Monday, June 29, 2009

Decisions, Decisions....

So if I'm going to stick to my writing plan I need to start on the fourth installment of the Blood Revelation series on Wednesday.
The prob?
I'm undecided whose story to tell.
I come across so many authors blogs and/or interviews where they mention writing a particular character's story because of the requests of their fans. It must be nice having such large scale feedback to help you decide which way to go.
My problem is that I'm starting on book number four, and book numero uno has not even been released yet. It's not due out until the last day of this year. It makes it very hard to determine which character the readers will be dying to know more about at this point.
Of course there's an overall story arc to this series, but I can still highlight one of two possible hero/heroines pairs. Whichever one I choose at this point won't harm the story arc in any way, so this makes my choice tougher.
So... without having readers to guide me where they want me to go, I thought I'd just give brief details of each choice and let some folks decide. I'll becareful not to give away anything to ruin the story for those who wish to read the series.

Option 1: Seta's Story
Seta has been in each of the first three books. She looks like a gorgeous Hispanic future Playboy Playmate, but she's actually a couple centuries old. She's a vampire. And a witch. A powerful combo. Though she's small in size (except for all those curves) she's the last person you want to miss with. Despite a fierce protectiveness of children, she's known to rip off body parts when her ire is raised. Especially if someone misses with her family. The hero to capture her heart? Eron. Gorgeous, Irish vampire older than dirt. Her sire. The man who makes her (traitorous)heart sing, and her claws come out.

Option 2: Christian's story

Christian has also been in all of the first three books. He owns a church--yes, a church--in Baltimore. A very ancient and powerful vampire, but he doesn't show his full power, thanks largely in part to the fact he prefers to drink bagged blood over power-giving fresh blood. He has been friends with Eron since long before Seta was around, yet nobody knows the vampire minister's true origins... or the depth of his power.
The woman to capture his heart? Well, she'd have to be something. You see, Christian doesn't date. Not in the many centuries he's walked the earth. And despite his age and fact that he's a vampire, he's never actually killed anyone. Of course he has destroyed people... but not by murder.

So... Whaddaya think? Who's the most intriguing?


Beth Caudill said...

Just based on those two blurbs...

I'd pick Christian. He seems so mysterious. I like a good male character that hides his history.

Carri Ames said...

I read, on average, one novel a day. Having read so much I have learned a few things. I always enjoy the books that intrigue me with the back cover and people tend to start getting bored with a series after the third. When I read the blurb about Christian I was intrigued and found him to be very attractive. The bad boy with the ability to be fixed, lol. I think that for the 4th book he would pull back so many of those readers who have started moving on to the next big thing.

Brian said...

I would have to agree with Carrie Ames on this. I am also an avid reader and I enjoy a great mystery. Based on your blog, Christian seems to be the character that would have the greater appeal and greater mystery surrounding his origins. To me he would seem the likely choice to bring your readership longing for more.

SaturnMoonie said...

This is hard for me Rain dear.

On one hand, I'm loving Seta because she's like my fantasy self. A witch AND vampire. Damn I wanna see what kind of powers she has. And that she looks hispanic speaks to me too. ;)

On the other hand, I'm with everyone else on Christian's intrigue. I wanna know what kind of woman captures HIS heart. And I want to know about him.

Hmm...doesn't seem as I've helped you any, have I? LOL. Ok ok...I guess you should do Christian's story. That way we're already introduced a bit to Eron.

Ok that's my choice, I'm gonna go now before I change my mind.

Can't wait till these come out! :D I'm gonna be all over them like white on rice!

Lise said...

I have to say Christian sounds mor intriguing to me (though both sound great). The fact that he is a vampire minister is a great twist. And as you have set him up with no one on his romance radar, you'll have a great time taking him from point a (alone) to point z (zeroing in on his one true love!).

PJ von Detweiler said...

Christian is my vote. So many 'Why' questions there. Have fun with it.

Crystal-Rain Love said...

Well, I guess it's Christian. And I have been wanting to tell his story ever since I wrote the first book (back in 2005). Of course I've wanted to tell Seta's for about that long too. I love both of them. Thanks for the input, guys! (And for any latecomers, still feel free to share your opinion. I don't start writing until Wednesday).

Stephanie said...

I'd go with Christian. He seems so mysterious! I mean, a vampire owning a church. Really, its downright intriguing!

Good luck with it, whichever one you choose.

Paula Beaty said...

Since I am priviledged and have read the 1st and 2nd books (hehe the gift of being a critique partner) I would go with Christian's story. He has intrigued me since book one because he is a priest and a vampire. He has so much more to tell us and I think by the 4th installment I think all your readers will be ready to have more. So proud of your achievements too! Congrats!!! :)