Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Challenge Is On.

Yesterday was the first day of the 5 months I've allotted myself to write the 4th installment of the Blood Revelation series. That in itself will be a challenge as it took me an average of nine months to write the first two in the series. I shaved a few months off Book #3 so it could happen. It's definitely doable, it'll just take focus and determination.
Writing quicker is one of the payoffs I've gotten from being published. The more you write, the quicker you get, and when you want something else out there for your readers when they put down one of your books, that's motivation.
So, knowing my writing speed has increased, I'm going to greaten the challenge and also work on a submission for a charity project. Yep. In addition to Blood Revelation Book 4, I will be working on a werewolf short of about 10000 words. I actually wrote 10000 words in about five days during NanOWriMo two years ago so I think I can handle it.

Either way, I'll have completed three manuscripts by year end by completing the werewolf short, and that was my ultimate goal: To complete 3-4 submissions per year.



SaturnMoonie said...

You can do it!!!

Christle Gray said...

Go, Rain. It's your birthday. (and stuff like that)