Monday, October 6, 2008

Why I Luuuuurve Dean Winchester

Why I love Dean Winchester...

1. He's the sexiest man on TV

2. Great Smile

3. Killer Body

4. Mess with his family and he'll kill you.

5. He made a deal with a demon to save his brother.

6. Makes the psycho, bloody killer-look sexy.

7. Loves kids

8. Doesn't shoot blanks. (-:

9. Has the baddest car ever.

10. Killed one of the baddest demons ever.

smoking gun
11. Went to hell for his family.
12. Is so frigging awesome, an angel lifted him out of hell.
13. Is man enough to cry

14. Is the hottest thing on two bow legs.
15. Funny as hell.

16. Will save mankind, and all he asks for in return is some good lovin' and a chunk of pie (-:

Watch Supernatural Thursdays at 9PM Eastern on the CW network to see the sexiest character ever created.

1 comment:

Supernatural Fan! ^^ said...

Who doesn't love Dean? ^^
Gosh an' Jensen plays the guy so well!