Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I've Been Computerless For 2 Days

So I came home on the 15th, after a ten-hour workday, all excited to jump on my computer because it was Day 1 of my Fool For Romance contest over at my website... I attempted to sign on and heard the strangest crunchy fizzle sound. My monitor blew something. Kablooey. Phiitttzzz. Totally unusable. And you can't really use your computer if you can't see what you're looking at, right?
I think... OK, no big deal. Take a breath. I'll just wait until morning when the kids are up and I'll get on my daughter's computer.
That lasted a whole two minutes before the Broadband decided it didn't want to work. For three solid hours, I tried to get it to work and Zip! Zada! Nuthin'
So... finally, today the Broadband is working and I'm on my daughter's computer. And I see where the links on the contest weren't working. Urrrrgh! No wonder I had over 100 hits on there but not close to that many entries yet. Well, I posted a work-around on there since I can't seem to actually fix the links while on my daughters computer. And all my important files are on MY computer. Including Blood Revelation Book #3 which I'm supposed to be completing this month (and I've had 3 days of NO writing on it!!!)
I'm going to Best Buy today and getting a monitor AND a laptop for when crap like this happens. I will have my works-in-progress saved on both, dammit.

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