Wednesday, December 2, 2009

December: New Interviews & Writing Challenge

Hey, peoples. November went way too quickly and now we are in the last month of the year. I feel the deadline for Blood Revelation Book 4 bearing down on me so I've committed myself to finishing that manuscript this month (even though I was really rolling along on Redemption...Sigh. Must put it aside for the moment).

I have a new interview up right now at:

Go over there, check it out, and if you have any ?'s I'm at their Yahoo group all day. Ask away.

I'll have another interview up at Romance Junkies pretty soon. I'm getting back into Promo Mode with the releases I have coming up in 2010. So far it's looking like this:

Blood Revelation Book One: Blood Curse January 2010
Moonlit Watcher February 2010
Guardian Cowboy ? 2010
Blood Revelation Book Two: Slayer's Prey ? 2010

Keep watch on the progress bar on the right. If you see me slacking off on Blood Revelation Book 4 be sure to give me a kick in the butt!

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