Tuesday, November 11, 2008

You Should Be Watching ... NCIS

NCIS is a good show if you like action and humor.

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Loaded with both, it is guaranteed to keep you entertained. Though we are inundated with criminal investigation shows, none of them have the perfect blend of action,suspense, investigation, and humor that NCIS has achieved.

Just a few things about NCIS I love:

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He's highly intelligent, impossible to get one over on, and likes to slap his underlings upside the head, which is always enjoyable to watch.

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Hopeless womanizer. It's amazing he ever gets any work done, but Tony brings a lot of entertaiment to the show, particularly when he's missing with McGee. Poor McGee.

McGee a*k*a "PROBIE"
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Dubbed "probie" by Tony, McGee is a computer whiz and the slightly dorky but oh-so-loveable member of the NCIS team.

ABBY !!!
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Abby rocks! This quirky character who fills up on huge masses of caffeine and rock music in order to do her job, is super-intelligent despite looking like a punk rocker/high school dropout, and steals every scene she's in.


New episodes of NCIS come on Tuesdays at 8PM


SaturnMoonie said...

ABBY!!! Haha, I love Abby too, especially when she's in scenes w/ Gibbs. So yes I do watch NCIS, but not regularly, if it's on while I'm clicking through channels I'll stop and watch (it's on right now actually hehe)

Do you remember when Abby quit caffeine??? Oh or when she dressed up as Marilyn Monroe???

Oh do you remember when Gibbs retired? HAHA...Ok I'm done now :P

Crystal-Rain Love said...

I remember when Gibbs retired, but missed the other two. I really didn't start watching fanatically until about last season. I intend to buy all the seasons on DVD and have a big NCIS fest. LOL!