Sunday, November 30, 2008


November was a pretty hectic month. I had a total of 6 fund raisers I did with different schools & churches (I'm a Home Interiors consultant). Five of those are still going on, they turn in the $ tomorrow. I did a lot of traveling from school to school, dropping off brochures, picking up money, unpacking (158!!!) boxes and doing ice cream parties, etc.

I released a new book. Moonlit Dream came out last Monday from Sapphire Blue Publishing. I'm excited about it because it's my first released paranormal, which is my main genre.

I received two reviews this month! I got a 5-heart review for The Fire Still Burns from The Romance Studio which was a great feeling. And I got a wonderful, heartfelt review of Moonlit Dream from a reader (Thank you, SaturnMoonie) that left me gaping at the computer screen, thinking "Seriously? OMG! It's really that good!"

I tried NaNoWriMo and sucked majorly. Ah, well.

I managed to post a new blog on here EVERY SINGLE DAY OF THE MONTH! That's a first, and I won't lie. It seems like it would b eeasy, but there were days I really didn't know what to do and I would just brainstorm and brainstorm until finally something hit.

I held some contests. I had a great time doing e-book giveaways on Myspace and meeting new people who joined my Rain's 1st Annual Unofficial But Totally awesome NaNo Contest. Speaking of which, today is the last day to get in entries. Go check the missions at my website and make sure you've completed them all.

I made three book trailers! See, I'm always learning new skills.

It was a pretty hectic month overall, and sadly, I got very little done on the writing front, but that's changing in December. I'm gonna get a book cranked out!

Well, it was fun. Now I must get to thinking who to choose for December's Hunk Of The month on the SBB blog, and enjoy my last day of November, because starting tomorrow, it's time for Operation Tap Out That Mutha!

Oh. Winners of the November contest will be announced tomorrow. Thanks to all who entered, and don't be a stranger.

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