Thursday, October 23, 2008

Eye Of The Tiger

Jensen Ackles is a goofball. He plays Dean Winchester on my favorite show of all-time, Supernatural. In this scene, Dean is supposed to be laying down in his car with his eyes closed, playing air guitar to Eye Of The Tiger. Jared Padalecki, who plays his brother Sam, is supposed to tap on the roof of the car and that's when Jensen pops up, says his line, gets out of the car and they do their scene which is basicly just dialogue.

Well, according to a story I read, Jared decided to play a little prank and just step out of the shot, leaving Jensen hanging.
This is what Jensen did:

How hilarious was that? I love these guys. Catch Supernatural Thursday nights at 9PM eastern on the CW.

Oh, and I just picked Jensen as our first official Hunk Of The Month on the Sapphire Blue Bombshells blog. Go check him out:


Dorlana said...

LOL - That was great. Thanks for the laugh. Know i want to start watching the show again. :)
Have a Happy Halloween.

Dorlana said...

oops - I mean "now".

Crystal-Rain Love said...

Again? You stopped? That's craziness!