Saturday, January 10, 2009

Jensen Ackles on Jimmy Kimmel Live 1-8-2009

He killed a deer ) - :

This upsets me very much.


Hilda said...

I hate to tell you this but he IS a Texan(Thank god)and the majority of Texans hunt!
I know for a fact that Jensen comes from a family of hunters.Its not that big of a deal.Get over it!

Crystal-Rain Love said...

Wow. It's so nice to wake up, check my blog and see someone being totally rude on it. I don't believe I said anything nasty about hunters, and I definitely didn't say anything rude about Jensen, my favorite actor. My critique partner hunts deer every year. She just doesn't share the details with me because I for one, can't stand the thought of killing deer. We actually joke about her eating my favorite childhood movie character, Bambi. However, if I want to put on MY blog that I don't like it, I will. If you don't like it, you don't need to come by my blog. I wouldn't go on someone else's blog and leave a rude comment, telling them to "get over it." And trust me, I know he's a Texan. The point of this blog wasn't that he'd killed a deer like you seem to think it is. It was to share Jensen with the world. I happen to admire him greatly as an actor. I put a little comment on there that he killed a deer. Maybe if I put a little winking face by the last statement you'd know it wasn't that serious, but I didn't. Whoopie. Sue me.

Lisa Pietsch said...

Well, didn’t this turn into a little hot-button issue!

Unfortunately, jokes and sarcasm don’t translate well into written text. Looks like you’re both victims of the Lost in Translation monkey.

Sadly, hunting is an issue that gets a lot of people on both sides worked up into a white froth.

Hilda probably has to defend the pro-hunting side more often than not and interpreted your comment in a manner you really didn’t expect or intend.

I'm sorry if this offends Linda, but I hunt deer. (And no I don't have a little penis - I don't have one at all and rather prefer it that way.) Rain, I respect your feelings on the topic. Bambi's mother's death hurt me too. That’s why we don’t hunt in the spring or summer when the fawns still depend upon their mothers.

But the fact is, I'm a carnivore and I happen to think hunting is one of the best ways to keep carnivores honest.

(I’m not a trophy hunter. I’m one of those people who believes that if you kill it, you should eat it. I refuse to fish any more because most places only allow catch and release and I think that’s just plain mean.)

But back to hunting – no offense meant, Rain, I do love you, but there are a lot of people who will happily eat meat without giving any thought as to who had to die in order to become dinner. Those same people will get all self-righteous on hunters about killing innocent animals even as they wipe the juice from their Carl’s Jr. Burger off their chin. I'd like to think Hilda responded in that manner because she may have come from just such a conversation at Carl’s Jr. and just happened to take it out on you.

FYI This is a rare entry for me. I never talk about hunting with anyone whose opinion on it I am unaware of and certainly never discuss it with non-hunters! I’ve been jumped on by anti-gun people and vegetarians far too many times. Its just one of those topics like politics – no matter what side you’re on, somebody is going to come out swinging at you.

Sorry you got hit. I really wouldn’t have expected that sort of response from your comment.

PS: Contrary to popular belief, hunting deer is a lot of work and most hunters go home empty handed because the deer are smarter than they are. (Deer, at least the ones in Montana, have way more than a 50/50 chance of avoiding the bullet. :-)

Crystal-Rain Love said...

Thanks for stopping by both my blogs, Lisa! See how easy it is to voice a difference of opinion with someone without being nasty about it? And as I stated elsewhere, I get the triple cheeseburger at Rally's, love a big steak and plate of fish. I don't eat deer because I relate them to "Bambi" ( - : but I'm not going to hark on someone about hunting just because I couldn't do it. I couldn't kill a cow either but if someone else didn't do it, I'd never get my triple cheeseburgers, would I? ( - ;

It would have just been nice if maybe I was asked "Why do you state it upsets you?" and I could have responded that it was said jokingly because as much as I admire Mr. Ackles, anything he does that I don't agree with will make him "less perfect" and that's just a bummer, especially when I have so many nice little daydreams... LOL!... but that really, it's NOT that big a deal, but no, it was just make an assumption and break out with the venom.
Totally uncalled for.

SaturnMoonie said...

Wow, look at all I miss when I take a day off from the internet. I'm 100% in agreement w/ Lisa and Rain.

It's one thing to state a difference of opinion. It's another thing to be rude about it for no reason when they weren't directly attacked, and they're the visitor, they're the ones that decided to stop by.

I say, if you don't like something, or something offends you, then walk away, you don't have to be here. So I know how you feel Rain. Heck I probably woulda lost it worse ;)