Thursday, April 9, 2009

I'm Scattered All Over, But Still Moving Forward.

So anyone who knows me, knows this: I am a pantser. I can't plot and write. It takes all the joy out of it. But I need some sort of order if I am going to fulfill my goal of X amount of completed manuscripts this year. I want to be doing this fulltime and that won't happen any time soon if I keep going at my average of nine months spent on each book.
Over the past year, I have managed to shorten that length of time. I wrote Moonlit Dream in about 2-3 months WHILE doing grueling edits for The Fire Still Burns, and revising the full of Passion Be... (oops. That's right. Blood REv Book #1 will not be going by its original name) ... That was pretty darn good, even if that was a shorter length book. More of a novella. Still, it was quick.
Anyway, I realize I need to prioritize or something to get these books out quicker. And it hit me. I kind of plot, just a wee little bit. I see future scenes and think up dialogue. Usually I just let it fester (I'll jot the dialogue down though and save for later, but I don't write out the scenes) in my head until I reach that point in the story.
Well, it hit me yesterday. Why do I do that? If I have a good scene in my head, why not just write it and piece it in when the rest of the story catches up? So that's what I've been doing.
I wrote a stellar scene yesterday and an awesome one today. I may be all over the place and out of order, but I'm still moving forward. It sure beats the hell out of just putting these scenes on the backburner while I stare at the monitor and try to figure out how to get through a particularly sloooooooow scene so point A can meet point B.
Hopefully, by doing this, I'll get LSAYD done way quicker than the Blood Rev books. Keep your eye on the progress meter on the right and see how I do.
(FYI: I won't update the word count on my progress meter unless I'm actually adding to the actual manuscript. My out-of-order scenes are saved in a different document and won't be included in the word count until they are actually added to the manuscript itself.)

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