Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My David Cook Concert Experience 5/5/2009

This was the last concert prior to his brother's viewing/funeral so it wasn't that much of a shock when he came out with his eyes all narrow like when you've been crying alot & haven't slept well, but it still made me feel sooooooooo bad for him. I was like, depressed, when I left and all day today. But he did a damn good show considering the personal turmoil he's going through now. My brother went with me (wouldn't allow me to go to a bar/nightclub without him, my very own bouncer) and proceeded to drink bottle upon bottle of beer until he was very loudly commenting on people around us. I think my fave was "Hell, I don't even know if these two in front of us are even women." *sigh* Love my bro. Speaking of which, we both could not stand the opening act, Ryan Star, and I had to get a pic of my bro looking at the dude like "Get off the stage already" with a bottle in his hand...


LMAO! And women kept touching his butt when they'd pass him and one offered to go in the bathroom with him (and we all know what she wanted in there). Um, R-E-S-P-E-C-T, skank-bags. Get some. Eck. (although it was hilarious entertainment to me-LOL!)

Anyway, David Cook is the only person I'll go see in concert. I hate crowded places but I went through it for him. He's worth it. Here's the pics and vids I took:

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