Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Vamps vs Weres

Over on my Myspace blog, I interviewed author, Buffy Christopher. Since we both write paranormal romance featuring vampires and shapeshifters, I got to thinking... Which are hotter? Vamps or Weres


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Like Alex O'Laughlin's character, Mick St.John, from Moonlight, vampires are extremely sexy. They're powerful and mysterious. Strong and dangerous, yet they can still maintain that spark of humanity that makes them seem just like the rest of us... only they have to stay out of the sun and it's a lot harder to kill them. Oh well. A lot of fun things can happen in the dark (-:


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There are lots of different types of shapeshifters. There are Weres, Lycans, and in my upcoming Blood Revelation series, there are Therians, which are really awesome. The majority of shapeshifters in literature and film start out as humans but through a bite, become controlled by the moon and forced to shift shape into their animal form. They can either look exactly like the animal they are "kin" to or they can look like beastly human/animal hybrids, like The Wolf-Man.

Which are hotter? Sexy, charismatic vampires or Wild, untamed Shape-Shifters?
Take the poll and share how you made your choice!

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SaturnMoonie said...

*Clears throat* 4 votes...all vampires, you beginning to see a pattern here? ;-)

Christle Gray said...


(Oh, did I yell?)

They are such lonely, tortured creatures. I just want to save them somehow - keep them connected to that tiny spark of humanity that I KNOW still exists inside of them.

David Boreanaz as Angel is my choice.

SaturnMoonie said...

Christle: Shut up, just shut up! You...you had me...you had me at David Boreanaz ;D

Crystal-Rain Love said...

Yup, I've always been more of a vamp-girl myself. I've been hooked since reading Maggie Shayne's Twilight Hunger.