Friday, January 16, 2009

American Idol Auditions #2

OK, finally got to watch the second set of auditions (Had to DVR it while I worked that night)and... I don't know.

I really have to wonder if Michael Castro would have gotten through if not for being Jason Castro's brother. He wasn't bad, so much as his voice was just... I thought the girl with the pink boots on the first night was better and they let her go because her voice was too nasally. Michael's was pretty damn warbly, if that's a word. I wish they'd show Andrew Cook's audition. I'd love to see how he did and why they didn't put him through. I wonder if they would have put him through now that David won last year.

I really liked the country girl with the 93-year old grandmother.

Noop (Hey! I remembered another name!) had a decent voice, but Simon was right about him needing to work on his look if he's competing on Idol.

The welder guy....Matt? Loved him.

The girl who sang the song Simon wrote... Liked her a lot. First off, she's got the same haircut as me so she's got good taste. LOL! Second, GREAT voice. Third, built like Bikini Girl but went in there and sold herself off her talent. Go, girl!

The girl with the cowgirl-looking dress.... Kasey? KC? Whatever. They have all these pics of her in a bikini, I don't know where, saw it on some show last night. I think you buy the bikini and money goes to a charity. That's pretty cool. She was alright. I couldn't tell if she was just nervous but her voice did seem kind of shaky. She seemed really sweet. She may do well if the bikini thing doesn't hurt her. We've seen it happen a billion times on this show: they find pics of you, put 'em on the net, yada, yada, yada.

The guy that sang over the rainbow....Von Smith...WOW! I think he was pushing his voice as far as it could go to show he could hit all those notes and hold them, but if he just reins it in, he's gonna be awesome.

Lil Rounds... Great voice. Glad she made it through.

LOVED all the David Cook references. LOL! You knew that was coming.

They're going to show the Louisville auditions next week. I'm so excited. I hope we don't have anyone really stupid on there. Come on, Louisville contestants, make us proud!

OK, so sound off, peoples. Who sucked and who rocked????

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