Monday, August 24, 2009

I Dream Of David Cook part 2/3

OK, I call this "Part 2/3" because I know I posted my first DC dream somewhere (probably Myspace) but I don't recall posting the second, and I just had the third so...


Dream 2:

This one was really weird because it had a lot of people that I work with at the day job, but don't really "know." Me, my mother and grandmother go to this place. It's this big open space one-room store. There are all these couches inside so my mom & grandmother go sit and are just relaxing. A guy I work with is kind of nailed to the arched ceiling because he's working security and has to watch out for shoplifters?????
I decide to "window shop" because I have very little money to my name. I find two blankets with David Cook, and they're really awesome. The one blanket has a hologram design (on a blanket-how weird) of David moving around, singing, whatever. It's the only one left and on sale for waaaaaaaaaaaay less than normal, but I'm a few dollars short so i can't get it.

Dream 3:

Weird, and GROSS. OK, so I think I had thi sdream because I posted that Green Man Dancing vid last night before going to bed and it got me thinking about the one I posted before that & how crazy fans can be. This was all right before I went to bed so it was fresh in my mind.
I had adream taht I went to an outdoor DC concert and he was up on this platform performing above everyone. Some crazy woman poisoned him before the show so he'd get sick in hope that he would throw up over the rail of the platform and she was just waiting to collect the vomit to sell on eBay. I was talking to his guitarist (Neil, Neal? Whatever. The blond dude with all the piercings.) about how crazy fans are.

Yeah, um, so... I woke up and instead of thinking "What the hell is wrong with these people?" I thought "What the hell is wrong with me?" LOL! And I realized my last two blog posts were about DC (and this makes #3 in a row, actually) so figured maaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyybbbeeee I'm going a bit overboard with the DC posting. Maybe my dream was from me wondering if I'm getting a little too much "fanatic."
I don't know. It's not like I'd scream if I saw the guy, chase him down for an autograph/pic or offer sexual favors. My "Fan-ness" pretty much caps out at listening to the CD, going to the concert, and blogging. That's not so bad, is it? I mean, I do have a DC wallpaper on my laptop...

Hmmm... Tomorrow's post will NOT be DC. I promise. And for you smart-alecs out there, it won't be Supernatural/Jensen Ackles/Dean Winchester either (who just happens to be the wallpaper on my pc).

Sweet Dreams!

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