Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Kicking Vampire Butt

Just got through another battle scene. When I started out writing I used to get so anxious over writing any sort of fight scene. What words did I use? How did I keep the action going and still "show, don't tell"? How did I sprinkle in the dialogue without the fighting coming to a stand-still?

It's getting a bit easier now, as does anything you practice at. I don't get all nervous about it though it's not my favorite thing to write. I'll always love dialogue more than anything.

I added a new element during the writing of this scene. A new kind of were-creature. Yay! That's the beauty of writing. You never know what's going to spark a new idea and help you paint a more vivid, enthralling picture.

I've also finally discovered what my not-quite-human is and even created a word for her since I couldn't find anything online like her. That was pretty cool and I hope the idea is still kind of fresh by the time this story is released. It's the fourth installment of my Blood Revelation series so the absolute earliest it would come out would be 2011.

I know I've thought up things before in this series, wrote it all up, then turned on Supernatural later to see my "fresh" idea right there on the screen. LOL! We'll see if Supernatural beats me on this one or not.

So far I'm proud of myself this month for writing daily or doing a "double dose" if a day is missed. If I stay on track I will definitely complete this manuscript by month end as planned. I'm hoping to double up on the word count tomorrow so I can have the time off I need to make a birthday cake I received an order for. I hope I can hit goal.


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