Thursday, July 30, 2009

New Contract, New Baby... Great Week!

It's been a good week. Had some really decent days at work, might even get an incentive check for this month which hasn't happened in over a year.

Yesterday at work I glanced at the calendar and was hit with this feeling that my niece, who wasn't due until August, was going to be born between then and now. And awesomely enough, she was just born tonight. Am I good or what? She's so cute. Wish I could figure out how to get the vid my bro sent me off my phone and on to here. Can't wait to see her tomorrow!

And... Just signed a contract today for Guardian Cowboy. Remember the cowboy story I was working on all last month and submitted at the end of June? It has been accepted as part of The Wild Rose Press's Wayback Texas series. I think I'm more proud of this one than anything else I've done because I read the guidelines, read the published books in the series and for the first time ever, I wrote something specifically for a series and submitted it... and got it accepted!

What a great week. Now I just need to win the lottery on Saturday...


Christle Gray said...

I'm so excited for you! (and yet, you make me feel like such a slacker! LOL!)

Have you seen a cover for Blood Rev #1 yet? It comes out in Dec, right?

Oh, and congrats on the new niece!

Crystal-Rain Love said...

Haven't seen a cover. Haven't even reached the edits stage. I was starting to get concerned because there haven't been any new releases for a few months. But... There are two new releases this month!!! We were advised some would be released later than originally planned but that the books scheduled toward the end of the year should release as planned. I'm hoping my release date doesn't change. I've already got some promo things scheduled around the release date. I'm so psyched to see the cover of this one. I can't wait.