Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Holy Crap, I'm Good!

So I'm closing in on the finish line of this book and all of a sudden--WAM!-- It hit. That idea that just comes out of nowhere and sheds light on everything, wrapping up all these small pieces I've hinted at throughout the book but didn't even know myself.

That moment when I stop typing, look at the story in front of me, and whisper "Holy crap, how the hell did I do that?"

But the thing is, though this is some new idea that just popped out of space, it has been there from the start. I might not have known about it, but it was there the whole time, just waiting for me to catch up.

Now all the worries of loose pieces and adding things up in the end are gone, because it's all there. Everything is so clear now, and it always was. My characters are smiling at me, thinking "Damn, girl. We were wondering when you were going to catch on."

This is the moment that makes it all worthwhile. All the late nights and dreams, the moments I'm supposed to be focused on somthing but these pesky characters won't shut up in my head... The moment it all just falls into place like magic.

This is why I will always be a pantser. Forget plotting and all that crap. I love this moment when all the crazy crap I've typed over the months just comes together. I wouldn't give that up for... what? Order? A plotline? Puh-leeze.

And, I've said it before, folks. I do not write these stories. I'm just the vessel helping the words to the paper. I have no control over any of it. Whatsoever.

And I like it that way.

I might just finish this book today after all.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Wanna See The Prizes???

I thought I'd snap a pic of some of the great prizes being awarded to the Grand Prize Winner of the Fool For Romance Contest. Check it out, keeping in mind this is just SOME of what is available to the winner :


Tomorrow is the last day to enter so if you haven't submitted an entry to win prizes from 21 authors, including myself, get your patootie over to my website and enter! Just click on the title of this post and you'll be sent right on over.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Vote For Me!!!!

Please hop over to http://thenewcoveyawards.blogspot.com and vote for Moonlit Dream. It's featured for BOTH the cover award AND the trailer award. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssseeeeeeeee.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I've Been Computerless For 2 Days

So I came home on the 15th, after a ten-hour workday, all excited to jump on my computer because it was Day 1 of my Fool For Romance contest over at my website... I attempted to sign on and heard the strangest crunchy fizzle sound. My monitor blew something. Kablooey. Phiitttzzz. Totally unusable. And you can't really use your computer if you can't see what you're looking at, right?
I think... OK, no big deal. Take a breath. I'll just wait until morning when the kids are up and I'll get on my daughter's computer.
That lasted a whole two minutes before the Broadband decided it didn't want to work. For three solid hours, I tried to get it to work and Zip! Zada! Nuthin'
So... finally, today the Broadband is working and I'm on my daughter's computer. And I see where the links on the contest weren't working. Urrrrgh! No wonder I had over 100 hits on there but not close to that many entries yet. Well, I posted a work-around on there since I can't seem to actually fix the links while on my daughters computer. And all my important files are on MY computer. Including Blood Revelation Book #3 which I'm supposed to be completing this month (and I've had 3 days of NO writing on it!!!)
I'm going to Best Buy today and getting a monitor AND a laptop for when crap like this happens. I will have my works-in-progress saved on both, dammit.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

"Mommy, Look What I Got!"

So I came home from work and my son was just bubbling over with excitement.

"Mommy, I made a trade!"

He then barreled across the room, holding out an object. "Look what I traded two Bakugans for!"

Before we go any further, let me explain to those of you who don't know. Bakugans are little toys that cost about $3 - $6 each. Imagine my surprise when he showed me what he'd gotten in this trade ...


I kid you not. Some little boy traded his PSP for two bakugans.
I immediately took it away from my son and announced I would be accompanying him into school tomorrow to hand that thing in at the office and make sure they call the little boy's parent(s) to inform them their son just walked up into school and gave away a PSP in exchange for two cheap-ass toys.
I feel sorry for that kid. I know if any of my kids ever gave away something like that... Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh.... they'd regret it. But, as a parent, I'd want to know if my child had done such a thing so I'll just have to accept being the "villain" here.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I haven't posted here in a few days. I just thought I'd drop in and add something. I just finished reviewing some books over at eHarlequin and on Amazon. I jus finished the 4th book in Gena Showalter's Atlantis series and strongly urge everyone to read them. They are sooooooooooo good.

And I've gotten started on Keri Arthur's Riley Jenson series, plowing through the first three books in two days. Couldn't quite put them down ( - ;

I designed a T-shirt to give to the Fool For Romance winner today! I just ordered it and can't wait to see it up close in reality-vision. Yay! Authors are treckling in each day. I'm excited about this. I love the idea of different authors from different genres and publishers getting together to do a prize package giveaway.

OK, so I've been blogging and reviewing, and doing contest stuff all day. I have 50 minutes left until school ends and my children barge through the door, so I need to write! I gotta get this book finished this month!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Can You Save A Little Girl's Life?

6-year-old Jasmina Anema could die if a bone marrow donor is not found. Visit the site, www.oneforjasmina.com for info on how you can obtain a kit to see if you are a match. All it takes is a simple swabbing of the mouth.

The best match for Jasmina would be African-American, like her, or a family member, but Jasmina is adopted, and her mother is white. This family needs our help.

See if you are a match, or simply spread the word so the match can be found.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Whoo-hoo! Eight Pages!!!

Finally. I finished this chapter, writing 8 pages in under two hours. Not too bad. I just had to get to the action and let it roll. I think now I'll treat myself to a book, and maybe play a little Sims 2. I've been depriving myself of The Sims, focusing on getting this book done. I should start on the next chapter tonight after the kiddos go to bed.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Attention All Romance Authors!!!

I'm looking to organize a contest featuring several different romance authors from all sub-genres, and different publishers. Print book, e-book, self-published... Doesn't matter. You would be required to send something as a prize. Ex: book, e-book on disc (or email download), bookmarks, promo materials, or other stuff like candles & such. If interested, email me at crystalrainlove@aol.com with CONTEST INQUERY in the subject line.