Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Freeze Your Balls Off For Charity!!!

OK, maybe that blog title was a little short on class, but it got your attention!!!

Would you put on some swim trunks in the frigid cold and take a dip to raise money for charity? Well, that's what my good friend's hubby does every February. Yup. Every February he jumps into the icy cold river to help raise money for Special Olympics. I figure if he's a good enough person to do that crazy stunt, I can at least donate. I just headed over to his donation page and it looks like he is falling short of his goal. ) - ;

If you can spare anything at all, can you please donate to this cause so he doesn't freeze his tenders off for less than his goal?

You can view his page & make a donation here. (Or just click on the title of this blog post)

SPREAD THE WORD, and help him (and the kids) out!

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