Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Shows I Miss

Some shows seem to stay on TV forever despite being just like all the other shows out there, some you don't even notice when they're gone, and then there are some that you remember fondly, get emotionally attached to, and miss with every fiber of your being. These are the shows I miss (in no articular order):


alien nation
Aliens living among us. Couldn't we all just get along? Loved this show as a kid. I had a crush on Detective Sikes. You can't hold that against me. I was a kid. It coulda been worse. I could have liked the alien dudes.


american dreams
Loved the show. Can't believe it got pulled after just a few seasons. It was like The Wonder Years with music. Loved the music, but unfortunately even the massive amount of musical guest stars couldn't save it. Will Estes was a cutie.


This used to come on extremely late on either Fridays or Saturdays. I'm thinking I was around 13-ish or so. Loved it. I think they owned an antique shop or something and stuff they sold was posessed?


ONE OF THE GREATEST SHOWS EVER!!! I might have cried when this got cancelled. I loved it so much. Genetically enhanced super-human soldiers born in test tubes and trained at a facility called Manticore. Max and some of her "siblings" escaped when they were like 9 years old and stayed on the run from the people who created them. I always wanted Max to get over Logan and hook up with Alec (played by the wonderful Mr. Jensen Ackles. He was a bit scrawny back then but still hot). He was such a tortured soul and obviously in love with her. They totally left the series on a cliff-hanger but at least they put out 3 books to help wrap it up for the many disgruntled fans. There's been rumors of a movie. If ever I wished a rumor to be true...
I found this vid on Myspace. I wish I could have found one with an actual clip, complete with dialogue:

Dark Angel - Come Get Some


Loved Noel. Hated Ben. Thought Felicity was a fool most the time, but just couldn't help but root for her. LOved the show, but then it started going the everybody-sleeping-with-everybody route that most shows tend to go. Still, I couldn't stop watching. I'd invested too much time into these people's lives.


Great show. Who can forget Munch? The episode Vincent Dinofrio guest starred in was unforgettable. Jon Seda came in during later seasons and brught in the hottie factor, but it wasn't enough to keep the show going. I like dthe way they ended this one though. I think they did it as a tv movie? I remember the ones who'd died on the show were shown sitting around a table together, together in death. That was pretty cool.


Cancelled after season one, but the fans fought to bring it back and they won. Unfortunately, we had that writers strike during the second season which totally killed it. Awful shame. This was a quality show. Lots of action, plot... a far cry from the evrybody-screwing-everybody shows we are so inundated with.


Self-serving lawyer's cousin dies and leaves his baby girl to him. Kevin has to leave his uppity law firm to join a much less profitable one and juggle raising a baby with his career. Really good show, but didn't last long. The season cliff hanger involved the baby's mother winning custody... and that was it. No second season. What a sucky way to go.


Sexy vampire P.I. What more is there to say? Stupid writers strike took out another great show.


Teddy (Sela Ward) was my favorite. I loved George Clooney befor ehe became uber-famous thanks to his role as Detective Falconer. His greatest character ever.


Why??? This show was awesome, loved the quick-witted, snarky Veronica. I cannot believe it got canceled after 3 seasons. Now we'll never know how that sheriff election turned out...



Seriously, I WAS Angela. It was like tehy wrote the show for me. I had my own Brian Krakow, Jordan Catalano, Ricky, Raeanne... all of them. And I totally had that hair color (along with 100 others...). Another great show cancelled unfairly.


Bumbling idiot Lowell, cutie Helen, love-to-hate-him Roy... and then there's the Hackett brothers. Really enjoyed the show, and totally had a crush on Tim Daly.

Now, this show was a lot of fun. Tim Daly's character was hilarious, but it only lasted a few episodes.

So... that's my list. What's on yours?

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Tracy said...

Fun post! I loved Noel too. and I forgot about George Clooney on Sisters! You reminded me of that wonderful memory, he was (as is) my favorite:)