Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009... Kind Of a Toss-Up

So, 2009 screwed with me. There were some good things that happened, but also something really, really bad. I can't decide whether to say it was a great year or one of the worst of my life. Let's recap:


1. Hello! I lost my job. After 10 years. Need I say more?

2. Forced to live off unemployment because I can't even get a callback from a job application. Apparently the fact that I've worked non-stop for the past 15 years and spent 10 of that at my last job means nothing at all.

3. First print book was supposed to be published this year, but it got pushed back. ) - :

4. Economy still sucks.

5. Way too many people dying young.

6. Cancer is still here.


1. Wrote Guardian Cowboy & subsequently signed contract with The Wild Rose Press to publish it, making me a member of the awesome group of authors who write the Wayback, Texas series.

2. Wrote Moonlit Watcher which was subsequently chosen as part of ARe's 28 Days of Heart campaign, fulfilling a lifelong dream of mine to publish something solely for charity.

3. Went to TWO David Cook concerts!!!

4. Hello! Adorable new neice born.

That's some pretty damn good stuff so overall... I guess I can't deem this as a bad year. Yes, I lost my job and yes, I'm starting to worry because I haven't had any job interviews but some pretty awesome stuff happened too.

As for 2010?

1. Blood Revelation Book One: Blood Curse will be published.

2. Guardian Cowboy will be published.

3. Moonlit Watcher will be published.

4. It's quite possible another Blood Revelation book will be published. I'm nearly done writing the fourth so they're there & they're contracted...

5. Whatever job I find (PLEASE let me find a job or hit the lottery!!!) will have to be better than the one I lost since there were honestly times I felt I was working for the devil.

I won't think of the bad things I fear... Gotta have faith!

To all, I hope you had a great 2009 or at least enough good things to make up for the bad, and I hope for an amazing 2010 for us all! May we actually get an end to war & unemployment, and what I pray for constantly: An end to cancer. Could this be the year? Hopefully.

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