Friday, April 17, 2009

Painting Jesus Upside Down

During the Easter service at Southeast Christian Church this past weekend, a man came on stage and started painting while a beautiful song was performed. Right before our eyes, he started slapping paint on the canvas, and we all peered closer, trying to figure out what the picture was supposed to be... Then right before the end we figured it out and during the short length of the song, he completed the masterpiece and raised it up. It. Was. Amazing. What a talent.
SCC records their sermons and posts them on their website, but they didn't have this on there so I checked Youtube, and sure enough. I found a man doing the exact same thing with the exact same painting (except there was a crown of thorns when he did it Easter) so I'm assuming this was the same man.
I've posted the video here, but it was truly something to see in person, and swear he did it faster at SCC.

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