Friday, October 31, 2008

I had a delightful halloween this year, mostly due in part to my eldest child's quick wit and ability to deadpan like a pro.
Some highlights include:
*While trick or treating through the mall, a group of three teenage girls were walking toward our direction. They were those girls, the ones you hated in high school because they thought they were so perfect and so important, and they lived in their own world where everyone bowed down to them, and generally just reeked of attitude. Well, a group of these pounced by, swinging their hips and chatting away "Ohmigod, I know, she so did that, like, I don't..."
Eldest looked up at me and said, "Well, they just think they all that."
I cracked up. Did she read my mind or something? Or were those fake girls so obvious a 9-year old could pick up on it. Too funny. I swear, my child is a little version of me right down to the thinking patterns.
* While making our rounds through the mall, the kids stopped by Victoria's Secret because one of the employees there was handing out candy. She looked up at me and said (dead serious, in a low voice), "I feel uncomfortable here. There are bras everywhere."
* Gotta love those moments when your kid looks up at you and asks if you got a load of "that woman's gut."

*But I think my favorite moment was afterwards, when we were back home and I was showing her my new website and that her picture is on there from when she was a baby. She noticed it was her baby picture and asked:
"What about me in--" pauses to do a supermodel-ish hand sweep indicating herself from head to toe "--this form?"
Oh, brother. What am I to do? And just a few hours after talking about some other girls who thought they were all that.

Well, hope you enjoyed. If you're the type who needs a good visual to get humor, here's a little clip from last night's Halloween episode of Supernatural (come on, you know it'd been too long since I posted a clip from the show. Almost a whole week!). This is a scene where always-hungry Dean doesn't want to give up his candy to a portly trick-or-treater (aw, Dean. You meanie!) Poor little trick-or-treater. He gets his revenge though (-: )

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