Sunday, May 17, 2009

My Latest Addiction: Vampires

I've been getting application invites forever on Myspace and generally, I just ignore them. I barely have time for anything these days and a time-consumin internet game is the last thing I need... but this application is called Vampires.
Yep. Vampires. I had to check it out.


I'm hooked. You get to design your own vampire and then you go on missions and fight other vampire clans to get ahead. The currancy is blood (of course) and there's a blood bank you can store it in to keep rival clams from sucking you dry.

It's really easy to catch on to and the more you induct into your clan, the stronger a vamp you'll be. I love it. I've met some really nice gamers on there, one who even invited me into his clan and bombarded me with all kinds of helpful abilities (abilities ar what help you fight better).

Check it out, and send me an invite at

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