Friday, February 6, 2009

Oops, they did it again....

Dammit. I get these ideas for characters in books or plotlines... Then I turn on Supernatural, and Bam! They do it. I love Supernatural (Duh!) but it is kind of disheartening to think of something and then have something on the show be so similar.

Granted, I know there are hardly any ideas in paranormal romance that can be completely original. My vamps might be a little different than some other vamps you've found in other books & movies, but the whole vampire concept has been around for centuries.
Slayers. I have a slayer in my Blood Revelation series. It's kind of funny that after I wrote him, I said to myself: Oh my gosh, he's a lot like Dean Winchester. And wouldn't you know that this season they rose him from Hell and made all this insinuation he's some special "slayer". They didn't use that term, but what they elude to is close enough. It's his destiny to kill evil things... just like the slayer in my Blood Revelation series. But can't be mad at that. Slayers aren't exactly original. Ask Buffy. I like to think my version has a cool new spin on it, but still. Not entirely original.
Witches. They're in my book and they're on Supernatural, too.
Demons. I have demons in the book. The show has them. Lots of them. I think my demons are different, though. They're not black smoke creatures like on the show. Still, not an entirely original concept. I can't be mad at Supernatural for stealing and I can't be considered a thief of the concept either. It's too widely spread.
Shifters. Got those. So does Supernatural. I , however, have this really cool type of shifter who debuts in Book #2 that so far, Supernatural hasn't covered so I'm keeping my fingers crossed on that one.
And on to why I am doing this blog...
I'm currently working on Book #3 and I have this character in there that I thought was so awesomely unique. Not unique as in never been done, but unique as in not commonly found (like, say... vampires, demons and shifters). A siren.
You know who the Big Bad was on tonight's Supernatural?
A siren.
So... there's another character in this book I think is still uncommon. It's a vamp, but a specific kind of vamp that I have yet to see everywhere. I actually found it in a book about vampire lore and thought it was a cool concept, something I hadn't yet read in fiction or seen on television.
Here's to hoping Supernatural doesn't beat me to it. LOL! I sincerely hope that readers will come away from the books in this series thinking there's something fresh and unique about them. I try to go that route with all my paranormals.
At least I know who to market this series towards.
Hey, Supernatural fans: Buy my Blood Revelation series. The first one comes out December 31st. ( - ;
Hey, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

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