Friday, October 30, 2009

'Scuse Me, I Believe That's My Lung...

Ugh. I have been sick this whole week which of course means... WASTED week. Yup. I was lucky to even get out of bed, let alone write.

I've made it through the killer sore throat phase, the can't take two steps without blacking out phase, the "Ohmigosh I'm freezing/burning up" phase, the I can't breathe phase, and now I'm fully into the nose won't quit running/hacking up a lung phase. During all these phases, sleeping at night is a joke. Which means come daytime I'm so exhausted I sleep all day. No writing being done during any of this.

Who can focus during all the hacking and nose blowing?

In a way, it's kind of a good thing that I don't have a job because there's no way I could have worked this week. However, I'm still getting the run around from unemployment which means I still have no income and I'm about to run out of money. Not good.

If I'm not working, not receiving any compensation at all, I need to at least be doing something productive that could equal income later. I start every day with a job search. After searching & sending out resumes & applications, I write. I tell myself I might as well use this "time off" to get a lot of writing done. I've made writing a "job" with regular hours and quotas to be achieved.

Now I feel guilty for taking 4 days off. I want to take today off too. Why? Didn't sleep last night. Went to bed and all, but just tossed and turned, got up to blow nose, etc. all night long. Total amount of sleep? 3.5 hours. I am exhausted and being exhausted and drained does nothing to promote better health.

It's kind of a bad spot to be in. I no longer have health insurance so I have to keep myself from getting too sick & of course I have to keep my kids healthy. Unfortunately, that means I need to get plenty of rest, even if it's during the time I am normally most productive. So... I'm chalking this whole week off to a waste but next week... I better be good and healthy because next week there will be no excuses. If I haven't been hired anywhere by then I will be writing all day long, at least 6000 words a day to make up for lost time.

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