Thursday, October 9, 2008

I Dream Of Pee... and David Cook... and Pink Elephants

Ok, I've had a lot of weird dreams in my time so I thought I'd share a few (so folks can see what a twisted puppy I am) and invite others to share their own weirdo dreams.
1. Pink Elephants--
This one was frigging hilarious. I woke up thinking WTF????
I was standing on the outskirts of this village's olympic games with some sort of tribal elder or something. I was watching the event. What was the event? Men in togas and loincloths pushing large pink elephants up a mountain of chocolate and then pushing them when they got to the top so the elephants would slide down the chocolate syrup-covered mountain. Whoever's elephant hit the bottom of the mountain first was the winner.
The point to this dream? I have no idea.

2. David Cook Land
I had this dream last night, actually. I was with a friend I haven't seen since high school. We grew up together. We were BFFs but we fought like cats & dogs when we spent too much time together. Well, she and I were together in this dream at a place I'll just call "David Cook Land". It was announced that we could go "up" to see David Cook and we could wear anything from the clothing shop downstairs. My friend and I started arguing over who would wear what. There weren't many outfits which included pants and I do NOT wear shorts, but she kept grabbing all the pants outfits from me. Then we were fighting, all the while I kept looking at the ladder which led "up" to where David Cook was, knowing if we took much longer we wouldn't be allowed to see him.

3. The Recurring Theme Pee dream---
This is weird, I know, but I keep having dreams where I can't find a private place to pee. LOL! I told you it was weird. I had it again last night (after waking up from the David Cook dream). It always involves a crowded ladies bathroom where the majority of the toilets are too filthy to sit on or backed up or broken or something. And either the toilets that are working are right in the middle of the floor with no stall or there's a curtain you can see right through , or in the case of last night's dream, I was in a stall, but a male co-worker kept hanging over it, wanting to talk to me.
OK, there has to be some symbolic meaning here since I keep having different variations of the same dream, but what is it? What does it mean when you keep searching for a clean, private place to pee?
If you figure it out, let me know. It's getting annoying.

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Dorlana said...

Hey Crystal-Rain,
Sorry I can't help with the whys, but I'm glad I'm not the only one who has crazy dreams. LOL.