Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Contest Is Coming...

It's almost that time of year again: NaNoWriMo.

The third book in my Blood Revelation series is due to the publisher in May so I'm all in, though not in an official capacity. I don't go to the official site and compete to get a certificate. I don't do it for that. I do it to get stuff done.
And I play outside the rules. My manuscript already has 15000+ words, HOWEVER... I screwed up and started it in the wrong place. The timeframe is all off soI have to start it over. Does that mean a lot of cutting & pasting in the beginning along with re-writing? Yep. Is that cheating?

Who cares? This is Rain's 1st Annual Unofficial But Totally Awesome NaNo Contest!!!

Prizes will be given for Best Line, Best Title, Random Comment Pick and a special referral prize for checking out some of my friends' sites! So whether you make it to 50,000 words or not, you can still win! Join in the fun and be rewarded for your effort (and have fun doing it)!
(And still go get that certificate at the official site! It's good to have goals!)

Prizes include:
Free copy of my e-book
Home Interiors candles, room sprays, or potpourri

Keep checking back. It all starts November 1st!

Hey, in the meantime, run on over to and check out the Christmas merchandise. It's like, 50% off! Wow!

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