Friday, November 6, 2009

Broke & Bronchitised

I have bronchitis.

After my brother putting the fear of swine flu in me I maxed out the only credit card I had with available line of credit on it and went to The Little Clinic at Kroger (Great place if you don't have insurance!) and got some meds to get rid of this hellacious cough that feels like it's ripping me in half sometimes.

But now I am well and truly broke. I have not one dime. And I have no income coming in. Unemployment still hasn't come through for me and out of all the applications I've sent out for various jobs, not one has contacted me. All the money I had to get me through from the first day of losing my job until unemployment kicks in is gone.

I'm scared.

I grew up with nothing. It won't hurt me that bad to go back to having nothing but my kids aren't used to that. They've always had a house and... I don't even want to think of Christmas if I don't get a job or unemployment doesn't come through. Heck, if I got a job today I'd still be in trouble because I wouldn't be paid for 2-3 weeks and wouldn't get any back pay from unemployment.

That's the one thing that's keeping me hopeful (that and faith in God). As long as I keep claiming my unemployment, I'm suppsoed to get all the backpay when it comes through and I can get things back on track. By things, I'm referring to the credit cards and such that look like they won't be paid this month. But if they keep taking forever, I just might be employed before they do anything and then I can kiss the backpay goodbye. I don't think that's right. You should still get paid for the weeks claimed while not working. Going back to work after a period of no income doesn't help you dig yourself out of that hole unless you are compensated for that time period.

My eyes have really been opened to how this system works and it really needs some adjusting. People are desperate, trying to feed their families and keep them sheltered, and it truly feels like no one cares. I've known other people who've lost their jobs and had no problems with the unemployment office. Why do I get the run-around? Something's wrong there.

Anyway, I'm not blogging much. Right now I'm just struggling to get by. I'm writing a lot, and hopefully something productive like some more contracts will come from this unfortunate, stressful period.

I pray for everyone in this situation. It is not an easy place to be.

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