Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Path To Freedom by Lisa Pietsch

OK, you may think I'm biased due to the fact this book was published by one of my own publishers, or by th efact Lisa is a fellow "Sapphire Blue Bombshell", but ... read the book and you will know I don't need to be biased to say this book is awesome.

Sarah Stevens has let herself go, to the point she loses her job as a military cop. With little money, no prospects, and coming off a break-up, she goes to a boot camp designed to get those extra pounds off.

Sarah goes from fat and blah to "Day-umm!" while in the program (and might I add that I LOVE how she had to go to BOOT CAMP for this and really work. I hate books where the ugly duckling just springs up gorgeous in no time at all. Sarah put in WORK).

With her new skills and hot bod, she is recruited to a special task force and goes deep undercover for her first assignment. DEEP undercover. Sarah has to do some questinable things in her new job, but the author has written the book in a way that you really don't find yourself judging Sarah. Instead, you're hastily reading on (despite knowng you have to go to work the next morning, you just keep on reading...)to see what happens next in this action-packed adventure.

Action... adventure... suspense... a team of gorgeous men, and a kick-ass heroine. This book has it all!

Well done, Mrs. Pietsch, well done!


Lisa Pietsch said...

Thank you, Rain. I'm so glad you enjoyed it! I hope the second book doesn't let you down :-)

Crystal-Rain Love said...

I hope you hurry the hell up so I can read the 2nd book (-;