Friday, January 16, 2009

Think It's Cold? Try Having No Heat!

ohmigosh, what a morning. The power went out at 5 a.m. this morning and did not come back on until around 8: 20 a.m. Our heat would not work without it so the first thing I did was wake up all three of the kids and have them get in the bed with me so we could all huddle together and keep toasty warm, and hopefully the power would be back on soon and they'd just sleep through the outage. Nope. Ever stick 3 kids and 1 adult in a queen-sized bed? We need a king. They tossed and turned and... Ugh. Very little sleep was to be had.
And then there were the dogs. My oldest was concerned they were freezing. I explained to her that the doghouse is hooked up to the house's heating & air conditioning system (I have to give Mr. Man some credit, he hooked those doggies up!) and that their doghouse actually holds the heat in there for quite some time after the heat cuts off (we tested it in below zero temperature before and that sucker was TOASTY warm, so warm the dogs actually spend quite a bit of time outside the house when it's frigging cold because they like it. ) and they were actually warmer in it than they would be in the drafty house for the time-being.
Still, we didn't sleep well. I was too busy wondering if school was going to start on time or delay, keeping watch on the actual temperature because if it did go too long with the power out & heat off I would have to bring my big monster dogs in the house but I didn't want to until I got the kids off to school because then the dogs would want to go with us to drop them off and there's not room for both of them when all 3 kids are in the car, and forget leaving them at home alone. The place would be detroyed, hence why they were outside anyway. There was no way I wanted those rowdy, tail-swishing dogs in here when we had candles lit. That's disaster waiting to happen.
So nearly 3 1/2 hours later as I was getting the kids dressed with the intention of dropping them off to their grandmother (so they could be warm) if school was in fact closed/delayed and me coming back to this coooooold house to let the dogs in and huddle up with them... the electric came back on! I RAN to turn the heat back on and the kids each ran to a vent and just stood there absorbing the warmth. (They were fine when we were in the bed, but once those blankets were thrown off... Whoa mama!

So they had cookies for breakfast and I got them to school only a few minutes late.

So, how was your morning?

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Christle Gray said...

remember the bad ice storm back in like 2002 or 2003? I know you do...KY was covered in ice for like a week. Our power went off for an entire day. We heat with electric, so it was friggin' cold! We had candles lit and cuddled together on the couch doing alot of staring at the walls. But thankfully, the cold did not affect us this time. Sorry you and your kids had a rough time! And kudos for taking care of the furry kids like that! Your doggies are well loved!