Monday, October 27, 2008

You Should Be Watching : August Rush

I thought up a new blog "series" to do, and it's called "You Should Be Watching". I'll be blogging about movies, television shows, plays... you name it. First off in this new series is...
August Rush
Looooooooooove it! There have been many reviews about this movie which state it is unrealistic and you can predict the ending and blah blah blah...
Are there things in this movie that simply would not happen in real life?
Is the concept kind of totally out there?
Does it matter?
Lyla Novacek, cellist (is that how you spell it???), and Louis Connelly, lead singer of a band, meet one night, fall instantly in love and make a baby unbeknownst to poor Louis.
You see, Lyla's daddy wants her to do nothing but focus on playing the cello. So she's forbidden to see Louis again. Even after it's found out she's pregnant.
Louis & Lyla are both completely messed up over this, even giving up music. Lyla gets in an argument with her father and runs into the street where she's hit by a car.
She is told she has lost the baby but actually, her father forged her name on an adoption agreement. (Totally impossible that any woman would not be told by the doctor/nurses what had really happened, but what the hell. It made the story possible).
So little "Evan Taylor" is an orphan. He is a prodigy, hearing music in everything and being able to reproduce it easily.
August Rush follows the journey of these three as they search for each other.
Why you should watch:
Jonathan Rhys Meyers plays Louis.
You get to see Terrance Howard as a good guy (Seriously, it seems like all the man plays are creepy bad guys).
Jamia Simone Nash - cutest little actress ever, and the girl can "SAYNG"!
Alex O'Laughlin is in here too.
It's a feel good movie. We need more of these.
The music. Oh my goodness, the music! Jonathan Rhys Meyers sings and plays guitar, and he's got a really good voice. And the talent of the kids in this movie is amazing!
Check out cutie-pie, Jamia Nash, in her singing part here:


Jamie Eyberg said...

That little girl did a music video on Jack's Big Music Show on Noggin called Bongo Bird. It was cute and one of my son's favorite shows.

Crystal-Rain Love said...

She's also the singing voice for Uniqua on Backyardigans. She's adorable. I love her cute little smile.