Monday, June 1, 2009

I Heart Joan Johnston

Well, her books, anyway. If you enjoy contemporary romance novels, and you really enjoy cowboys, you've got to check out her Hawk's Way series.

I received Hawk's Way Grooms as a free bonus book the last time I ordered from and it had just been sitting in my To Be Read pile forever, but I took it out earlier his week... and devoured it. It contains two stories in her series, and I read each one in about 3-4 hours. Could. Not. Put. Down.

I just ordered the next in the series and am now faced with the dilemma of trying to decide if I should read the earlier books in the series. I normally don't read the earlier books if I start a series mid-way or near the end, but I lurved these! Most are no lnger in print so I'll have to find them at the library or on eBay anyway. Hmmm. Wh did Harlequin re-release some of the newer ones and not the whole series? Are they taunting me?

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