Tuesday, January 13, 2009

American Idol Season 8 Auditions #1

OK, so my thoughts thus far:

LMAO at Bikini Girl. I have to hand it to her, she came up with a great gimmick to get her noticed, but she has absolutely no credibility now. She was alright, but you could tell she was really straining to do that song. It'll be interesting to see how she performs other songs, but she needs to dress if she wants to be taken seriously. If you truly have the talent, you shouldn't have to appear half naked to make it in the door. I was cracking up at all the dirty looks she was getting from the other contestants. Oh, yeah. She's going to have fun in Hollywood.

I actually liked the girl in the pink cowgirl hat & boots. She hit the notes right. The only thing about her was the nasally voice, but Helloooooooo..... T-Boz. Remember? From TLC? She has a nasally voice, too, and it's what makes her so awesome and unique. I think she'd be really good in a girl group.

Loved the roughneck. (I suck at remembering names, sorry.) I love it when their voice doesn't come out sounding like you'd expect.

LOVED the geeky guy (the one Simon said came out of the closet). He really did a good job on that song.

I was expecting Deep Voice Guy to sound like Barry White. He didn't. Poor guy.

The girl who does the Grandfriend(?) thing was really cute, and has a nice voice. Was that a Nora Jones song? That's who she sounded like.

I thought the guy with the Sexual Chocolate tattoo sounded decent.(Tattoo was lame. It did look like "Chacolate") I thought they should have put him through to the next round. If he didn't blow them away then they could have sent him back home (to his new car).

LOVED the girl with all the tattoos and multi-colored hair. That is a HARD song to sing and she just about nailed it.

Well, I honestly don't think this season will be as good as last season. There was a lot of talent last season, and David Cook was freaking awesome. I just don't see this season coming close. We'll see if I'm right or wrong...

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