Saturday, November 1, 2008

Let The Contest Begin!!!

It's on and popping! Day 1 of the Rain's 1st Unofficial But Totally Awesome NaNo Contest (seriously, I have to shorten that title) has officially begun! Get your butt over to my website (just click on the title of this post to get over there or use the link in the sidebar) and sign up to use the forum if you haven't already.

Today, we're starting out simple.

1) NaNoers: Your posting info/rules is all tehre on the contest page. Get in the forum and post your entries after you're done writing today (good luck to ya)!

2) Everyone: Check out the 1st Mission posted over on the forum. Sometimes, I'll post those missions here or on my Myspace as well, but I will ALWAYS add them to the forum too. I don't want anyone missing out.

3.) Everyone: The Random Pick entries start right now. Each comment you leave on any of my blogs here or on my Myspace gets you an entry.

Get crackin' and check back regularly for more missions and fun things to come, including author interviews, November Hunk Of The Month, "You Should Be Watching" and random surprises sprinkled in.

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