Thursday, July 30, 2009

New Contract, New Baby... Great Week!

It's been a good week. Had some really decent days at work, might even get an incentive check for this month which hasn't happened in over a year.

Yesterday at work I glanced at the calendar and was hit with this feeling that my niece, who wasn't due until August, was going to be born between then and now. And awesomely enough, she was just born tonight. Am I good or what? She's so cute. Wish I could figure out how to get the vid my bro sent me off my phone and on to here. Can't wait to see her tomorrow!

And... Just signed a contract today for Guardian Cowboy. Remember the cowboy story I was working on all last month and submitted at the end of June? It has been accepted as part of The Wild Rose Press's Wayback Texas series. I think I'm more proud of this one than anything else I've done because I read the guidelines, read the published books in the series and for the first time ever, I wrote something specifically for a series and submitted it... and got it accepted!

What a great week. Now I just need to win the lottery on Saturday...

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

David Cook's Dog Voice

Thank goodness for Youtube or I'd have missed this. This was such a cute interview. Go to 6:15 to hear the voice DC uses when talking to his dog.


"Dog" Drags Newborn From Home

Dog Drags Newborn From Home

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Where to begin? The article describes the dog as a "Native American Indian Dog". WTH??? This was on the news, and the "dog" is a WOLF bred with collie. A WOLF, people. Wolf hybrids are illegal in my county, and actually, several counties in KY, but not the one where this took place.
Why in the hell would you have a WOLF (and this guy actually has two of them) in the same house with a baby anyway?
Now he's on the news talking about "It'll be adopted or put to sleep. It's not coming home with us."
That's right. Blame the wild animal you tried to tame and then just kill it. Yes, I realize a baby was injured. I'm a mother and I protect my children fiercely (hence, why I wouldn't have a frigging wolf in my house despite them being one of my favorite animals), but this animal does not deserve to be put down.
The man had the dog for four years, it never showed signs of aggression, but now he's through with it. Why not blame himself when he can blame the dog?
This just burns me up. If you're going to have that kind of "dog" as a pet, don't have children. If you do end up having children, find a new home for the "dog" way BEFORE the baby is born.
Now the poor thing is on death row.
I hope someone takes this beautiful creature. I would, but I have more sense than to have a wolf around children.
And I pray for protection for this poor child who is hanging on for dear life after a horrible incident that could have been avoided.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

David Cook Goodness

Haven't had much to say, busy dealing with a load of some stuff. So here's some David Cook goodness to entertain you:

Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Challenge Is On.

Yesterday was the first day of the 5 months I've allotted myself to write the 4th installment of the Blood Revelation series. That in itself will be a challenge as it took me an average of nine months to write the first two in the series. I shaved a few months off Book #3 so it could happen. It's definitely doable, it'll just take focus and determination.
Writing quicker is one of the payoffs I've gotten from being published. The more you write, the quicker you get, and when you want something else out there for your readers when they put down one of your books, that's motivation.
So, knowing my writing speed has increased, I'm going to greaten the challenge and also work on a submission for a charity project. Yep. In addition to Blood Revelation Book 4, I will be working on a werewolf short of about 10000 words. I actually wrote 10000 words in about five days during NanOWriMo two years ago so I think I can handle it.

Either way, I'll have completed three manuscripts by year end by completing the werewolf short, and that was my ultimate goal: To complete 3-4 submissions per year.


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Kentucky Boy Does Good on America's Got Talent

Yeah, that's how we do!

Go on with your bad self, Kevin! I love how everyone was trying to crack jokes on him and were sitting there all misty-eyed when he blew them away.

Make-A-Wish Foundation Charity Candle

Make-A-Wish candle

Now through July 31st, $4 of each sale of this candle will go to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Based on your zip code, the funds will be distributed to the chapter closest to you so each purchase helps the MAW Foundation in your own community.

The 10 oz. candle sells for $7.50 and is Cranberry Apple scented.

To order, go to and type in "Make A Wish" in product search box. Ignor ethe date listed on there if it's still showing through June 3oth because it has been expanded through July 31st.
Any problems, contact me directly.

There is also going to be a big sale starting tomorrow with many products (including candles) 50% off so if you'd like to stock up on candles or other Celebrating Home (bought out Home Interiors) products you may want to stop by tomorrow.