoo, I had a horrible, rotten, so upset I was forced to tears day, but when I came home from work... there was a contract in my email! From a publisher I absolutely love. For the series I consider the work of my heart.
The Blood Revelation series will be published by Imajinn Books. I'm so happy because I adore this series. My favorite characters are in it. Especially Jake Porter. I want to marry him. He's fictional, but who cares. I want him anyway.
I can't wait to have these books out and hold them in my hands. Hopefully, one day I'll make enough income from writing that I can quit the other things I do for income and stay inside my house all day, writing in my pajamas, not having to interact with anyone but my family and my editors... and readers of course. My world would be all kitties and rainbows then (-:

Thursday, October 9, 2008

I Dream Of Pee... and David Cook... and Pink Elephants

Ok, I've had a lot of weird dreams in my time so I thought I'd share a few (so folks can see what a twisted puppy I am) and invite others to share their own weirdo dreams.
1. Pink Elephants--
This one was frigging hilarious. I woke up thinking WTF????
I was standing on the outskirts of this village's olympic games with some sort of tribal elder or something. I was watching the event. What was the event? Men in togas and loincloths pushing large pink elephants up a mountain of chocolate and then pushing them when they got to the top so the elephants would slide down the chocolate syrup-covered mountain. Whoever's elephant hit the bottom of the mountain first was the winner.
The point to this dream? I have no idea.

2. David Cook Land
I had this dream last night, actually. I was with a friend I haven't seen since high school. We grew up together. We were BFFs but we fought like cats & dogs when we spent too much time together. Well, she and I were together in this dream at a place I'll just call "David Cook Land". It was announced that we could go "up" to see David Cook and we could wear anything from the clothing shop downstairs. My friend and I started arguing over who would wear what. There weren't many outfits which included pants and I do NOT wear shorts, but she kept grabbing all the pants outfits from me. Then we were fighting, all the while I kept looking at the ladder which led "up" to where David Cook was, knowing if we took much longer we wouldn't be allowed to see him.

3. The Recurring Theme Pee dream---
This is weird, I know, but I keep having dreams where I can't find a private place to pee. LOL! I told you it was weird. I had it again last night (after waking up from the David Cook dream). It always involves a crowded ladies bathroom where the majority of the toilets are too filthy to sit on or backed up or broken or something. And either the toilets that are working are right in the middle of the floor with no stall or there's a curtain you can see right through , or in the case of last night's dream, I was in a stall, but a male co-worker kept hanging over it, wanting to talk to me.
OK, there has to be some symbolic meaning here since I keep having different variations of the same dream, but what is it? What does it mean when you keep searching for a clean, private place to pee?
If you figure it out, let me know. It's getting annoying.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Shows I Miss

Some shows seem to stay on TV forever despite being just like all the other shows out there, some you don't even notice when they're gone, and then there are some that you remember fondly, get emotionally attached to, and miss with every fiber of your being. These are the shows I miss (in no articular order):


alien nation
Aliens living among us. Couldn't we all just get along? Loved this show as a kid. I had a crush on Detective Sikes. You can't hold that against me. I was a kid. It coulda been worse. I could have liked the alien dudes.


american dreams
Loved the show. Can't believe it got pulled after just a few seasons. It was like The Wonder Years with music. Loved the music, but unfortunately even the massive amount of musical guest stars couldn't save it. Will Estes was a cutie.


This used to come on extremely late on either Fridays or Saturdays. I'm thinking I was around 13-ish or so. Loved it. I think they owned an antique shop or something and stuff they sold was posessed?


ONE OF THE GREATEST SHOWS EVER!!! I might have cried when this got cancelled. I loved it so much. Genetically enhanced super-human soldiers born in test tubes and trained at a facility called Manticore. Max and some of her "siblings" escaped when they were like 9 years old and stayed on the run from the people who created them. I always wanted Max to get over Logan and hook up with Alec (played by the wonderful Mr. Jensen Ackles. He was a bit scrawny back then but still hot). He was such a tortured soul and obviously in love with her. They totally left the series on a cliff-hanger but at least they put out 3 books to help wrap it up for the many disgruntled fans. There's been rumors of a movie. If ever I wished a rumor to be true...
I found this vid on Myspace. I wish I could have found one with an actual clip, complete with dialogue:

Dark Angel - Come Get Some


Loved Noel. Hated Ben. Thought Felicity was a fool most the time, but just couldn't help but root for her. LOved the show, but then it started going the everybody-sleeping-with-everybody route that most shows tend to go. Still, I couldn't stop watching. I'd invested too much time into these people's lives.


Great show. Who can forget Munch? The episode Vincent Dinofrio guest starred in was unforgettable. Jon Seda came in during later seasons and brught in the hottie factor, but it wasn't enough to keep the show going. I like dthe way they ended this one though. I think they did it as a tv movie? I remember the ones who'd died on the show were shown sitting around a table together, together in death. That was pretty cool.


Cancelled after season one, but the fans fought to bring it back and they won. Unfortunately, we had that writers strike during the second season which totally killed it. Awful shame. This was a quality show. Lots of action, plot... a far cry from the evrybody-screwing-everybody shows we are so inundated with.


Self-serving lawyer's cousin dies and leaves his baby girl to him. Kevin has to leave his uppity law firm to join a much less profitable one and juggle raising a baby with his career. Really good show, but didn't last long. The season cliff hanger involved the baby's mother winning custody... and that was it. No second season. What a sucky way to go.


Sexy vampire P.I. What more is there to say? Stupid writers strike took out another great show.


Teddy (Sela Ward) was my favorite. I loved George Clooney befor ehe became uber-famous thanks to his role as Detective Falconer. His greatest character ever.


Why??? This show was awesome, loved the quick-witted, snarky Veronica. I cannot believe it got canceled after 3 seasons. Now we'll never know how that sheriff election turned out...



Seriously, I WAS Angela. It was like tehy wrote the show for me. I had my own Brian Krakow, Jordan Catalano, Ricky, Raeanne... all of them. And I totally had that hair color (along with 100 others...). Another great show cancelled unfairly.


Bumbling idiot Lowell, cutie Helen, love-to-hate-him Roy... and then there's the Hackett brothers. Really enjoyed the show, and totally had a crush on Tim Daly.

Now, this show was a lot of fun. Tim Daly's character was hilarious, but it only lasted a few episodes.

So... that's my list. What's on yours?

Monday, October 6, 2008

Why I Luuuuurve Dean Winchester

Why I love Dean Winchester...

1. He's the sexiest man on TV

2. Great Smile

3. Killer Body

4. Mess with his family and he'll kill you.

5. He made a deal with a demon to save his brother.

6. Makes the psycho, bloody killer-look sexy.

7. Loves kids

8. Doesn't shoot blanks. (-:

9. Has the baddest car ever.

10. Killed one of the baddest demons ever.

smoking gun
11. Went to hell for his family.
12. Is so frigging awesome, an angel lifted him out of hell.
13. Is man enough to cry

14. Is the hottest thing on two bow legs.
15. Funny as hell.

16. Will save mankind, and all he asks for in return is some good lovin' and a chunk of pie (-:

Watch Supernatural Thursdays at 9PM Eastern on the CW network to see the sexiest character ever created.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Jacked-Up Names (taken from my Myspace blog)

In my job, I often call people with some seriously jacked-up names. (And before anyone asks how anyone with the name Crystal-Rain Love can comment on someone else's name, let me just point out that my name is F'n awesome! If you don't agree, bite me. My name rocks!) Anyway, I often find myself wondering, "Why the hell would someone curse their child with such an awful name?" Granted, some of the women could have married into a bad name, but still... Why?
Fairy -(do people not realize this is slang? Why not just name your child Fruitcake? )
Pu$$y: (Not sure if against any Myspace rules to spell that one out) What really makes this one ten times worse is that it belonged to a guy. My buddy, John, called this guy up. The conversation went like this:
John: Hello, Um... is this Mr. Poos--
P: It's Pu**y.
John: Sir?
P: My name. It's Pu**y.
John: Um, yes sir... um, is that a nickname?
P: No. My mom named me Pu**y.
John. Oh, um (I can't quite recall but I think he just went on and started laughing)
Lusty- (Oh yeah. Her momma had hopes and dreams of that one growing up to twirl around the poles.)
Marijuana- I'm dead serious.
Reefer- Still serious.

Faulkoff - doesn't look bad, but say it out loud. We used to crack up at work when we got that name. My buddy, Ruth, loved it so much she said she wanted to change her own last name to Faulkoff. I told her to make sure she changed her first name to Ima.
Fagg- I had the pleasure of getting this customer on the phone. Our conversation went something like:
Me: Hi, is this Miss (took a few seconds to consider the least offensive way of pronouncing the name) um, Fayg?
Her: It's Fagg (pronounced just like that really not nice insulting word) but I got married. My new last name is (can't remember it. It wasn't as amusing as Fagg). I'm not a Fagg anymore!!! (her voice rose quite a bit with the excitement)
Me: congratulations. (really, what else could I say?)
Ada Way - (I guess they named her brother Erosion?)
Satin Love- (I guess there's worse things U could sit in.) Seriously, is this not the perfect stripper/porno star name? As a Love, I'm kind of irritated by it. It's names like these that make everybody think my name is fake. There are Loves out there, real ones, and we're not strippers or porno stars !!! Why do strippers and porno stars always want to change their name to something with Love in it? What does Love have to do with stripping and/or porno???
Peter Grabber - Why? Do the parents actually hate the kids before birth and choose to punish them? I just don't get what would possess a person to name their son Peter Grabber.
Anita Dick - This was a woman so she could have married into it, but if she did... would she really still need it? She should be getting it at least twice a week, right? Unfortunate name either way.
Ima Hooker- Need I comment?

There are many more awful names I've run across, but I can't remember them all. I feel bad for these people, but in a way I have to think they enjoy these names. I mean, seriously, how much does it cost to change a name? And don't get me wrong, I'm all for uncommon names. I have one and I gave my kids uncommon names, but I made sure I didn't give them bad or offensive names like these. I couldn't do anything so cruel to my babies.

Meet Me

Hey, this is Rain *a*k*a* Crystal-Rain Love, brand-newish author. I hail from Kentucky where I live with my three children and two monster-dogs.
I have a regular every-day job, and do cake decorating and Home Interiors while building up a catalog of work, which hopefully will someday soon be enough to support me. My dream is to work from home, solely supporting myself with my writing (and never having to get out of my pajamas).
I have one romantic suspense e-book, The Fire Still Burns, available now at, and a paranormal romance will be released with them this November/December.
I was recently offered a contract for my paranormal romance/kinda urban contemporary series by a print publisher and a just waiting (rather anxiously) for the paperwork.
That's about it. I'm not super-fabulous but I'm told I'm entertaining. Hopefully you will agree. If you like my blog, please "follow me". Otherwise, I'l just feel like a big, fat loser. (-: