Sunday, October 5, 2008

Meet Me

Hey, this is Rain *a*k*a* Crystal-Rain Love, brand-newish author. I hail from Kentucky where I live with my three children and two monster-dogs.
I have a regular every-day job, and do cake decorating and Home Interiors while building up a catalog of work, which hopefully will someday soon be enough to support me. My dream is to work from home, solely supporting myself with my writing (and never having to get out of my pajamas).
I have one romantic suspense e-book, The Fire Still Burns, available now at, and a paranormal romance will be released with them this November/December.
I was recently offered a contract for my paranormal romance/kinda urban contemporary series by a print publisher and a just waiting (rather anxiously) for the paperwork.
That's about it. I'm not super-fabulous but I'm told I'm entertaining. Hopefully you will agree. If you like my blog, please "follow me". Otherwise, I'l just feel like a big, fat loser. (-:

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