Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Who's The Author Here?!?!

Sooooo... Remember when I had that little poll and asked whose story I should tell for the fourth installment of the Blood Revelation series? I introduced you all to Seta and Christian, two of my favorite characters from the series (next to Jacob Porter, my dream man, of course)and stated that the next book would be focused on the one you chose as the most intriguing.

Christian raked in the votes so true to my word, I started to write his story. The prologue (which has been a vision in my head for years)flowed effortlessly. Then I started the first chapter. I wrote a few paragraphs... and kablooey.

The characters would not budge. I tried to push and prod, but they set their heels in and shook their heads at me. I wrote an entirely different story and then came back to them. They had their arms crossed, their jaws set. They were not relenting.

Then a minor character from an earlier book stepped up and pointed out that her story hadn't been told yet, and it was time for me to fix that. You see, I've been seeing the scenes from her story play out for a while now, but I figured her story was a shorter length, simple little story that I could do as a free read or sandwich it in with Christian's story, but nooooooooooooo.

Then one day at work I called a woman... and her last name was the hero's name which had been eluding me all this time... It was so perfect. He came to life in full detail with an impish grin. Apparently, he thought it was about frigging time I discovered his name, and that this particular story wasn't a little mini-read. Nope. This story is needed to move the whole series along.

So, the poll results have went out the window. Christian and Seta will have to battle it out for star billing in Book #5. The fourth book has a new set of main characters.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. I don't create these stories. The characters do. And they will whine, complain, demand, and push me to the limits until I finally sit in front of the keyboard and type the story they tell me to tell.

It's very fortunate that they know what they're doing. ( - ;

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Christle Gray said...

You always channel such great characters!

Good luck with this one! I'm still so geeked to read #1 when it comes out!