Wednesday, July 22, 2009

"Dog" Drags Newborn From Home

Dog Drags Newborn From Home

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Where to begin? The article describes the dog as a "Native American Indian Dog". WTH??? This was on the news, and the "dog" is a WOLF bred with collie. A WOLF, people. Wolf hybrids are illegal in my county, and actually, several counties in KY, but not the one where this took place.
Why in the hell would you have a WOLF (and this guy actually has two of them) in the same house with a baby anyway?
Now he's on the news talking about "It'll be adopted or put to sleep. It's not coming home with us."
That's right. Blame the wild animal you tried to tame and then just kill it. Yes, I realize a baby was injured. I'm a mother and I protect my children fiercely (hence, why I wouldn't have a frigging wolf in my house despite them being one of my favorite animals), but this animal does not deserve to be put down.
The man had the dog for four years, it never showed signs of aggression, but now he's through with it. Why not blame himself when he can blame the dog?
This just burns me up. If you're going to have that kind of "dog" as a pet, don't have children. If you do end up having children, find a new home for the "dog" way BEFORE the baby is born.
Now the poor thing is on death row.
I hope someone takes this beautiful creature. I would, but I have more sense than to have a wolf around children.
And I pray for protection for this poor child who is hanging on for dear life after a horrible incident that could have been avoided.

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