Friday, February 27, 2009

Someone Flickr'd Me!

Every once in a while I'll google my name to see what pops up. Sometimes I find reviews of my books, which is always a nice surprise.

Tonight I found this:


Somebody used one of my poems on Flickr (Click on the title of this blog post to visit the page). I just kind of looked at it and blinked a few times. LOL! I'm not mad or anything. Credit for the poem was clearly given to me, so it's not like my poem was stolen or anything. It was just kind of neat to find that on there. Made me feel a little special-like.

So, Parc Cruz, whoever you are, thanks!

(Maybe that's where some of those folks visiting my website via googling my name are finding it.... Hmmm.... I just googled him, and he seems to be a big deal in digital photography. I can see why. He's got some beautiful shots.)


SaturnMoonie said...

Hehe, that's so cool! Don't you feel like extra famous now? Nice poem btw.

Crystal-Rain Love said...

Finally! I kept getting an error code on here and couldn't view, let alone comment on my own blog. LOL! Removed some stuff and it's workable now. Yes, it was really cool. My co-worker and Iwere just like "Oh. That's kinda...nice... I guess. Um, well... cool." LOL!