Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Some More David Cook Goodness....

OK< so I was off work yesterday and should have been writing, but someone posted a really cute video of David Cook on their blog... and somehow the rest of my day turned into a David Cook Youtube-a-thon. (Yes, I know. I need like a patch or something.)
Anything, figured I'd share some of the little gems I found:

The Panties Vid:

Um, there's also quite a few vids of David falling on stage while doing a cover of Hot For Teacher (By the way, he totally needs t release all these covers he's doing on a CD. He rocks!). I liked this vid of what he said afterward:

David Paraphrasing A Naughty Sign:

OK, so that should be enough for now. I'm sure I'll find plenty more later, but I really do need to write something now.

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