Thursday, December 31, 2009

Why David Cook Is The Greatest...

I have lost count how many times I hit the replay button. No one ( and I don't give a damn who you/they are) can mash up a song like this man and OWN it !!!

Damn, I wish I'd witnessed this live. Then again, I might have had to have been carried out on a stretcher so I'll just be happy getting the KOTN/Hotel California mash -ups during the concerts I went to.

2009... Kind Of a Toss-Up

So, 2009 screwed with me. There were some good things that happened, but also something really, really bad. I can't decide whether to say it was a great year or one of the worst of my life. Let's recap:


1. Hello! I lost my job. After 10 years. Need I say more?

2. Forced to live off unemployment because I can't even get a callback from a job application. Apparently the fact that I've worked non-stop for the past 15 years and spent 10 of that at my last job means nothing at all.

3. First print book was supposed to be published this year, but it got pushed back. ) - :

4. Economy still sucks.

5. Way too many people dying young.

6. Cancer is still here.


1. Wrote Guardian Cowboy & subsequently signed contract with The Wild Rose Press to publish it, making me a member of the awesome group of authors who write the Wayback, Texas series.

2. Wrote Moonlit Watcher which was subsequently chosen as part of ARe's 28 Days of Heart campaign, fulfilling a lifelong dream of mine to publish something solely for charity.

3. Went to TWO David Cook concerts!!!

4. Hello! Adorable new neice born.

That's some pretty damn good stuff so overall... I guess I can't deem this as a bad year. Yes, I lost my job and yes, I'm starting to worry because I haven't had any job interviews but some pretty awesome stuff happened too.

As for 2010?

1. Blood Revelation Book One: Blood Curse will be published.

2. Guardian Cowboy will be published.

3. Moonlit Watcher will be published.

4. It's quite possible another Blood Revelation book will be published. I'm nearly done writing the fourth so they're there & they're contracted...

5. Whatever job I find (PLEASE let me find a job or hit the lottery!!!) will have to be better than the one I lost since there were honestly times I felt I was working for the devil.

I won't think of the bad things I fear... Gotta have faith!

To all, I hope you had a great 2009 or at least enough good things to make up for the bad, and I hope for an amazing 2010 for us all! May we actually get an end to war & unemployment, and what I pray for constantly: An end to cancer. Could this be the year? Hopefully.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Monday, December 28, 2009

Announcement: New Release Date !!!

Guardian Cowboy_CrystalRainLove

Guardian Cowboy has just been assigned a release date : February 24, 2010. Less than 2 months away. I am SO excited! I love this story, and can't wait to introduce Presley and Amber to the world!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

In The Writing Cave

I'm still here. I realize I haven't been very active on the blog this month, but as I don't really get a lot of comments I figure nobody really misses me ( - ;

I actually guest-blogged at Leah Braemel's blog and that just went up today:

I did those two interviews as well so I have been around the 'net. That's about it as far as maintaining a web presence. I am going full throttle on this fourth installment of my Blood Revelation series.

My characters are giving me all sorts of nice surprises (the hero & heroine started out as one thing, now they are different types of beings altogether) and keeping me rolling right along. It's kind of nice when they take over and throw me curves. It keeps me engaged. I'm really enjoying this one, and I think readers will too when they finally get to it (probably 2011 or 2012 depending on the release schedule) because I'm dropping all sorts of clues for later installments.

I'm hoping to have this one all wrapped up by the end of the month so I can move along to something else. I still don't have a job but I'm putting in applications so who knows when my status will change? I want to get as much written during this "free time" as possible. I use quotations because anyone with kids understands that even unemployed, I don't have free time, especially during winter break, but you get the point.

So, anyway, I'm in the writing cave, people. I have stepped out a few times to read for my own enjoyment ( I totally recommend Darkest Whisper by Gena Showalter, Sweet Inspiration by Penny Watson, Holiday Hell House by Christle Gray, and hell, anything by Linda Warren) but other than that and doing my child-raising thing, I'm tapping away at the keyboard.

If I don't get back on here to say it in the next few days...

Have a very merry, blessed Christmas with the ones you love!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Kicking Vampire Butt

Just got through another battle scene. When I started out writing I used to get so anxious over writing any sort of fight scene. What words did I use? How did I keep the action going and still "show, don't tell"? How did I sprinkle in the dialogue without the fighting coming to a stand-still?

It's getting a bit easier now, as does anything you practice at. I don't get all nervous about it though it's not my favorite thing to write. I'll always love dialogue more than anything.

I added a new element during the writing of this scene. A new kind of were-creature. Yay! That's the beauty of writing. You never know what's going to spark a new idea and help you paint a more vivid, enthralling picture.

I've also finally discovered what my not-quite-human is and even created a word for her since I couldn't find anything online like her. That was pretty cool and I hope the idea is still kind of fresh by the time this story is released. It's the fourth installment of my Blood Revelation series so the absolute earliest it would come out would be 2011.

I know I've thought up things before in this series, wrote it all up, then turned on Supernatural later to see my "fresh" idea right there on the screen. LOL! We'll see if Supernatural beats me on this one or not.

So far I'm proud of myself this month for writing daily or doing a "double dose" if a day is missed. If I stay on track I will definitely complete this manuscript by month end as planned. I'm hoping to double up on the word count tomorrow so I can have the time off I need to make a birthday cake I received an order for. I hope I can hit goal.

Monday, December 7, 2009

New Interview Up at Romance Junkies!

And yet another interview is up. I'm trying to keep that promo ball rolling ( - ; This is the interview my brother helped me with by supplying how my family would describe me. Hmmm....

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

December: New Interviews & Writing Challenge

Hey, peoples. November went way too quickly and now we are in the last month of the year. I feel the deadline for Blood Revelation Book 4 bearing down on me so I've committed myself to finishing that manuscript this month (even though I was really rolling along on Redemption...Sigh. Must put it aside for the moment).

I have a new interview up right now at:

Go over there, check it out, and if you have any ?'s I'm at their Yahoo group all day. Ask away.

I'll have another interview up at Romance Junkies pretty soon. I'm getting back into Promo Mode with the releases I have coming up in 2010. So far it's looking like this:

Blood Revelation Book One: Blood Curse January 2010
Moonlit Watcher February 2010
Guardian Cowboy ? 2010
Blood Revelation Book Two: Slayer's Prey ? 2010

Keep watch on the progress bar on the right. If you see me slacking off on Blood Revelation Book 4 be sure to give me a kick in the butt!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Imajinn Is Giving Away $50 In Books!

This is the notice Imajinn sent out:

Holiday Sale!
All of our books are now on sale for 40% off their retail price through January 3, 2010. Now's the time to grab that book you've been wanting to buy or to pick up some great books for gifts. To browse through our books, Click Here.
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Looking for a unique gift? Give a copy of J. A. Ferguson's Christmas classic, The Wrong Christmas Carol. This magical holiday story would make even make Scrooge love the holiday season! To order a copy of this great book, Click Here.
And if you're looking for a gift for that hard-to-buy-for person in your life, give them an ImaJinn Books Gift Certificate and introduce them to our great authors. Our gift certificates come in $10.00, $15.00, $20.00, $25.00, $35.00 and $50.00 amounts, and we'll mail or e-mail you a gift certificate that you can wrap and put under the tree, or we'll be happy to mail or e-mail it to that special person for you. To order a Gift Certificate, Click Here.
Win a $50.00 Gift Certificate
We will give away three $50.00 Gift Certificates on December 12, 2009 that you can use on our website. All you have to do to enter is fill out our Reader's Questionnaire telling us what you like to read. Please only fill out one questionnaire. We will only accept one entry per person or address. To fill out the questionnaire, Click Here. (Please note--the Questionnaire says "Under Construction" at the top, but ignore that. The Questionnaire does work!)


Peoples, I can vouch for Imajinn Books. This is the publisher that discovered Keri Arthur and Lilith Saintcrow, two AMAZING authors. There are other great authors I've enjoyed like Virginia Brown and Barbara Christopher. So many good books. That's why I submitted my Blood Revelation series to Imajinn and cried tears of joy when I was offered the contract. Enter to win or gift some books to a reader you know!

I cut & pasted the notice from an email so if the links don't work, just go to

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I Dream Of David Cook part... 4?

I think this is the 4th dream I've had where Mr. Cook makes an appearance... As usual, it's a weird one. His guitarist, Neal Tiemann makes an appearance too. I remember being in a library or a place full of books???? Neal was making and serving pies and there were these two slices on one plate. He didn't think I could eat both so we had a little bet/dare thing going on. I was eating the massive slices of pie but taking forever to do it and David was wanting me to hurry because he had to go somewhere or do something and for whatever reason couldn't do it until I finished eating the pie....

Told you it was weird.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

David Cook Jumping Off Speaker @ Horseshoe Casino

David Cook at Horseshoe Casino in Elizabeth, IN

If you know me at all you know I lurve David Cook and that he's the only singer whose concerts I go to (Don't like crowds and stuff). He came to Horseshoe Casino in Elizabeth on Friday night (11/20/2009) and since that's just about 20 or so minutes away, I had to go.

I almost didn't. I bought the tickets right as they came out BUT then my whole unemployment fiasco happened where I lost my job and kept getting runaround from unemployment office. So about the eleventh week of no job and no income I ran out of funds and had to put a lot of stuff on eBay. I was about to put my David Cook tickets on there but all of a sudden eBay started acting up and then my brother called to tell me "Don't do it!!!!! You could get your unemployment backpay tomorrow!!!!" So... I didn't do it and I am so glad because I got my backpay this week and could go to the concert without feeling guilty and IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!

The setlist included:

Breathe Tonight
Kiss On The Neck
I Did It For You
Make Believe
I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight
Light On
Come Back To Me

David didn't hit a single bad note and it was so much fun. I took my daughter's camera because it's much smaller than mine but the zoom on it sucks. I was in the 12th row dead in the center and the seats were great. If I had taken my camera I would have been able to zoom all the way up into his face. LOL! Oh well. My pics aren't that great but here they go:

Some highlights of the show were:

Lie (I love the part where he sings away from the mic and was so glad he did it at a concert I got to go to):

Hearing the brand new song, Make Believe, live ( my vid sux but you can hear it good):

Hearing the great banter. I didn't get any on vid but hopefully some will emerge on Youtube.

Seeing David climb on top of a huge speaker and jump off during Declaration. I'll have to try a direct post of that later since Photobucket isn't letting me include it in this blog post using HTML code. ) - :

Hearing IJDIYAT live!!! I love his cover of that song!

Great show. Even though the seats were superclose so I kind of felt like a sardine and I had some freakishly tall people ahead of me that insisted on swerving around so I had to keep swerving to see, I had a great time.

However, my son wanted an autograph and actually sent me to the concert with an 8x10 sized picture of DC so... I did the total fangirl thing and went in search of the tourbus. That casino is freakishly huge and has multiple parking lots so my brother was all "You tell me where it is, we'll go but there's dozens of parking lots and...." blah blah blah. So we went to the casino where he won $150 off a $6 bet. Jerk. I lost $10, which makes him a double jerk (Even though in all honesty, $5 of that came from him).

Cashing in that ticket:


Then we ran across someone he knew who could not only tell me what DC had for dinner last night but where the tour busses come in at (which kinda took away my bro's jerk status) so we went and....


waited out in that cold parking garage with a bunch of other women for like an hour just to see him wave and thank us for coming as he walked to the tour bus, got on, and left. ) - :

DC had to leave so he could get to Vegas. My boy did not get his autograph.

I felt really bad about that but then I remembered that I just got him tickets to WWE Smackdown 4th row ringside. I think that more than makes up for not getting DC's autograph, don't you? (Of course he won't know this until it happens in January cuz I want it to be a surprise but still... I know, and it makes me feel better.)

And I had gotten windburn on my face from the hellacious field trip I went on with my daughter earlier in the day so it was a good thing I didn't have to mortify myself by being seen that jacked up by David F-ing Cook in order to get the autograph... I can honestly tell my boy I tried.

Maybe next time DC comes to Louisville or across the bridge he'll come somewhere I can take my son. His first concert a DC concert... How awesome would that be?

Either way, I'll be going. The man never disappoints.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Win A Kindle!!!

This website is giving away a free Kindle & all you have to do is enter your name and email for a chance to win!!!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

I'm Writing For Charity !!!


Moonlit Watcher, the sequel to Moonlit Dream, was chosen to be part of ARe's 28 Days of Heart.

All Romance eBooks ( has put together a great fundraising event for the American Heart Association.They put out a call for submissions and from the entries, selected 28 novellas.
One novella will be released each day in February (and later combined into 4 anthologies) and all proceeds from the sales of these novellas will go to the American Heart Association.

I have always wanted to release a book with all proceeds going to charity. It's been a dream for years, but I figured I'd have to get on the level of... Nora Roberts or J.K. Rowling or someone hugely known like that in order for that to happen. This fundraising event from ARe gave me the opportunity to fulfill a dream.

I am THRILLED to be a part of the 28 Days of Heart campaign!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Broke & Bronchitised

I have bronchitis.

After my brother putting the fear of swine flu in me I maxed out the only credit card I had with available line of credit on it and went to The Little Clinic at Kroger (Great place if you don't have insurance!) and got some meds to get rid of this hellacious cough that feels like it's ripping me in half sometimes.

But now I am well and truly broke. I have not one dime. And I have no income coming in. Unemployment still hasn't come through for me and out of all the applications I've sent out for various jobs, not one has contacted me. All the money I had to get me through from the first day of losing my job until unemployment kicks in is gone.

I'm scared.

I grew up with nothing. It won't hurt me that bad to go back to having nothing but my kids aren't used to that. They've always had a house and... I don't even want to think of Christmas if I don't get a job or unemployment doesn't come through. Heck, if I got a job today I'd still be in trouble because I wouldn't be paid for 2-3 weeks and wouldn't get any back pay from unemployment.

That's the one thing that's keeping me hopeful (that and faith in God). As long as I keep claiming my unemployment, I'm suppsoed to get all the backpay when it comes through and I can get things back on track. By things, I'm referring to the credit cards and such that look like they won't be paid this month. But if they keep taking forever, I just might be employed before they do anything and then I can kiss the backpay goodbye. I don't think that's right. You should still get paid for the weeks claimed while not working. Going back to work after a period of no income doesn't help you dig yourself out of that hole unless you are compensated for that time period.

My eyes have really been opened to how this system works and it really needs some adjusting. People are desperate, trying to feed their families and keep them sheltered, and it truly feels like no one cares. I've known other people who've lost their jobs and had no problems with the unemployment office. Why do I get the run-around? Something's wrong there.

Anyway, I'm not blogging much. Right now I'm just struggling to get by. I'm writing a lot, and hopefully something productive like some more contracts will come from this unfortunate, stressful period.

I pray for everyone in this situation. It is not an easy place to be.

Friday, October 30, 2009

'Scuse Me, I Believe That's My Lung...

Ugh. I have been sick this whole week which of course means... WASTED week. Yup. I was lucky to even get out of bed, let alone write.

I've made it through the killer sore throat phase, the can't take two steps without blacking out phase, the "Ohmigosh I'm freezing/burning up" phase, the I can't breathe phase, and now I'm fully into the nose won't quit running/hacking up a lung phase. During all these phases, sleeping at night is a joke. Which means come daytime I'm so exhausted I sleep all day. No writing being done during any of this.

Who can focus during all the hacking and nose blowing?

In a way, it's kind of a good thing that I don't have a job because there's no way I could have worked this week. However, I'm still getting the run around from unemployment which means I still have no income and I'm about to run out of money. Not good.

If I'm not working, not receiving any compensation at all, I need to at least be doing something productive that could equal income later. I start every day with a job search. After searching & sending out resumes & applications, I write. I tell myself I might as well use this "time off" to get a lot of writing done. I've made writing a "job" with regular hours and quotas to be achieved.

Now I feel guilty for taking 4 days off. I want to take today off too. Why? Didn't sleep last night. Went to bed and all, but just tossed and turned, got up to blow nose, etc. all night long. Total amount of sleep? 3.5 hours. I am exhausted and being exhausted and drained does nothing to promote better health.

It's kind of a bad spot to be in. I no longer have health insurance so I have to keep myself from getting too sick & of course I have to keep my kids healthy. Unfortunately, that means I need to get plenty of rest, even if it's during the time I am normally most productive. So... I'm chalking this whole week off to a waste but next week... I better be good and healthy because next week there will be no excuses. If I haven't been hired anywhere by then I will be writing all day long, at least 6000 words a day to make up for lost time.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Rude American ( - ;

A special thanks to my favorite poet, Regis Auffray, for sending me this...

Rude American

The train was quite crowded, and a U. S.. Marine walked the entire
length looking for a seat. There seemed to be one next to a
well-dressed, middle-aged, French woman, but when he got there, he saw
it was taken by the woman's poodle..
The war-weary Marine asked, "Ma'am, may I have that seat?"
The French woman sniffed and said to no one in particular, "Americans
are so rude. My little Fifi is using that seat."

The Marine walked the entire train again, but the only seat available
was under that dog. "Please, ma'am. May I sit down? I'm very tired." She
snorted, "Not only are you Americans rude, you are also arrogant!"
This time the Marine didn't say a word; he just picked up the little
dog, tossed it out the train window, and sat down.
The woman shrieked, "Someone must defend my honor! Put this American
in his place!"
An English gentleman sitting nearby spoke up. "Sir, you Americans seem
to have a penchant for doing the wrong thing. You hold the fork in the
wrong hand. You drive your autos on the wrong side of the road. And
now, sir, you seem to have thrown the wrong bitch out the window."

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Keith Bardwell -- Racist or Misguided?

By now, we've all heard the story of the Louisiana justice of the peace who refused a marriage license to an interracial couple. We've heard the outcry of racism and know the couple is deciding whether they can or should press some type of charges against the justice of the peace for his refusal.

Stories like these touch me directly. Why? Because I have three biracial children. This could have been me that this happened to.

However, I am not angry with this man. In a way, if what he's said about his reasoning is true, I can even understand him.

I've dated men of different races. White men, black men, Hispanic... I had the biggest crush on a Vietnamese boy in middle school. If he actually spoke english, I would have talked to him. Obviously, I see no problem with interracial relationships. But I live in Louisville.

Keith Bardwell states he will not marry an interracial couple because of their offspring and the fact that offspring of these unions are generally not accepted by black or white communities. Well, Mr. Bardwell lives in Louisiana. Deep South. I remember going on vacation in Tennessee and my mom freaking out, worrying someone would do something to me or my children there. We've all heard the stories. The deeper south you go, the more racism you hit, so maybe in his area this is true.

Or maybe he is misguided.

One of the hardest things I've ever had to do was tell my father I was pregnant. I was nineteen, unmarried, and having a baby by a black man my father hadn't even met.
He hadn't met him because my dad didn't want me dating black men. He didn't have anything against black people. In fact, I once saw his high school yearbook and was proud of the fact that every black student in his graduating class had signed it. He was friends with all six or however few number of them were in his graduating class during a time most white students wouldn't dare even talk to them, were in fact wanting them out of "their" school. Not my daddy. He was better than that. He wasn't racist.

It wasn't because of racism that my dad didn't want me to date outside my race. He didn't want me having a biracial child. Why?

I remember a story he told. It was a true story of a biracial child who had to run home from school everyday. The child had to run to avoid the rocks being thrown at him. He had no friends. He was outcast from both the white and the black community. A mixed breed. A "mutt". My dad didn't throw the rocks, but there were more people like the rock throwers than there were people like him. This was his knowledge of what happened when interracial couples had children. This was the knowledge that decided for him he did not want his offspring or the offspring of his offspring suffering such an existence.

So the first thing he asked when I told him I was pregnant by my boyfriend he'd never met was "Is he black or white?"
When I said black, he said "I want to meet him" and walked out. I'll never forget the look on his face or the slump of his shoulders as he did.

He met my boyfriend. He loved my boyfriend. Though we never officially married, he was his "son-in-law" and he never shied away from introducing him as family.

My first child was a girl. She was my father's little princess.


She had my daddy wrapped around her little finger. He adored her. My father, who never allowed sweets before dinner, would come to my house with his coat pockets full of cookies and candies for her. If she wanted it, she got it. Even if I said no.

Some would say my father was racist because he didn't think people should have biracial children. He wasn't. I wish to God he was still here with us because he was the best grandfather my kids could ever have. He loved them all despite their biracial heritage.

Because he wasn't racist. He was misguided. He always thought of the biracial child who got pelted with rocks because of his interracial parentage, and feared it. He'd rather his children not take the chance of suffering that way or having a child who would suffer. Like any parent would.
He lived so in fear of that that he didn't look around him to realize times were different.

Very few times have I had any sort of trouble due to being in an interracial relationship or having biracial children. But this is Louisville. There are many interracial families here.

What is it like in Louisiana? Sadly, racism does still exist. A Mississippi school held its first integrated prom last year! LAST YEAR. 2008. Seriously. There are still small towns where racism is not only rampant, it is ACCEPTED. Most of these towns are in the deep south. I've never been to Louisiana but I've heard enough about it to know interracial couples probably aren't treated quite the same as they are here in Louisville, KY.

I don't think any charges should be pressed against Keith Bardwell. From what I've read or seen in the news, the statements he's made, his thoughts are for the children and he doesn't want to be a willing participant in the existence of a child who may be discriminated against. Is what he did right? No. But I don't believe he had any malicious intent.
I think he is misguided.
Maybe in Louisiana biracial children are treated horribly. I don't know. But refusing a marriage license wouldn't stop biracial children from being born. You don't have to be married to have children, for one thing.
Mr. Bardwell needs to look around and see the changes being made in the world. We have a biracial president for crying out loud! The world is changing, we as people are more accepting of things that were considered completely unacceptable decades ago.
You can not let ignorance of the past stop you from seeing the potential of the future.

And for those screaming "Racism! Racism!" Take a minute to cool your emotions and really think about it. Racism is an ugly thing and Racist is a horrible label to attach to anyone.

I have had black men accuse me of racism when I've turned them down. I have three children with a black man. Anyone with a brain knows I am not racist against black men. Is it right for a black man to accuse me of racism because I don't find him attractive? No, but there are people who just throw that word around like it's nothing.

Let's look at another situation. White male. Black female. He's attracted to her but she is not attracted to him. More than that, she's not attracted to white men, period. Is that racist? No. It's called "preference." But I guarantee you there is someone out there accusing her of racism.

Not dating outside your race does not make you racist. Believing biracial children should not be created due to fear of them being outcast their entire life is not racist. Believing they should not be born because you think different races don't have the RIGHT to be together or because you think one race is superior to another is racist. There is a difference.

Maybe everything this justice of the peace is saying is bull and he is racist, but I haven't seen evidence of that yet. From what I've seen, read, and heard about this particular case, I believe seeing a happy, well-adjusted biracial child is all he needs to see how misguided he has been. That's what it took for my dad.

Mr. Bardwell didn't do anything to keep this couple from getting married, he even suggested another justice of the peace for them to go to. He just didn't want the birth of a child who could be mistreated due to their particular union on his conscience. I just can't get mad with him about that.

It was stupid all the way around but you have to think of his intentions. As ridiculous as they were, his intentions were good. He needs to visit Louisville and see my community. He'll soon see that this era is different than the one he grew up in. It might just change his mind completely.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Legend Of The Seeker

I just discovered a great show called Legend of the Seeker. Unfortunately, I've discovered it a bit late. The 2nd season is sset to start airing next month. However, I can view all the season one episodes online to catch up on the ones I missed early on. From the 4 or 5 I've seen though, it's really good. Here's a preview of Season 2 I found on YouTube:

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Drawing David Cook

I used to sketch people all the time when I was a kid, but somewhere, sometime... I quit. It's a shame too because I was pretty decent at it. I remember being around twelve years old and drawing Christian Slater for a friend. It looked just like him.
I took out a sketch pad and pencil a while back and tried to draw a realistic portrait... It sucked. Bad.
So I broke out the "How To Draw Real People" book I'd given to my daughter forever ago and watched a bunch of Youtube videos on drawing people... I checked out the amazing Art by Aurelia (She is AWESOME!) website.

And I declared I would sketch a portrait of David Cook.

This was the outcome (in about 5 phases):


This was the basic outline. No shading yet. Nose & mouth just weren't right, and my brother pointed out there were some issues with the left eye that needed major fixing.


After the shading.


After work on the nose & mouth, and the clothes.


After adjusting eyes some more & working with the hair.


After deciding I was not as talented as I wish and it wasn't going to get much better.

All in all, I'm proud of myself. It's the best thing I've drawn in quite a while. And hey, it's my first in forever. With more practice, I can only get better. Sure can't get any worse... I hope.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Do Good Guys Really Win?

I'm having one of those days when it just seems hope is lost. I don't know whether to rage at the top of my lungs or just huddle up and cry like a frigging baby.

I was at my last job for 10 years. TEN years. A decade of my life. I had great pay, hours, benefits... I was all right. Five years ago the company was bought by another and things started going downhill. This new company didn't give a damn about its people, but I stayed because it was MY job. I'd put in my time to get the extra perks like longer vacation, etc. and I wasn't walking away just because the job was harder and the people were... well, would demons be too harsh?
I stayed. I did my job. While other people manipulated the system to get paid sick time off (and would come back to work bragging about how they'd done it because wasn't anything wrong with them) I'd go in to work and do my job.
While I suffered anxiety attacks after my father's death and constantly had heart palpatations, I went in to work and did my job.
While other people took holidays off, I went in and did my job.
While other people cheated to make it appear like they were doing better, I went in and did my job RIGHT without cheating, manipulating, or scamming.
But I got fired. After TEN years. For what? I still haven't figured that out. Supposedly, my stats weren't good enough, but I'd been in the top half of my team, sometimes in the top three all year. So why weren't the people below me fired? Why weren't the people failing their monitorings every month while I was getting passing scores fired before me? Was it because the company figured firing people making X amount of dollars per hour was cost effective?
I guess because I'm one of the good guys and we just can't catch a break.

Why is it that you can go to the unemployment office and hear people talking about how they aren't even looking for a job because they're getting paid to do nothing. They're tired. They deserve a break, etc. Those people are there for their six-week follow-ups. You know why I'm there? I'm still trying to GET unemployment. I was fired at the end of August and haven't gotten a single unemployment check. I signed all the papers, gave all the info, claim every 2 weeks, but I don't get any money. I go down there and talk to the people, sign my name on the dotted line... Still no check.
And I'm putting in applications. I'd like to have a job. You'd think ten years worth of steady employment would help me out, but I can't even get a callback. I go on the government job postings site daily to look for work. There were some great jobs on there I applied for, went in and tested for, and though I got good scores I received an email saying my test scores and info would remain on file through 10/2010 and would be called in for interview as positions became available. Why bother testing people if you're not hiring? Furthermore, why did I just see a posting go up for the same job but this time it states "Must be a current employee of..." That's real good, Kentucky. Hire people who all ready have jobs. Forget the rest of us who have kids to feed and no income.
So what do I do now? Keep writing while I have nothing to do during the day and hope I create a bestseller that will actually pay my bills? Keep hoping to hit the lottery? I won't win. I allready know because if I won the Powerball and had millions of dollars I'd give away 90% of it to charity. So I won't win. It'll go to someone who'll spend it on breast implants, yachts, constant vacation, and drugs.
Because that's the way things work in reality.
But I'll still be "the good guy." I'll still try to do what's right rather than lower myself to the level of a cheat or a thief. I'll give what I can and keep on hoping for the best.
Good guys have to win something sometime. I just can't quit having faith. God's watching over us all. I know He sees what I'm going through. Hopefully I , and the many others going through hard times, will catch a break soon.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Happy Birthday To Me


I was born 31 years ago today, which means I am officially "in" my thirties. *sigh* Aging seems kinda sucky, but considering the alternative is death, I'm not gonna complain much.
I've had some wonderful moments:

Me Collage


I've got great kids, wonderful pets, a roof over my head and food in my belly. Yup. It's all good. Kinda sucks that I don't have a job and don't make anywhere near enough from writing to support myself, let alone my family, but it'll get better. I have faith God is looking out for me and all who call upon his name so I'm not going to be bitter because I really can't go out and "celebrate" this day as I normally would (eating out at a restaurant and seeing a movie, then downing a cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory). It's a celebration because I'm here with my kids and my animals and my books and my faith it's all gonna work out.
In the overall scheme of things, birthdays are not important.
I've got my family and my health.
I'm doing good.
Thank you God. For everything.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Wayback's Newest Addition ~Showdown In Southfork

Showdown In Southfork by Celia Yeary is the latest addition to the Wayback Texas series published by The Wild Rose Press, and carries on the tradition of being a damn good story full of good cowboy lovin'.


Marla Ellington inherits an abandoned town on ranchland near Wayback, Texas. When she arrives to claim her property, and finds Cody Matheson sitting on the porch of the dilapidated honky-tonk, her temper flares hotter than her pistol. Anger blazing, she settles in for a showdown.

Cody’s only goal for the week is to win the bull-riding event at the Saturday night rodeo. But when Marla receives an anonymous threat that forces her to leave town, Cody finds himself smack-dab in the middle of a mystery. ’Course, catching a criminal and lasting eight seconds on a bull are easy compared to winning the love of the feisty, strawberry-blonde beauty who wants nothing to do with him. Now it's his turn for a showdown.

The interactions between Cody, a rich and mysterious cowboy with a mischievously good sense of humor, and Marla, a little firecracker from the city, provide plenty of fun in this 98-page e-book.


"I saw mice droppings over here when I arrived."
"Mice?" she squeaked.
"Yeah, I guess they come out over here."
"Noooo," she said with her hands on her cheeks. "Is that the truth?"
"Seems likely to me. That’s why I sleep back over there." He motioned with his head.
"Then, where am I going to sleep?"
Cody looked behind her, and said, "Whoa! One just popped his little head out that hole."
Goosebumps popped up on Marla’s arms and down her back. In one motion, she squealed, "Eeek!" sounding just like one of the mice again, turned, and slammed into Cody. He stood his ground while she literally climbed up his body, grasping his shirt, wrapping her legs around his hips, and moving on up to clasp her arms around his neck.
After only a few moments, she noticed he had not moved, except to lock his arms around her bottom and boost her a little higher. Leaning back, she looked into his face. He grinned like a Cheshire cat, or the one that got the cream.
The man was dangerous.
"I’ll get down now," she said, pursing her lips and looking away.
"Well…you’re gonna have to let go of my neck."
When she did, he held her close, allowing her to slide slowly down his body. When she stood toe-to-toe with him, she made the biggest mistake of her life. She looked up into his eyes.
"You sure are a little thing," he whispered.
"I’m petite."
"You’re short and compact," he said low and sexy.
"I’m…will you stop it?"
"Haven’t done anything, yet."

I love that scene.

If you haven't yet, go to and buy ALL the books in this series. You won't regret it.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Supernatural Season 5 TONIGHT!!!

The boys are back... and they're bringing Lucifer with them. Strap on your seatbelts and get ready for the ride. The day we've been anxiously counting down the seconds to since the season 4 finale is finally upon is...


My future husband, Dean Winchester, and his little brother are back to stop the apocolypse!

9 P.M. Eastern, the CW network. Be there.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Hey, You Stole My Cover!!!

LOL! It's common knowledge that most e-book covers are created using stock photos from various royalty-free stock photo sites. With a limited amount of these sites, it's bound to happen : Someone is going to have the same cover as you. In fact, I've seen the same stock photo on about three or four e-books before.

Tonight I happened to pull up and saw something very familiar...


Look familiar to you?

The Fire Still Burns- Crystal-Rain Love

Mine was first(Maybe. Maybe not. There could be other e-books with this couple pasted on the front). ( - ; (Actually, it makes me wonder how many other places my "characters" are posted...) It happens. I'm amazed I actually saw it.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Cutest Little Redneck Ever!

This kid is hilarious. I usually watch this show when I happen to catch it on but I'm sad to say I missed this one. This little boy is a riot. (Thanks to David Cook for tweeting the link to this or I would have missed it)

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Dance, Babies!

Love the redheaded boy (not sure if it's the same one in both vids though) and Arianna's "Washing Machine" is flawless!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Red Skelton...On Marriage

I got this email from my buddy, Regis ("Reegie") and loved it so thought I'd share:

For those of you old enough to remember Red Skelton, I think you will enjoy this e-mail.
For those of you not old enough you will see what you missed.
Either way, his humor was always clean and he was a great entertainer.
A rerun of great one liners from the man who was known for his clean humor.
I hope you get a chuckle or two reading them once more


1. Two times a week we go to a nice restaurant, have aLittle beverage, good food and companionshipShe goes on Tuesdays; I go on Fridays.

2. We also sleep in separate beds.Hers is in California, and mine is in Texas ..

3. I take my wife everywhere....But she keeps finding her way back.

4. I asked my wife where she wanted to go for our anniversary."Somewhere I haven't been in a long time!" she said.So I suggested the kitchen.

5. We always hold hands. If I let go, she shops.

6. She has an electric blender, electricToaster and electric bread maker.She said "There are too many gadgets, and no placeTo sit down!" So I bought her an electric chair.

7. My wife told me the car wasn't running wellBecause there was water in the carburetor.I asked where the car was. She told me, "In the lake."

8. She got a mud pack, and looked great for two days.Then the mud fell off.

9. She ran after the garbage truck, yelling, "Am I too lateFor the garbage?" The driver said, "No, jump in!"

10. Remember: Marriage is the number one cause of divorce.

11. I married Miss Right. I just didn't know herFirst name was Always.

12. I haven't spoken to my wife in 18 monthsI don't like to interrupt her.

13. The last fight was my fault though.My wife asked, "What's on the TV?"I said, "Dust!"

And Red Skelton always ended his programs with the words, "God Bless."

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Rita Van Loenen Gets Kidney From Taxi Driver

Rita Van Loenen Gets Kidney From Taxi Driver

Shared via AddThis

This is such a great story. A taxi driver who had been driving a woman to dialysis fo rmonths actually offered his own kidney when she needed a transplant... and was a perfect match.

It's so refreshing to know that in this world that at times seems like it is in a steady decline toward hell, sometimes you can still come across a kind-hearted, genuinely decent person.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Incredible Bat-Mouse

My daughter wanted a pet mouse so as a present for doing so good during the school year she got to pick one out on the last day of school last June. She chose a brown "fancy" mouse and named him Lil' T (short for Lil' Tiny).

So Lil' T, with his ghettofabulous name, became a new member of the family. It was soon after that we discovered a little quirk of his. (And the first time we saw this, we thought the little critter was dead) :



He actually climbs onto the back of his wheel and sleeps hanging over the ledge. I thought only bats slept hanging.

Monday, August 24, 2009

I Dream Of David Cook part 2/3

OK, I call this "Part 2/3" because I know I posted my first DC dream somewhere (probably Myspace) but I don't recall posting the second, and I just had the third so...


Dream 2:

This one was really weird because it had a lot of people that I work with at the day job, but don't really "know." Me, my mother and grandmother go to this place. It's this big open space one-room store. There are all these couches inside so my mom & grandmother go sit and are just relaxing. A guy I work with is kind of nailed to the arched ceiling because he's working security and has to watch out for shoplifters?????
I decide to "window shop" because I have very little money to my name. I find two blankets with David Cook, and they're really awesome. The one blanket has a hologram design (on a blanket-how weird) of David moving around, singing, whatever. It's the only one left and on sale for waaaaaaaaaaaay less than normal, but I'm a few dollars short so i can't get it.

Dream 3:

Weird, and GROSS. OK, so I think I had thi sdream because I posted that Green Man Dancing vid last night before going to bed and it got me thinking about the one I posted before that & how crazy fans can be. This was all right before I went to bed so it was fresh in my mind.
I had adream taht I went to an outdoor DC concert and he was up on this platform performing above everyone. Some crazy woman poisoned him before the show so he'd get sick in hope that he would throw up over the rail of the platform and she was just waiting to collect the vomit to sell on eBay. I was talking to his guitarist (Neil, Neal? Whatever. The blond dude with all the piercings.) about how crazy fans are.

Yeah, um, so... I woke up and instead of thinking "What the hell is wrong with these people?" I thought "What the hell is wrong with me?" LOL! And I realized my last two blog posts were about DC (and this makes #3 in a row, actually) so figured maaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyybbbeeee I'm going a bit overboard with the DC posting. Maybe my dream was from me wondering if I'm getting a little too much "fanatic."
I don't know. It's not like I'd scream if I saw the guy, chase him down for an autograph/pic or offer sexual favors. My "Fan-ness" pretty much caps out at listening to the CD, going to the concert, and blogging. That's not so bad, is it? I mean, I do have a DC wallpaper on my laptop...

Hmmm... Tomorrow's post will NOT be DC. I promise. And for you smart-alecs out there, it won't be Supernatural/Jensen Ackles/Dean Winchester either (who just happens to be the wallpaper on my pc).

Sweet Dreams!

David Cook... Dancing In Green Lycra

There are no words for this one. Just, LMAO!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

David Cook Gets Mad.

People got issues. Glad to hear DC put 'em in place. Sheesh. I love the dude but pushing a little girl into a rail to get an autograph?

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Dominating The Charts, Baby ( - ;

So I was having a blah kind of day, and I went down to the computer lab at work to check the SBP site. I have this compulsion with checking all sites that sell my books, just to see if they're selling. Even though it totally brings me down when I see my books sitting there... not budging a bit... (I like to torture myself, apparently), but it's such a picker-upper when I check and see one or both of them climbing up that ladder to #1

This was what I saw today on my publisher's home page:


I saw that Moonlit Dream was no longer in the #2 spot and started to get a little bummed, then I realized it had been knocked out by... myself. LOL!

I was quite bouncy after that. ( - ;

Now I just hope they stay there awhile.

Monday, August 17, 2009

I'm A Twit

I finally caved and joined Twitter. I guess that officially makes me a "twit". Oh well. I guess it's better than being a twat. ( - ;

Join me:

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Guardian Cowboy Charm

Oh, this is just too cute. I found a charm on called... Guardian Cowboy!!!

guardian cowboy charm

How frigging cute (and perfect) is that? I think I'll buy it for myself when Guardian Cowboy officially releases.

Hmmm... and how perfect would it be as a prize to give away when Guardian Cowboy comes out?!?!?!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Who's The Author Here?!?!

Sooooo... Remember when I had that little poll and asked whose story I should tell for the fourth installment of the Blood Revelation series? I introduced you all to Seta and Christian, two of my favorite characters from the series (next to Jacob Porter, my dream man, of course)and stated that the next book would be focused on the one you chose as the most intriguing.

Christian raked in the votes so true to my word, I started to write his story. The prologue (which has been a vision in my head for years)flowed effortlessly. Then I started the first chapter. I wrote a few paragraphs... and kablooey.

The characters would not budge. I tried to push and prod, but they set their heels in and shook their heads at me. I wrote an entirely different story and then came back to them. They had their arms crossed, their jaws set. They were not relenting.

Then a minor character from an earlier book stepped up and pointed out that her story hadn't been told yet, and it was time for me to fix that. You see, I've been seeing the scenes from her story play out for a while now, but I figured her story was a shorter length, simple little story that I could do as a free read or sandwich it in with Christian's story, but nooooooooooooo.

Then one day at work I called a woman... and her last name was the hero's name which had been eluding me all this time... It was so perfect. He came to life in full detail with an impish grin. Apparently, he thought it was about frigging time I discovered his name, and that this particular story wasn't a little mini-read. Nope. This story is needed to move the whole series along.

So, the poll results have went out the window. Christian and Seta will have to battle it out for star billing in Book #5. The fourth book has a new set of main characters.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. I don't create these stories. The characters do. And they will whine, complain, demand, and push me to the limits until I finally sit in front of the keyboard and type the story they tell me to tell.

It's very fortunate that they know what they're doing. ( - ;

Friday, August 7, 2009

David Cook, Adam Lambert, Kris Allen on GMA

Web Exclusive: 'American Idol' Triple...

Shared via AddThis

I loved this. I especially like how the other guys look kind of spruced up and David looks like he just rolled out of bad and threw something on, yet still looks 100 times hotter. Love him!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

New Contract, New Baby... Great Week!

It's been a good week. Had some really decent days at work, might even get an incentive check for this month which hasn't happened in over a year.

Yesterday at work I glanced at the calendar and was hit with this feeling that my niece, who wasn't due until August, was going to be born between then and now. And awesomely enough, she was just born tonight. Am I good or what? She's so cute. Wish I could figure out how to get the vid my bro sent me off my phone and on to here. Can't wait to see her tomorrow!

And... Just signed a contract today for Guardian Cowboy. Remember the cowboy story I was working on all last month and submitted at the end of June? It has been accepted as part of The Wild Rose Press's Wayback Texas series. I think I'm more proud of this one than anything else I've done because I read the guidelines, read the published books in the series and for the first time ever, I wrote something specifically for a series and submitted it... and got it accepted!

What a great week. Now I just need to win the lottery on Saturday...

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

David Cook's Dog Voice

Thank goodness for Youtube or I'd have missed this. This was such a cute interview. Go to 6:15 to hear the voice DC uses when talking to his dog.


"Dog" Drags Newborn From Home

Dog Drags Newborn From Home

Shared via AddThis

Where to begin? The article describes the dog as a "Native American Indian Dog". WTH??? This was on the news, and the "dog" is a WOLF bred with collie. A WOLF, people. Wolf hybrids are illegal in my county, and actually, several counties in KY, but not the one where this took place.
Why in the hell would you have a WOLF (and this guy actually has two of them) in the same house with a baby anyway?
Now he's on the news talking about "It'll be adopted or put to sleep. It's not coming home with us."
That's right. Blame the wild animal you tried to tame and then just kill it. Yes, I realize a baby was injured. I'm a mother and I protect my children fiercely (hence, why I wouldn't have a frigging wolf in my house despite them being one of my favorite animals), but this animal does not deserve to be put down.
The man had the dog for four years, it never showed signs of aggression, but now he's through with it. Why not blame himself when he can blame the dog?
This just burns me up. If you're going to have that kind of "dog" as a pet, don't have children. If you do end up having children, find a new home for the "dog" way BEFORE the baby is born.
Now the poor thing is on death row.
I hope someone takes this beautiful creature. I would, but I have more sense than to have a wolf around children.
And I pray for protection for this poor child who is hanging on for dear life after a horrible incident that could have been avoided.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

David Cook Goodness

Haven't had much to say, busy dealing with a load of some stuff. So here's some David Cook goodness to entertain you:

Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Challenge Is On.

Yesterday was the first day of the 5 months I've allotted myself to write the 4th installment of the Blood Revelation series. That in itself will be a challenge as it took me an average of nine months to write the first two in the series. I shaved a few months off Book #3 so it could happen. It's definitely doable, it'll just take focus and determination.
Writing quicker is one of the payoffs I've gotten from being published. The more you write, the quicker you get, and when you want something else out there for your readers when they put down one of your books, that's motivation.
So, knowing my writing speed has increased, I'm going to greaten the challenge and also work on a submission for a charity project. Yep. In addition to Blood Revelation Book 4, I will be working on a werewolf short of about 10000 words. I actually wrote 10000 words in about five days during NanOWriMo two years ago so I think I can handle it.

Either way, I'll have completed three manuscripts by year end by completing the werewolf short, and that was my ultimate goal: To complete 3-4 submissions per year.


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Kentucky Boy Does Good on America's Got Talent

Yeah, that's how we do!

Go on with your bad self, Kevin! I love how everyone was trying to crack jokes on him and were sitting there all misty-eyed when he blew them away.

Make-A-Wish Foundation Charity Candle

Make-A-Wish candle

Now through July 31st, $4 of each sale of this candle will go to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Based on your zip code, the funds will be distributed to the chapter closest to you so each purchase helps the MAW Foundation in your own community.

The 10 oz. candle sells for $7.50 and is Cranberry Apple scented.

To order, go to and type in "Make A Wish" in product search box. Ignor ethe date listed on there if it's still showing through June 3oth because it has been expanded through July 31st.
Any problems, contact me directly.

There is also going to be a big sale starting tomorrow with many products (including candles) 50% off so if you'd like to stock up on candles or other Celebrating Home (bought out Home Interiors) products you may want to stop by tomorrow.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Decisions, Decisions....

So if I'm going to stick to my writing plan I need to start on the fourth installment of the Blood Revelation series on Wednesday.
The prob?
I'm undecided whose story to tell.
I come across so many authors blogs and/or interviews where they mention writing a particular character's story because of the requests of their fans. It must be nice having such large scale feedback to help you decide which way to go.
My problem is that I'm starting on book number four, and book numero uno has not even been released yet. It's not due out until the last day of this year. It makes it very hard to determine which character the readers will be dying to know more about at this point.
Of course there's an overall story arc to this series, but I can still highlight one of two possible hero/heroines pairs. Whichever one I choose at this point won't harm the story arc in any way, so this makes my choice tougher.
So... without having readers to guide me where they want me to go, I thought I'd just give brief details of each choice and let some folks decide. I'll becareful not to give away anything to ruin the story for those who wish to read the series.

Option 1: Seta's Story
Seta has been in each of the first three books. She looks like a gorgeous Hispanic future Playboy Playmate, but she's actually a couple centuries old. She's a vampire. And a witch. A powerful combo. Though she's small in size (except for all those curves) she's the last person you want to miss with. Despite a fierce protectiveness of children, she's known to rip off body parts when her ire is raised. Especially if someone misses with her family. The hero to capture her heart? Eron. Gorgeous, Irish vampire older than dirt. Her sire. The man who makes her (traitorous)heart sing, and her claws come out.

Option 2: Christian's story

Christian has also been in all of the first three books. He owns a church--yes, a church--in Baltimore. A very ancient and powerful vampire, but he doesn't show his full power, thanks largely in part to the fact he prefers to drink bagged blood over power-giving fresh blood. He has been friends with Eron since long before Seta was around, yet nobody knows the vampire minister's true origins... or the depth of his power.
The woman to capture his heart? Well, she'd have to be something. You see, Christian doesn't date. Not in the many centuries he's walked the earth. And despite his age and fact that he's a vampire, he's never actually killed anyone. Of course he has destroyed people... but not by murder.

So... Whaddaya think? Who's the most intriguing?

Friday, June 26, 2009

Dark Angel - Eye Of The tiger

Found on Youtube... I loved Dark Angel (should have never been canceled), and always thought Max and Alec should have gotten together.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

David Cook Covers!!!!!

Whoo-hoo! Love it when I find these gems on Youtube ( - ;

Here's David doing Shattered Dreams:

and here he is doing one of the songs from when he was with MidWest Kings (MWK):

Go to the actual Youtube site for the video and the poster put the lyrics on there.

Taylor Swift Gets Gangsta

Not really a fan, but this was really cute.

It was for the CMT awards. She also did a song with Def Leppard. I loves me some Def Leppard.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Cowboys, Vampires, and the Writing Plan


I finished my submission to the Wayback, Texas series! Whoo-hoo! I'm still sorting through ideas for a title, but this was the first cowboy romance I've written so it's a bit of a milestone for me. I've always loved cowboys in romance novels, and was totally in love with Harry Connick, Jr's character in Hope Floats. Naturally I'd want to write a romance featuring a hunky cowboy of my own creation but ideas always escaped me, or I'd get an idea and it wouldn't really work out.
I discovered the Wayback series while scouring the submission guidelines at The Wild Rose Press's website and purchased the first book... then the second... then the third. I plowed through that series and absolutely loved it and the town created by the authors. I knew I had to be part of it and my characters came right to mind along with a great story. It came together pretty quickly, which I'm thankful for since TWRP will no longer take submissions for the series after September 1st. I hope they love mine as much as I do. If they don't, I don't know if I can take my hero & heroine out of Wayback to submit somewhere else. It really feels like they belong there.


When I write, I tend to try and read material in the same theme of what I'm writing so I can stay on track. So... since April I've mostly been reading cowboy themed romance and contemporaries with some suspense thrown in. I have a huge pile of vamp & other paranormal books just waiting for me to dig into. Now that I've finished writing my cowboy-themed romance I can get started. I have the new Anita Blake (Yay!) and some more of Gena Showalter's books. I love everything that woman writes, especially the LOTU and Atlantis series. I'm still debating whether I want to bother getting into the Twilight series. I'd love to jump back into writing LSAYD, a paranormal-chick-littish-hilarious story written in first person. I was really getting into it but then I saw the deadline for the Wayback submissions and changed course. Now it doesn't immediately fit into my writing plan.


I wrote up a plan for how I would accomplish completing 3-4 books a year AND manage to stay on track with the deadlines I have for my Blood Revelation books which are already contracted. I gave myself through the end of March to finish Blood Revelation Book #3 which I did. I gave myself through the end of this month to complete the Wayback submission. It's done, and is being critiqued before final edits. According to the plan, July-November is to be spent writing Blood Revelation Book #4. This will be quite a challenge as it normally takes me about 9 months per BR book, and this particular one will be one of my most challenging. I'll be doing a lot of flashback in it, and the vamp is Spanish. Lived in Italy. In the 1800s. That's a lot of research, and I've never been a history buff. I was able to kind of skim over the details during flashbacks in the other books, but I can't do that this time as so much of her story needs to be told from that time period. I'd planned on telling her story last, and doing it as a prequel to the series, but it's not going to happen that way. This series has a habit of kicking my plans right out the window and now what would have been a prequel written during that time only is going to be a story spanning two different eras. Fun.

I truly love it, and adore this heroine, but by the time I'm done I'll be ready to write about cowboys again. ( -; Hopefully I'll keep to the plan, finish on time, and be able to complete LSAYD early next year.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Racing To The Finish Line

According to my 2009 Writing Plan, I have to start on Blood Revelation Book #4 On 7/1/2009. This means I only have until the end of this month to get my Wayback submission completed and polished. Problem? I'm in the molasses spot. You know, that spot where you know where you're going but you've hit this spot you just can't get through. You're screaming at your characters to just move their butts and get back on track. Ugh. Wish me luck. I'm diving in and I'm going to get these two moving if it kills me.

Monday, June 1, 2009

I Heart Joan Johnston

Well, her books, anyway. If you enjoy contemporary romance novels, and you really enjoy cowboys, you've got to check out her Hawk's Way series.

I received Hawk's Way Grooms as a free bonus book the last time I ordered from and it had just been sitting in my To Be Read pile forever, but I took it out earlier his week... and devoured it. It contains two stories in her series, and I read each one in about 3-4 hours. Could. Not. Put. Down.

I just ordered the next in the series and am now faced with the dilemma of trying to decide if I should read the earlier books in the series. I normally don't read the earlier books if I start a series mid-way or near the end, but I lurved these! Most are no lnger in print so I'll have to find them at the library or on eBay anyway. Hmmm. Wh did Harlequin re-release some of the newer ones and not the whole series? Are they taunting me?

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Bikini Girl Gets Her Comeuppance.

OK, so the BEST part of the American Idol season 8 finale was David Cook's performance of Permanent.

A close second was Kara DioGuardi laying the smackdown (in a manner of speaking) on Bikini Girl, Katrina Darrell. Anyone who watched the auditions will remember her. She came to the auditions in a bikini and high heels, sang a Mariah Carey song (which you simply should not do unless you are an EXTREMELY talented vocalist) and proceded to be rude to Kara when she pointed out that the song was a big song that she just "didn't have the chops to sing". She then criticized Kara as though Kara couldn't sing any better, and of course, acted like the women just disliked her because she is soooooooooooo gorgeous. She was a total snot during the Hollywood round and her own team hated her. She didn't make it through,thankfully.

Anyway, during the season 8 finale, she was totally set up and Kara got her revenge.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

David Cook Releases Song For Charity

So the buzz is that David Cook will appear on Wednesday night's American Idol finale and perform "Permanent", the song he wrote for his brother, Adam. Adam just passed away this month from brain cancer and the song will be available on iTunes after the show to raise money for David's cancer charity.


Monday, May 18, 2009

David Cook - Always Be My Baby

You know what... Maybe I should just make this a David Cook blog. I certainly post alot of him... Make that a David Cook and Jensen Ackles/Dean Winchester blog. Whaddaya think? David & Dean.


Found this video of DC singing ABMB (Finally, he sings it again. It really should be on an album) on some show called.. Eat Baluga????? in the Phillippines. Loved it so thought I'd share.

I love Youtube. It makes the world a better place. Really.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

My Latest Addiction: Vampires

I've been getting application invites forever on Myspace and generally, I just ignore them. I barely have time for anything these days and a time-consumin internet game is the last thing I need... but this application is called Vampires.
Yep. Vampires. I had to check it out.


I'm hooked. You get to design your own vampire and then you go on missions and fight other vampire clans to get ahead. The currancy is blood (of course) and there's a blood bank you can store it in to keep rival clams from sucking you dry.

It's really easy to catch on to and the more you induct into your clan, the stronger a vamp you'll be. I love it. I've met some really nice gamers on there, one who even invited me into his clan and bombarded me with all kinds of helpful abilities (abilities ar what help you fight better).

Check it out, and send me an invite at

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Good Hillbilly Funnin'

This is a cute song/video Sherrilyn Kenyon posted on Myspace. I never knew her brother was a singer.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My David Cook Concert Experience 5/5/2009

This was the last concert prior to his brother's viewing/funeral so it wasn't that much of a shock when he came out with his eyes all narrow like when you've been crying alot & haven't slept well, but it still made me feel sooooooooo bad for him. I was like, depressed, when I left and all day today. But he did a damn good show considering the personal turmoil he's going through now. My brother went with me (wouldn't allow me to go to a bar/nightclub without him, my very own bouncer) and proceeded to drink bottle upon bottle of beer until he was very loudly commenting on people around us. I think my fave was "Hell, I don't even know if these two in front of us are even women." *sigh* Love my bro. Speaking of which, we both could not stand the opening act, Ryan Star, and I had to get a pic of my bro looking at the dude like "Get off the stage already" with a bottle in his hand...


LMAO! And women kept touching his butt when they'd pass him and one offered to go in the bathroom with him (and we all know what she wanted in there). Um, R-E-S-P-E-C-T, skank-bags. Get some. Eck. (although it was hilarious entertainment to me-LOL!)

Anyway, David Cook is the only person I'll go see in concert. I hate crowded places but I went through it for him. He's worth it. Here's the pics and vids I took:

Sunday, May 3, 2009

RIP, Adam Cook

David Cook's older brother lost his battle with brain cancer last night. I know what it's like losing a family member far too soon due to cancer, and my heart goes out to David, his family, and everyone who has been touched by this awful disease.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

David Cook's a Potty-Mouth

I realized it's been a while since I posted a David vid and that's just unacceptable. I saw this one going around Myspace and had to share:

He finally cut his hair. It's so much better shorter. And just in time for MY live performance. Yup, I get to see him on the 5th! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Samhain Call For Submissions

Call for Submissions: Samhain Publishing Space Opera anthology

*Permission to repost granted. Please repost on your blogs, yahoo groups, shout it from the rooftops, hire sign twirlers, get an airplane to do a flyover with a banner, or even better, get your favorite alien to do a flyover in their spaceship with a banner...*

Get your outer space on! Intergalactic wars, space battles, alien cultures, and love (and lust) across the cosmos.

I’m very pleased to announce an open call for submissions for a new, yet-to-be titled spring 2010 space opera anthology. I’m looking for fast-paced, action-adventure space opera romances. Don’t know what space opera is? Think Star Wars, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica or my personal favorite, Firefly/Serenity. For more information on Space Opera, you can check out the entry on wikipedia.

I’m open to M/F, M/M, or multiples thereof, and any sexual heat level. The only rule is the story should be set mainly or entirely in space and the romance must end happily ever after or happy for now.

The anthology will include novellas from 25,000 to 30,000 words in length and will be released individually as ebooks in April 2010.

Submissions are open to all authors, published with Samhain or aspiring to be published with Samhain. All submissions must be new material—previously published submissions will not be considered. Additionally, manuscripts previously submitted, whether individually or for past anthologies, will not be considered either. Please be aware that manuscripts submitted to this anthology cannot be resubmitted at a later date unless by invitation from an editor.

To submit a manuscript for consideration, please include:

The full manuscript (of 25,000 to 30,000 words) with a comprehensive 2-5 page synopsis. Please include a letter of introduction/query letter. Full manuscripts are required for this as it’s a special project.

As well, when you send your manuscript, please be sure to use the naming convention SpaceOpera_Title_MS and SpaceOpera_Title_Synopsis. This will ensure that your submission doesn’t get missed in the many submissions we receive, and makes it easy for me to find in my ebook reader.

Submissions are open until August 10, 2009 and final decision will be made by August 31, 2009. Please send your submission to and include Space Opera Anthology in the subject line. Questions can be addressed to Sasha Knight (