Friday, October 17, 2008

Bad News, Good News

Got some bad news the day before yesterday. Very bad news. News that could get worse. Unfortunately, it's news I don't want to share in the public domain just because certain people could see and then my bad news would turn into catastrophe. So anyhoo, I had a horrible, rotten, so upset I was forced to tears day, but when I came home from work... there was a contract in my email! From a publisher I absolutely love. For the series I consider the work of my heart.
The Blood Revelation series will be published by Imajinn Books. I'm so happy because I adore this series. My favorite characters are in it. Especially Jake Porter. I want to marry him. He's fictional, but who cares. I want him anyway.
I can't wait to have these books out and hold them in my hands. Hopefully, one day I'll make enough income from writing that I can quit the other things I do for income and stay inside my house all day, writing in my pajamas, not having to interact with anyone but my family and my editors... and readers of course. My world would be all kitties and rainbows then (-:

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Maruth said...

I totally agree with you. But in my world it would be web design. If I could sit around in my PJ's in the house with my animals and just do that all would be amazing! BTW....I am LOVING the comments you are leaving on my site I agree with EVERYTHING and we think so much alike it's almost scary! lol! Thanks for everything! Take Care!