Sunday, November 2, 2008

R-A-M-A-Y-A, Oops.

I was supposed to make a cake for my friend/co-worker's daughter. She wanted Winnie The Pooh as the theme and she really liked this cake I had done:

Janyia's Friends

I planned out the cake and did a free-hand sketch of Pooh, Tigger & Piglet with the bubble letters of the little girls name, Ramya. Not RaMya, or Ra'mya, or Ramaya. The girl's name is pronounced "Ra-my-uh" but spelled like "Ram-ya". I teased her mom about this quite a bit. Anyway, I got it done and I scanned the drawing into my computer and printed an edible image of it to put on the cake and use as my guide.

Cake-tastrophe #1 : Piglet worked fine in the drawing, but when I went to trace him on the cake over the edible image, all that black icing ran together. He was too small. So... I scraped off the incredibly bad outline and just filled in that area with blue background and added some balloons to cover the empty space. No big deal.

Cake-tastrophe #2:
See if you can spot it:

Pooh & Tigger

After all that ribbing I did of Ramya's name being spelled like "Ram-ya" I went and spelled it wrong on the damn cake! I have NEVER done that before! And there was no way to fix it without totally screwing up the cake because of this particular design. I was so upset, and of course the first words out my mouth when my friend called was "You don't have to pay me anything."

Is it any wonder I'm tired of doing cakes? I have enough stress in my life, thank you very much. I don't need the guilt of mispelling a kid's name on their birthday cake.

But in my defense, her momma spelled her name the wrong way. (-;


Crystal-Rain Love said...

LOL! You can't even see the pictures on the blog! Oh, well. I'll probably do a slide show of my cakes later and you'll be able to see them in their entirety. Dang it.

SaturnMoonie said...

LMAO that's hilarious. Don't beat yourself too much, I'm sure there will be many more people mispelling that girl's name, you just got the ball rolling. :P Besides she could always say, "True she did get my name wrong, but that cake was goood" Haha, oh and once they start cutting it, who's gonna know?

Bethanne said...

You're very talented to even be able to do a cake like that. Thanks stopping by The Girls on Books. And good luck in Nano!

I'm trying my hand at it as well. We'll see. I have 4 kids. :P I have done 3700 words so far, but that was just luck and I started before the hour of commencement. LOL Oh well. Have a great month!

Crystal-Rain Love said...

Thanks, Bethanne!

Make sure to stop by my website and join in on the NaNo contest there for prizes!

Crystal Adkins said...

LOL Crystal, the cake looks delicious! Even though you did spell the little girl's name wrong... I bet it still tasted just as good :)