Tuesday, January 20, 2009

How To Kill A Sim Part 1: Death by Cowplant

I often get tired of certain Sims once they've reached their golden years and just won't hurry up and die. So I kill them. I thought I might as well blog all the different ways you can kill your Sims. Episode 1 is all about the cowplant.


Lisa Pietsch said...

Dang! You're creative.
I just lock them in the attic.

SaturnMoonie said...


I just wait till they get old and die...but that's just me :P

Well except this one time where I had made my ex boyfriend into a Sim and he was married to Ivy Copur and had a toddler....I put all 3 of them in the livingroom and deleted the door. :P About 3 days later they died, cept for the toddler...the social worker walked THROUGH my wall and took him away. <_< Totally not psycho, I swear!

Crystal-Rain Love said...

That takes tooooooooo long. But yeah, I've done it before when I want them to starve to death.