Monday, November 29, 2010

Church Typos

Got this funny email from my buddy, Reegie, and thought I'd share:

The following have all appeared in church magazines so let us thank God

for church ladies with typewriters...

Next weekend's "Fasting & Prayer Conference in Whitby" includes all meals.
Sunday morning sermon: 'Jesus Walks on the Water'
Sunday evening sermon: 'Searching for Jesus.'
Ladies, don't forget the rummage sale. It's a chance to get rid of those things

not worth keeping around the house. Bring your husbands.
Remember in prayer the many who are sick of our community.
Smile at someone who is hard to love.
Say 'Hell' to someone who doesn't care much about you.
Don't let worry kill you off - let the Church help.
Miss Charlene Mason sang 'I will not pass this way again,' giving obvious

pleasure to the congregation .
For those of you who have children and don't know it, we have a nursery downstairs.
Next Thursday there will be tryouts for the choir They need all the help they can get.
Irving Benson and Jessie Carter were married on October 24 in the church. So ends

a friendship that began in their school days.
At the evening service tonight, the sermon topic will be 'What Is Hell?' Come early

and listen to our choir practice.
Eight new choir robes are currently needed due to the addition of several new members

and to the deterioration of some older ones.
Scouts are saving aluminium cans, bottles and other items to be recycled. Proceeds will

be used to cripple children.
Please place your donation in the envelope along with the deceased person you want remembered.
The church will host an evening of fine dining, super entertainment and gracious hostility.
Pot luck supper Sunday at 5:00 PM - prayer and medication to follow.
The ladies of the Church have cast off clothing of every kind. They may be seen in the

basement on Friday afternoon.
This evening at 7 PM there will be a hymn singing in the park across from the Church.

Bring a blanket and come prepared to sin.
The pastor would appreciate it if the ladies of the Congregation would lend him their

electric girdles for the pancake breakfast next Sunday.
Low Self Esteem Support Group will meet Thursday at 7 PM. Please use the back door.
The school drama group will be presenting Shakespeare's Hamlet in the Church hall on

Friday at 7 PM. The congregation is invited to attend this tragedy.
Weight Watchers will meet at 7 PM at the First Presbyterian Church. Please use

large double door at the side entrance

Friday, November 19, 2010

My First Booksigning!!!!!!

Kentucky Romance Writers sponsors
a multi-author book signing:

Anya Bast
Cat Shaffer
Crystal-Rain Love (That's me!)
Jan Scarbrough
Jules Bennett
Maddie James
Magdalena Scott
Renee Vincent
Shiloh Walker
Teresa Reasor
Toni Blake
Jennifer Johnson
Tonya Kappes

WHERE: Joseph-Beth Booksellers

Lexington Green Mall

WHEN: November 20, 2010
2-4 p.m.

I'll be signing print copies of Blood Revelation Book One: Blood Curse

Come on out and see me!

Monday, November 15, 2010

NEW COVER!!! Second Chance Cowboy

I love getting new covers. They're like presents. ;)

This is the cover of Second Chance Cowboy, the first of I hope many stories set in Cook County, Colorado. I haven't received a release date yet, but will post that as soon as I get it.

Hopefully I will be getting the cover art to Slayer's Prey soon and of course will post it right away!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Daddy, How Was I Born?

haha.... A joke emailed to me by my brother. Too cute:

Daddy, how was I born?

A little boy goes to his father and asks 'Daddy, how was I born ?'

The father answers, 'Well, son, I guess one day you will need to find out anyway! Your Mom and I first got together in a chat room on Yahoo. Then I set up a date via e-mail with your Mom and we met at a cyber-cafe. We sneaked into a secluded room, and googled each other. There your mother agreed to a download from my hard drive. As soon as I was ready to upload, we discovered that neither one of us had used a firewall, and since it was too late to hit the delete button, nine months later a little Pop-Up appeared that said:

Scroll down...You'll love this .......

'You got Male!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

First Poem In 5 Years...

When my dad died in 2005 I wanted to write a poem expressing what I felt. The right words never came. All my words dried up. I couldn't write a poem for anything, and turned to writing stories, living through characters because I couldn't find words to express what I myself was going through. I closed up, lost the ability to let it all out.

Well... I guess there's a good side to getting hurt. I got my words back. *sigh* It actually reads like a song to me. Shame I can't sing well...


I never thought you’d make me cry

Never thought you’d gut me this way

A fool such as I

I once knew better

I built a wall , a fortress no one could conquer

I knew what it was to be hurt and wasn’t revisiting that place again

You came calling

Weakened me with words I wanted to hear

A smile that seized my heart

Laughter that wrapped around my soul

Slowly, a brick unwedged

They all fell down

One by one, then faster, faster, as you stayed.

I fell down

Fell right on my sword

Dropped it and left myself vulnerable

Wide open for you

A fool such as I

Should have known better

Thought I’d learned my lesson before

There’s always one who loves and one who is loved

Swore I’d never again be the one to give it all away and get nothing in return

A fool such as I

Did what I knew better than to do

Allowed myself to believe in you

Believe you wanted me too

Believed I was good enough for you

The bricks all fell down

My wall crumbled and you walked right in

Reached right inside…

Took what was left of my heart and left my guts on the floor

Over before it began

Didn’t even have a chance

Just the promise of happiness out of reach

Promised to me but I never got to touch

A fool such as I

I should have known better than to believe

A fool such as I

Really should know better

Yet I still wait for you

Still hope for… you.

copyright 2010 Crystal-Rain Love

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New Contract!!!

I can't believe I didn't make the announcement yet. I've just been so busy, but... Second Chance Cowboy is a go! The Wild Rose Press offered me a contract for Cook County : Second Chance Cowboy, and I gladly accepted.

I sent off the contract last week. I'll post cover art as soon as received and notify of release date as soon as I get that info myself.

I'm currently writing Seta's Fall, a novella and kind of prequel to the Blood Revelation series, which is due around 9/15 so I'm just working on it at the moment. Once that is finished up, I'm starting back on Lucky's story. I have the plots for the first four books in the Cook County series down so I want to crank them out and get this series going!

The Fire Still Burns... Still.

I just signed the contract to renew The Fire Still Burns for another two years. TFSB was my first published novel. It was the very first manuscript I submitted and heard those magical words : "We'd like to offer you a contract..."

About two weeks later I was offered a 7-book contract for my Blood Revelation series, but TFSB is still my debut so it's pretty dear to me.

The Fire Still Burns- Crystal-Rain Love

I'd love to say that my family and friends shared my joy of its release, but sadly, with the exception of one family member and less than a handful of friends, hardly any of them bought it. Some people didn't even consider me an author. Why? TFSB was released as an e-book. A 70,000+ word e-book.

Even people who enjoy e-books are hesitant to buy long novels in that format. Unless they have an e-reader, it's just too much of a bother being stuck in front of a computer reading such a long book.

Then there are those people who don't consider anything not in print to be a "real book". Either way, I didn't receive quite the reception I'd dreamed of.

However... There's good news, folksies. Sapphire Blue Publishing, the publisher of TFSB is going to start offering longer length novels in PRINT!!!

This news just flat out makes me giddy. Finally, I can have a bound copy of TFSB to hold in my hands and gush over. All those people who said, "I'll buy it when it comes out in print" can make good on that promise.

I don't know when it will be released in print, but believe me, I will be shouting it from the rooftops when it is. Hmmmmmm... I smell a giveaway....

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Ladybug Cake

As you know, I'm "The Cake Lady" around here so of course I would be the one to make my cute little niece's 1st birthday cake. Their theme was ladybugs so I went the 3D route on this one. I also made a 3D smash cake for her, which I always do for 1st birthdays. It's so cute watching little ones tear into their cakes. (-;

These were actually pretty simple to do. It's so much easier working with smaller cakes if you're working with fondant.

She seemed to like it. (-;


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Workin' 9 To 5.....

So... This is my 4th week at my new job. I really like it. Everyone's really focused on getting their work done and I can go for hours without speaking to a soul. It's kind of refreshing after my last permanent job, a place where everyone talked about everyone else and meddled up in each others' business. I never could stand that.
Plus, I'm just a quiet person by nature so it's nice to come in, sit down, and work.

The drawbacks?
I actually make less at this job than I made off unemployment. I was already struggling before so you know I'm struggling now. So... I'm looking for a second job. It took me 8 months to find one job so who knows how long it'll take me to find a second one.
I have to, though. It's that or lose my house and my dogs, because no apartment/rental house will let me keep my dogs. )-:

I'm supposed to start new classes this week, but looks like I'm withdrawing without getting my degree. I can't work two jobs and do college coursework. Sucks, doesn't it? Now I'll have to pay the financial aid sooner than planned, AND pay back the pell grant which I wouldn't have to pay back at all if I continued and got my degree.

If the mortgage company would work with us, it wouldn't be so bad, but HFC are frigging bloodthirsty demons. I wish we'd never refinanced through them in order to get a fixed rate. The ARM we were on was better than the hell we're going through now.

Anyway, I'm just dropping in to give an update. Didn't mean to get all gloomy so let's focus on some good stuff:

I have a permanent job!!! With benefits!!!

I have one novella under review.

I should be starting edits for Slayer's Prey sometime soon (10/15 is the release date). Can't wait to see the cover for this one. I wonder what the artist has planned...

I'm working on a novella about Seta (from Blood Revelation series)for an upcoming anthology to be released by Imajinn later this year.

Hopefully all goes well and hopefully I sell a decent amount of books this year to get me through the crunch.

Have a good week, everyone. Focus on good things!

Sunday, June 20, 2010


It's summertime, and I have joined forces with some great web sites to offer some prizes to help you get through those hot days! What are they, you ask? Signed copies of Blood Curse (Ok, so some of the scenes in the book may actually make you hotter), an iTunes card for some summer tunes, and the chance to win a Nook so you can take your ebooks outside with you as you soak up the summer sun!

Visit the contests page at my website for more information on these three contests!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Lucky Masters Is Creeping Up On My Bad Side...

Haven't posted much. I've been juggling working and my online college courses, along with kid activities and...oh yeah, trying to write a book. I think I totally spoiled myself writing Second Chance Cowboy. That novella just zoomed right through from first draft to submission. I figured that since I wrote Chance's story in only 10 days, his brother's story would be quick, too. Nuh uh. Lucky has a whole lot going on in his life and the words are so hard to get out. I've got great scenes in my head, really great scenes. It's just a struggle getting to the part where I can add them in.
I've thought of throwing the five chapters I have out and starting from scratch, but I think I can continue on from the point I'm at now. I just wish I could write faster.
That was the upside of unemployment. I wrote like a frigging machine when I wasn't working, especially before I started for my degree. Now that I'm back to work the writing process is taking a negative hit. )-: I miss the productivity.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

It's Rialto!!!

Seriously, the use of stock photos for book covers has issues. Like this one: I keep finding my characters on other people's books... and they keep finding theirs on mine. It's kind of funny though. You never know where they'll end up. In the end, the cover isn't really all that important. The cover models never look like the characters... except for Ming. The woman on the cover of Moonlit Dream looked just like I envisioned Ming. Kind of freaky, yet awesome. As for the rest of my covers... The cover models don't even come close to looking like I envisioned my characters. Rialto, for example, really looks like Antonio Sabato, Jr. (-;

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

AWESOME Supernatural Video

Just saw a tweet by @DeansChick touting this as the best Supernatural video ever. I'd have to agree that it is pretty kick-ass.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Guardian Cowboy is a Night Owl Romance Top Pick!!!

Guardian Cowboy received a 4 1/2 star review over at Night Owl Romance Reviews, making it a Top Pick. I haven't gotten many reviews on this story, which is one of my favorites, not to mention my very first cowboy story. You can imagine my delight reading this review and seeing the rating.

Check it out here:

BIG Memorial Day Weekend Sale at Imajinn Books!!!

Hey, everyone. There's a big Memorial Day weekend sale over at through June 1st. Now's a good time to grab a copy of Blood Curse. (-;

Save 20% off a $20 order, 30% off a $30 order or 40% off a $40 order.

If you enjoy paranormal romance, Imajinn Books has something for you. Head on over and stock up!

My recommendations:

Lilith Saintcrow's Watcher series.
Keri Arthur's Circle Trilogy.
Virginia Brown's Harley Jean Davidson series (not paranormal, more cozy mystery, but SO funny!).
Scandalous Spirits by C.B. Scott (SO funny!)
Keeper of the Key by Barbara Christopher (time travel)

and.... Blood Curse by yours truly... (-;

Those are some of my faves, but there are many great books over at Imajinn. Check them out and have a great Memorial Day weekend!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I'm Working!!!! (And I had another David Cook dream).

First off, congrats to me because after eight months of unemployment, I am officially employed. Sadly, it's only a five-month temp position, but it's something. Yesterday was my first day and I still don't know what my job is... LOL! We spent about eight hours signing papers and watching videos about workplace safety. I'm a "clerk" so I know it's something clerical. I have more training today so I imagine I will know what my job is by the end of today's shift.
It's a little strange being back to work. I've spent the past eight months at home on my computer searching for work or concentrating on my writing, trying to make some use of all the free time between job interviews. It'll take some getting used to being out of the house for such long blocks of time.
I'm still on the job hunt. I need something to slide into after this job ends.
Writing will definitely take a hit. I've been so productive these past eight months, but I'm back to squeezing in time, which is harder now than when I worked before, because I'm also getting a business degree through online college courses. I have to squeeze those in before anything else so writing sadly has been pushed aside. *sigh*
Anyway, I'm glad to be working again and earning a paycheck.


On to my David Cook dream.... I dream about that man so much it's frightening. In this dream I was watching TV and there was a little special that came on about him and he and his band were doing a cover of The B-52's song, Love Shack. Crazy, huh? After the end he was talking and some woman yelled out "Bring your sexy ass down here!" which he thought was funny. He actually walked off the stage, asked who said that and then started running toward her. She started running toward him (she was a really big, jiggly, older woman)and you would have thought they'd meet in the middle, but she ran right past him with her hands up in the air and just screaming like crazy. David cracked up and was laughing hysterically and kind of jumping up and down with tears in his eyes. He kept trying to catch her but she was flopping all over like a fish, so excited she was going to get to hug him, yet she was missing the point of actually hugging him.
It was funny. I woke up laughing.

I have weird dreams. I know. At least they make me chuckle.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there. It truly is the greatest job imaginable, and the most rewarding.
It's so strange recalling that there once was a time I wasn't a mother. It feels like I've known my children forever and that raising them is what I was meant to do.

Each of my three children gave me a potted flower they grew at school and little things they made like a refrigerator magnet that said "MOM" and had my youngest's picture in the center of the O. They all made cards decorated by themselves. These are the greatest gifts. It's wonderful getting unique gifts from the heart. I treasure them more than diamonds and gold.

Mr. Man is making my favorite meal today: Fried chicken, pinto beans, corn cakes, macaroni and cheese and fried potatoes.

Gotta love it.

I hope everyone has as wonderful a Mother's Day as I.

God bless!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Legend of the Seeker Canceled? WTF????

Can Twitter save Legend of the Seeker?

Word on the street (or in this case, the internet) is that Legend of the Seeker will not be renewed for a third season due to low ratings.
As an avid fan of this show who knows its mass appeal to fans of fantasy and sci-fi I find this hilarious.
The show gets virtually no publicity and has been tossed around all season from one timeslot to another to make room for baseball on the WGN network, which isn’t exactly popular, yet still rakes in over two million viewers.

The hashtag, #LegendoftheSeeker has made its presence on Twitter today, currently ranking third in trending topics with no sign of disappearing. Fans are uniting to beseech the powers that be for a third show of this incredible show they have failed to properly represent.

In a world where vampires, werewolves, angels and every kind of fantasy creature you can conjure (Supernatural fans will know what I mean) are dominating the entertainment world what sense does it make to not promote a show that has the fantasy element and is as entertaining as this one?

Legend of the Seeker tells the story of Richard, a man who was brought up as a simple woodsman but later finds he is the Seeker, the man who will save his land from the evil among it. Some of the characters on the show include Kahlan Amnell, a confessor. She can tell whether people are lying or telling the truth, and with a touch of her hand she can confess them, making them bend to her will.
Zed is an old wizard of the first order, and Richard’s biological grandfather. He can shoot fire from his hands and perform a variety of spells.
Cara started out as a villainous Mord Sithe, a woman who can use others’ powers against them and serves Darken Rahl, the tyrant who tried to control the world. Now on Richard’s side, she has fast become one of the most popular and complex characters on the show.

Legend of the Seeker airs on Saturdays on the WGN network. Check your local listings for times (and hope they are right) to give this show a try.

Once you do, please consider joining to protest cancellation by joining in on the Twitter trending bandwagon or visit

Monday, April 26, 2010

I Might As Well Quit Writing...

I've been noticing a rise in traffic to my website since my new releases this year. Of course this excited me, imagining how that would translate into sales. I got kind of suspicious when I saw so many of the visitors to the site were from several different countries. What in the world was happening to gain so much attention from foreign countries?

Found it today. Apparently, my foreign readers really love to download illegal copies of my books. I get no compensation from this, by the way.

I wrote an article about it here: but basically, my books are being illegally downloaded by the 1,000s and I am still scraping by on unemployment trying to feed my kids while searching night and day for a job.

Why bother writing if it's just going to be stolen? I might as well resort to something more lucrative to me... like hookering. You can't illegally download that.

In case I haven't said it enough, People Suck Ass.

To my readers who have legally purchased my books (or got them from a library, used book store, and other LEGAL means) I thank you deeply for being decent human beings.

To my readers who choose to just steal what I spend months working on, knowing what they are doing is wrong, and depriving me of the royalties I deserve and would love to have so I can quit worrying about keeping my house... I believe in karma so I'm not going to even say what I wish upon you.

Grow a conscience, people. It's not that hard.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Fastest Book Ever

I just finished writing the first novella in my Cook County, Colorado series. I got the idea for it ten days ago, wrote the first scene... and then just took off from there.

I've always written novellas quicker than novels, the fast pace and short time frame they require always making it easier to stay on track, but this one breaks the record. 10 days from concept to finish. If I can keep this up I won't have any problem getting multiple books out per year.

This story (for now I'm going with the title Second Chance Cowboy)features Chance Masters, an ex-bullrider. As usual when working on a story, a secondary character stood out and caught my eye so book #2 is already being thought out. It will feature Chance's brother, Lucky. Hopefully I'll write it as quickly as I wrote this one and then move along to the next.

I loved writing Guardian Cowboy for the Wayback Texas series and decided to start my own series revolving around a town rich with cowboys. Hopefully TWRP will be as enthusiastic about it as I am. After a 3-release beginning to the year, I'd love to get some new material out before the end of 2010.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

My Book is up for Book of the Week

Blood Curse just received a 5-book (5-star) review from The Long And Short Of It Reviews this week and is now up for Book of teh Week. Can you please check out th ereview and vote for Blood curse?

Please RT & Vote: Blood Curse is ip for Book of the Week:

Thank you!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Oh, The Crazy Dreams I Dream

Maybe it's the stress of looking for a job for 7 months and still not getting anything, or the fear of what will happen when I (very soon, if I don't find work like...NOW!!!)can no longer pay my mortgage, but I am having some doozies when it comes to dreams.

So, I woke up this morning straight off a trip to loonie land A*K*A My Dream World. In this particular dream I was hanging around the staffing agency I recently signed up at. Not bad, huh? I wasn't wearing any pants. Or underwear.
Now, this actually isn't that odd for me. I know we've all heard of the "Going to the office naked" dream. Apparently it is very common to dream about going to your workplace, school, whatever naked.
I don't tend to do this though. In my dreams, it's only from the waist down and I always have on a shirt that's just a weeeeee bit short to cover the essentials.
So what does this dream mean? I'm sure there's some psychological explanation for it. I just hope it's not literal, as in I'm going to have to start dropping my pants soon to pay my mortgage.

So that was crazy dream numero uno.

On to crazy dream part 2. It involves a common guest star who has made many appearances in my dreams since he took the coveted American Idol crown back in season seven. Yes, ladies and gents, it's Mr. David Cook:


sadly, in my dream Mr. Hot Stuff had shaved the middle portion of his hair off. Basically, he was bald from ear to ear, but still had hair in front and back. He had tribal tattoos where his hair should have been. He also had a tribal tattoo on his forehead.
His arms, neck, everywhere you can see skin (normally see skin in public, it wasn't THAT type of dream) was covered in tattoos. Really weird designs or just a bunch of words. He had the name Ashley or Ashlynn all over him. I'm pretty sure it was Ashley, but he wouldn't say who Ashley was. In the very few spots that hadn't yet been inked he had scraps of paper with designs or words on them (some more said Ashley) taped to him like place markers for future tattoos.
I remember being in the dream but I had no interaction with him. I'm not sure, but I think it was at McDonald's or somewhere and I was just looking at him as he walked through laughing when everyone asked him what was up with the new do and the tats.

Before he could reach me the dream changed and I was standing outside the apartment of Craig Horner, who plays Richard on Legend of the Seeker. He came out wearing a T-shirt and shorts and ran past the paparazzi into a waiting car, and I was shocked by how short he was.

That's it. Wonder what I'll dream next.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Love Scenes - To Show Or Not To Show

Lately I've been getting quite a few remarks about the heat level of the love scenes in my books. Either I've shown too much or not nearly enough. Here's the deal: Either direction I go, someone's not going to be satisfied so I go with my gut.

On a personal note, I don't care for love scenes. Never really have. In fact, I skip over them when I'm reading regardless how they're written. I love sexual tension in a novel, and as far as I'm concerned if it's done well enough you don't need the detailed love scene. Make the hero sexy enough and I'd rather see it all in my head anyway. I don't care to see it in print.

However, this is not the case for the majority of romance raeders, it seems. They want it all written out so I must write those scenes. Regardless of writing "what's hot" I will still try to stay true to what I feel when I'm putting my characters' stories into words. If a described love scene fits, I'll put it in and the heat level will come from the overall tone of the story.

If I have a pretty tame heroine who never swears and blushes at the sight of a naked male torso I'm not going to have her pole dancing and wearing leather chaps. It's just not going to happen. Nor am I going to have a couple barely say hi and then they're going at it like bunnies in springtime. I won't write sex just for the sake of writing sex.

Now, with that said, I'll talk briefly about a few of the comments I've been receiving. For those who think Guardian Cowboy is too tame and were upset there was no visual lovescene, I'm glad you thought Presley was sexy and wanted to see he and Amber together. I knew before the book even came out that I'd get remarks about the lack of visual love scene. Well, I strongly felt that given Amber's background a full-on detailed lovescene would detract from the pure love shared between the two. Amber doesn't trust easily, and she'd been abused horrifically. It was very important to me to focus on the ROMANCE between the two, regardless how hot Presley happened to be. I stand by my decision to keep this story "sweet".

For those who think I went too far with the Moonlit books, these books are about werewolves. The steamier love scenes made more sense to me. A person who has wolf in them and feels compelled to mate when the moon is full is going to be more animalistic.

And as for Blood Curse... The hotter heat level just fits. In some Blood Revelation books you won't see a love scene because the story doesn't call for it. In Blood Curse the main "danger" was Rialto and Aria's attraction to each other which became an addiction. The heat level fit so I went with it.

In short, if you like the "sweeter" love scenes that aren't so visual, read The Fire Still Burns and Guardian Cowboy.

If you like the visual and HOT love scenes, go with Blood Curse, and the Moonlit books.

Please understand,I am not upset with anyone who has made remarks about the heat levels of my books. I welcome everyone's opinion. I'm just stating that I will continue to write love scenes the way I feel they should be written, and helping direct people toward the particular stories they may enjoy best.

If ever there's a question as to what heat level a book is or why I chose that level, I encourage my readers to ask away.

Thanks & Happy Reading!


Sunday, March 14, 2010

Thanks For Ripping Me Off

Just found one of my books on a piracy site. You know... If someone wants to get my book at a library or enter to win a free copy during MANY of the contests I do, I have no problem with that, but downloading them off a piracy site? It takes a special kind of vile creature to do that.

Do they not understand that writing is not a hobby? It's work. It can take a year or more for some books to be written. It can be emotionally exhausting. Authors aren't just sitting around in their pajamas eating bon-bons and every once in a while typing out a few lines.

Writing a book is no different than going out to your place of employment five days a week. In fact, I and I'm sure several other authors, have spent entire days writing. It is a J-O-B.

For those who think it's fine to illegally download someone's book I wish you'd work a whole month or three (the average it takes the fastest authors to complete a book)and not get paid for it. See how you feel about it then.

What's that? The site said it's not illegal. Of course they did. They've already proven themselves to be thieves, why not be liars too.

What's that? It's the same as getting a book from the library? Um, no. That book you got at the library was originally PAID for and is one physical copy taht will only exchange hands so many times before falling apart. It's not an endless download taht keeps going and going and going... BIG difference.

What's that? You're helping my sales? How if you're reading my book for free? I don't want to hear that bull about how it's free marketing and please don't start spouting off a comparison to downloading of music and how that has helped artists. Music and books are not the same. You can download a music artist's song and he/she still make money off the concert tickets and other merchandise. Plus, people may be likely to buy a full CD after sampling a few songs, but most people do not reread books. Once it's been downloaded and read for free, that's it. Exactly how is the author (who by the way is trying to pay his or her mortage just like everyone else)benefiting from this?

And to those who think authors are swimming in money, you are so pathetically clueless. The majority of authors getting hurt by these piracy sites are those who are exclusively e-published. Despite all the talk about the Kindle and Oprah's little endorsement, the exclusively e-published do not make very much money. Only an extreme few can do so exclusively and survive. Sales of e-books are nothing compared to the sales of paperbacks published by the big NY publishers. Unfortunately, we're the ones who seem to be robbed the most.

Why should we bother? Why work your tail off to attempt having a career doing something you enjoy when people are just going to rob you blind.

It's really disgusting, and heart-breaking.

Sadly, I often wish e-books and e-readers were never invented, even though that's how the majority of my books have been published. I'm never going to make a living from it when people want to rip off my work. It's sad, too, because there are so many greater shorter length reads that are only released by e-publishers. Guardian Cowboy is one of the best things I've ever written and it would have never been released in print because it's not long enough for print, but seeing it on a piracy site really makes me wonder why I bothered writing it at all.

If not for the fact I've been working toward being a full-time writer my entire life I'd probably say forget it and quit, but I just can't. I wish people would respect what an author goes through to produce a book and pay for it. If you can't afford it, go to the library or enter contests to win books and gift cards.

Would you walk into Barnes & Noble and swipe a book because you want to read it and don't have the money? If you're illegally downloading a book off the internet you're doing the same thing.

OK, rant over. I don't even know if this blog matters. Most people who do this type of thing probably couldn't care less.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Are There No Writers Left In Hollywood?

Seriously. What is up with all the movie remakes? If not movie remakes, then TV shows turned into movies. These things were already done. The movies, most of them at least, can still be purchased on DVD. Why remake them?


Geez, is there no more original thought left in the world? No ideas? Does anyone not notice that the majority of these remakes suck... pretty bad.

I can kind of understand taking a very obscure movie and redoing it but some movies just need to be left alone. It's been done. It was fine. Move along and go write something else. (My exception would be Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Johnny Depp version was a lot better).

It seems like every time I turn on the TV or get on the Internet I'm seeing news of another frigging remake. Barbarella is now in the works.

I think the one that really gets me is Clash of the Titans. That movie was awesome just the way it was. For that time, the special effects were great and the whole look and feel of it is just as awesome today. I can just look at stills and previews of the newer version and know they've taken something very vital away from that movie. I mean, that was Harry Hamlin's role. Anyone else playing the part just seems wrong... and the creatures in the newer version are all that computer animated/digital/whatever the hell it is - crap and it just isn't as good as the effects used in the first one. Not for this movie.

Harry Hamlin in the original with Medusa's head:


The new Medusa:


Hate the new Medusa. She's just missing... something. I don't know how to explain it, but this was definitely one movie that didn't need to be remade. The original is still good entertainment for today.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Got My Author's Copies Today!!!


I can't describe the feeling of holding my very own book in my hands. Not only that, but I signed some copies for winners of a contest. That was AWESOME!

Today was a milestone day. A big one.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Free Book Alert

Passing this on for a friend and fellow SBP author:

Once a month, on a randomly chosen date, all email subscribers to this myblog at will be entered in a drawing to win afree ebook of their choice from Sapphire Blue<> Publishing. It doesn't even haveto be one of my books! The winner will pick their prize from the entirecatalog at Sapphire Blue Publishing. I will draw the winner randomly fromthe full list of email subscribers. Everybody qualifies and all emailsubscribers are eligible EVERY MONTH.Tell your friends. Tell your mom.I am literally giving away the store. Lisa Pietsch<><><>

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Elvis Lovin' Mamas...

When I wrote Guardian Cowboy I thought I was being pretty original. Presley's a cowboy born and raised in the small town of Wayback, Texas. His mother is obsessed with Elvis Presley (as if you couldn't tell by his name). He lives with his mom, in a sense. She has her own little house on his property. His twin brother was still-born. His dad's dead. I wanted him to be the sheriff of Wayback, but another author had already written in a sheriff to the fictional town created by a variety of The Wild Rose Press authors so I settled for making him an ex-bodyguard.

I discovered Linda Warren this past year when I scooped up her free read, Once A Cowboy, off and devoured it. I loved it so much I dropped her a little note about it on her website and wonderful woman she is, she sent me two signed books. Pretty awesome, huh? Loved them too, so I bought Skylar's Outlaw (AWESOME!!!) and The Sheriff of Horseshoe, Texas. I just finished reading the latter.

Wyatt Carson is kind of a cowboy. Wears the boots & stetson.

He's the sheriff, which was the original plan for Presley.

His middle name is Presley.

His mother is obsessed with Elvis.

His older brother died very young.

Born and raised in a small town in Texas.

His dad's dead.

He lives with his mom.

Sound a little familiar? LOL! My eyes about bugged out of my head as soon as the character of his Elvis-crazy mama was introduced and I laughed out loud at his middle name. It goes to show you that when it comes to writing, you can never bet on your idea being original.

I'm actually kinda delighted. I mean, Linda Warren is one hell of a writer and now on my auto-buy list so the fact we thought so similarly is really cool. It makes me feel like I'm doing something right.

Oh, there's plenty of differences. Totally different stories and the heroines couldn't be more different, but it's just similar enough to be funny.

So... if you like cowboys with Elvis-crazy mamas please check out Linda Warren's The Sheriff of Horseshoe, Texas and my very own Guardian Cowboy.

Let me know what you think.

Monday, March 1, 2010

And the winna is......

MEANDI'S CORNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congrats. Take your pick of any 3 of my published books and they're yours.

Oh, and for those of you looking for Blood Curse.... Well, it was supposed to be out but it isn't. It will be very soon. Everything's done. It just hasn't been put up for sale as of right this moment but soon it will be!!!! It's just got to be uploaded to the printer (I think that's what the editor said. I'm gonna have to check in with her again and see what's going on).

Once that's done my author copies will be on their way & I'll get that signed copy out to Saturn Moonie (and Meandi's Corner, if it's one of the ones you want).

Well, not much to this post. I just want to thank everyone who participated in the contest. I managed to blog daily though somedays I really didn't know what to blog about. I hope I didn't bore anyone ( - ;

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Blood Revelation, Book One: Blood Curse

Three sets of immortal mates...One warrior born to save the world from Satan's wrath.
Vampires. Witches. Shifters. All will band together to stop the darkness from winning. Fury ignites, love blooms, and relationships are put to the test, all with a passion thatproves hotter than the flames of hell. The battle to save the world doesn't get any sexier.

When Aria Michaels sets out to find the vampire who took her mother’s life, she’s stunned when she finds Rialto Renaldi, the vampire who has been haunting her dreams, instead. She hadn’t believed he was real, and she knows she should run from Rialto as fast as she can. But who better to help her find her mother’s killer?

Rialto is reluctant to help the mortal woman who has invaded his dreams, even though he’s curious about who she is and why she has this strange connection to him. He isn’t, however, about to satisfy his curiosity. The last time he became involved with a mortal, he ended up destroying her. But he knows that if Aria searches for the killer on her own, she’ll join her mother in death.

Finally, Rialto agrees to help Aria, but the pair soon learns that fate brought them together for a much larger purpose, and fate has every intention of destroying them if they don't fulfill their roles in the Blood Revelation Prophecy . . .


She thinks I’m a repulsive monster? I’ll show her a repulsive
monster, Rialto thought, as he ducked under a rickety set of
fire escape stairs, positioning Aria with him among the shadows
so they could see the alley without being seen themselves.
“What are we doing here?”
“Hunting,” he answered irritably, and again asked himself
why. He wasn’t in dire need of blood. He could go another
night or two if need be, but here he was, hiding among the
shadows with the woman he’d dreamed about for over two
decades yet was still a stranger. So why hunt at all tonight?
Because you saw the desire in her eyes, he reminded
himself. She’d tried to chase it away, but not before he’d seen
the heat of it blazing in those eyes of pure green. It was the
same look he saw in her eyes when he dreamed of her, right
before she scratched her own throat to offer him her blood.
He would not allow the dream to become real.
She tensed before him, and he realized he was squeezing
her wrist too tight. He released his grip and brought his other
arm around her waist, holding her so that her back was firmly
pressed against his chest. She let out a soft, barely audible
whimper, reminding him of a kitten trapped by a pit bull, and
her fear spiked another degree. He could sense it rolling off of
her in fervent waves as blood pumped harder through her veins,
calling to him like a siren’s song. He dipped his head, smelling
the skin of her neck peeking out from the collar of her jacket.
Coconut and leather fused together, combining with the fragrant
aroma of blood and fear, begging him to taste the droplets of
sweat glistening along her collarbone.
“Try it and die,” Aria warned, and he felt the unmistakable
point of a sharpened stake pushing against his throat.


I'll announce the winner of the signed copy of Blood Curse in the comments once I've drawn. Once I get my author copies I'll sign one and it'll be on its way to the winner ( - ;

If you leave a comment today, don't forget to include #CRLwin in your comment so you can gain more entries for the grand prize giveaway. Tomorrow I'll draw a winner to win any 3 of my published books. All will be signed (the e-books will be on signed CD)

Saturday, February 27, 2010

My Favorite Vampire Book

With the upcoming release of my first book featuring vampires, I thought we'd discuss favorite vampire books. Mine just happens to be the first vampire romance I ever read. Twilight Hunger, by Maggie Shayne.
Dante was the ultimate vampire hero. He had the whole attitude going on. Dark, mysterious, somewhat tortured. He acted like a man who'd lived way too damn long. He was one tough SOB, too.
If I'm being honest, the heroine of the book was a little too weak for my liking, but she had a medical condition and was dying so hullo... she was allowed to be a little weak.
I loved their story, and how they instantly fell for each other.
I see a little of Dante in Rialto, the hero of Blood Curse. The long dark hair, the protectiveness. Dante was turned by his aunt. Rialto was turned by his mother. They both have that still-clinging-to-the-old-world feel about them.
*sigh* Maggie Shayne writes some kick-ass vampires.
I'm honestly surprised Shayne isn't more known than she is. The Wings In The Night series (I call it the Twilight series because the majority of the titles have Twilight in the name...and before anyone says anything she was writing these gems looooooooooong before Edward and Bella came out) has done really well. She's a best-selling author. Yet, when I mention her books I always get a "never heard of her." Maybe I'm just not hanging around the right people...
Anyway. Twilight Hunger is my favorite vampire book of all time, and the book that started my love of the genre. What's yours?
Remember to include #CRLwin in your comments. I'll be announcing a winner of Blood Curse on the 28th (I think I said 27th in an earlier post. That was incorrect. Sorry).
Come back on 3/1 to see who wins the grand prize of any 3 of my books. All comments featuring #CRLwin in them are automatically entered. get some more in while time allows!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Meet the Dream Teller

With the Blood Revelation series soon kicking off with the release of Blood Curse, I thought I'd introduce you to whom is probably the most major minor character in the series.


In the realm of dreams, an old wise witch roams, watching over the chosen. She sees them through sightless eyes, knows what they will do before they do it, and puts them back on the right path when they veer away.


Hello, Dream Teller. Is that what you go by or is there another name you use?

Dream Teller is fine.

OK. Thank you for joining us today. I should explain to our guests that I've actually joined you today, as you never leave this realm. It's pretty cold here.

The dream realm has been known to amplify one's fears, chilling them. It is a normal reaction.

Did Rialto and Aria have this reaction?

Yes. Aria, especially.

Why did you bring them here?

I had an important message. From time to time I must bring very special people here to deliver urgent messages or guide them on their way.

Of all the people you've brought here, who did you like the most? And the least?

All I have brought here have been chosen for a greater purpose. They are all special in some way and I enjoy them all. Seta, though, amuses me the most. Jacob can be the most... trying, but I am very fond of him.

I've certainly heard Jake described as trying before, but I don't think many people would use the word amusing to describe Seta.

No one else would be brave enough. Seta is very fiery, but we understand each other, I suspect.

Hmmm. I drew a picture of you for our guests. What do you think ab... Oh. I mean...

It's all right, dear. I may be blind, but I see far more than most. I'm sure your picture is bea... well, I'm sure it represents my appearance well.

How old are you, if I may ask? I've heard you've been around quite a long time.

Many, many centuries.

You've always lived in this realm?

Not always, but... It feels like it.

I thought witches weren't immortal unless they're part vampire. Are you a hybrid?


So how have you lived for so long? Does it have something to do with this realm?

I'm very special, as are the chosen. I believe we were to discuss them today.

Oh yeah. Right. So you've seen the actual Blood Revelation prophesy in its entirety and know it well? You're not just going off the stories passed down through generations?

The prophesy is carefully protected in this realm. I know exactly who the chosen are and what their duty is.

Can you share this with us?

The Blood Revelation prophesy states that three sets of chosen immortals will mate, creating powerful soldiers, one of which will save the human race from Satan's wrath.

So... Is that one child to each pair of chosen immortals? How will they know which one is the one who'll save us?

They'll know. They'll know before the child is even born.

So why do more have to be born? Why not just the special child who's going to save us?

You'll see. There is a reason to everything.

Will the child be a boy or a girl?

For the protection of the child, I'd better not say.

The special child will be hunted, correct?

All of the chosen will be hunted. The parents and the children will never be able to quit looking over their shoulders until the prophesy is fulfilled.

Why were immortals chosen? Why vampires? Aren't they suppsoed to be born of evil?

Some are. Some aren't. Just as with humans, there are bad and good in all lifeforms. Oh, believe me, there are some very evil vampires, some of which the chosen will have to go against, but there are others even more evil than them. And there are some good vampires, braver and more caring than any human you have ever met. You must judge by the heart, never by the genetic makeup. The immortals chosen for this prophesy were chosen because of what lies in their hearts. They are strong fighters, yes, but more than that. They will die for what is right.

That sounds ominous. Will they have to die to complete this prophesy?

Some will, and some won't, but death is not what you think it is. It is not what you fear.

Oooh-kay. I'll take your word for it. Is tehre anything else you can tell the readers?

Just to open their minds and enjoy the story, safely assured the Blood Revelation prophesy will be fulfilled, even if I have to prod some stubborn immortals in the right direction from time to time.

Ok, then. Thank you, Dream Teller, for uh, having me over. Now please beam me back down. I'm freezing my ta ta's off and I didn't have much to begin with.


The Blood REvelation, Book One: Blood Curse (Rialto and Aria's story) will be released soon and I'll be drawing a winner on the 27th to receive a signed copy. To enter, just continue leaving comments on my blog and don't forget to use #CRLwin in your comment to be entered!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Greatest TV Shows

Just thought I'd share some of my fave shows with you today. Who else is a fan?

Supernatural funny scenes:


Burn Notice:

Legend of the Seeker:

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Release Day - GUARDIAN COWBOY is now available!!!!

It's out! It's out! You can now get your copy of Guardian Cowboy!

Oh, and of course some lucky winner is going to get one for free today. I'll announce in the comments after I choose the winner. In the meantime, here's the salespitch ( - ; :

Guardian Cowboy

After a failed bodyguarding assignment, the last thing Presley West wants is to save a damsel in distress, but the spunky woman he finds standing on the side of the interstate in the pouring rain brings out his protective instincts.
Amber Barlow ran from the clutches of a demon, and into the arms of an angel. But the closer she gets to her guardian cowboy, the more her fear grows, because a southern gentleman like Presley could never want a woman with a past as soiled as hers.


Amber walked forward until she could see the gun. The cowboy hadn’t set it on the hood like she’d thought, but had placed it under a windshield wiper to keep it from sliding off under the onslaught of rain. Staring at the weapon, she felt stupid holding the rock and let it fall to the ground. There were four miles between her and the next town, and she had no working vehicle. No shelter. No food. No water. Her clothes were soaked through, and her only protection from the elements was a Stetson. “What do I do?”
As if answering, lightning streaked across the sky followed by a deep roll of thunder, then rain came crashing down harder. Amber grabbed the gun, double-checked it was in firing condition, and trudged toward the passenger side of the truck.
She jerked the door open and aimed the gun at the cowboy, who looked at her with raised eyebrows. “I will shoot you, cowboy.”
He nodded his head, still looking at her sideways. “Fine, but can you get in and close the door first before you let all the rain in?”
Amber let out a huff of breath, irritation from his lack of fear easing back a little of her own. She could feel the warmth coming from the vents in the dashboard and craved more. She swung inside the truck and closed the door, keeping the gun steadily pointed on the large man next to her. “I mean it, cowboy. One wrong move and there goes a testicle.”

The Fangs, Claws, and Stetsons contest is still in full effect. The next drawing will be on 2/27 for a signed print copy of Blood Revelation, Book One: Blood Curse so don't get upset if you don't win the Guardian Cowboy drawing ( - ; Keep leaving those #CRLwin comments!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Guardian Angels

Since today's the last day for entries for the Guardian Cowboy giveaway (It's coming out tomorrow!!!!!! SQUEEEEEEEEAAAALLLLL! Ok, excitement has been purged.) I thought I'd make this post about guardian angels.

I recently (I think it was recently. The way my days and weeks and months run together it coulda been last Juvember...) commented on another blog where guardian angels were the topic and was amazed by all the stories of guardian angels.

In a way I think I've had one. When I was very young, somewhere between 4 and 6, I was sitting on the swingset at my memmaw's when my aunt lost control of her car and came straight at me. I was paralyzed with fear and just sat there watching the car barreling down on me. I could see my aunt's face and she was stunned & terrified too. My oldest brother jumped in the car (right on her lap) and stomped on the break, but not in time. They hit the swingset and it was a mangled mess.

I wasn't in it. Something moved me to the tree in the middle of the yard and dropped me. My legs moved, but I wasn't running. It was the weirdest thing.

I also remember during second or third grade, we stood outside to wait for the schoolbusses at the end of the day and I was a little bitty thing. These two big boys came up and started picking on me. My brother wasn't anywhere near to see so I was on my own and basicly defenseless. Some other big kid walked over and told them to leave me alone. They took one look at the kid and scrammed. I turned to thank the kid and there was no one there. I looked all over. There was absolutely nowhere that kid could have escaped to that fast and I never saw him again.

Things have happened in my life that made me wonder if I had a guardian angel. I remember the day my daddy died, earlier in the day I'd looked up and saw the bright white outline of what had to be a kid standing in the hall looking in the window to his hospital room. I wondered who it could have been, and later on my mother and brother went to a psychic who told my brother our sister was watching over us. My mom had never told him about the child she lost between him and me (miscarriage). There was no way the psychic could have known this, but he did. It really makes you wonder, doesn't it?

Last day for entries for the Guardian Cowboy giveaway. Remember to leave #CRLwin in your comments to enter! (And if you don't win this time, don't worry. I'll be giving away a copy of Blood Curse next.)
Winner of Guardian Cowboy announced tomorrow!

Monday, February 22, 2010


Late with today's post/ sorry. I guess it goes with today's theme anyway. I'm talking about goals. Namely. my goals. I've been slacking off. Blame it on depression. Blame it on being unemployed and stressed to the max, but whatever you call it, it's still just laziness. I can't keep being sluggish all the time, staying up all night & sleeping all day. Sure, I say "I can get a 3rd shift job and everything'll be great" but it's been 6 months and I have had no job offers. I'll take what I get and chances are it's gonna be a day job so.....

No more naps. I don't care how bad my eyes burn , I am not napping. I will do frigging jumping jacks to wake myself up.

No more scarfing Zingers. I used to eat whole large pizzas for dinner and follow up with a ten-pack of Taco Bell soft tacos for lunch and it never went anywhere. Since I hit 30 last year, this stuff has been sticking to my thighs. Not good. So no more high-sugar low-anything good junk food fests.

I will start eating breakfast instead of going all day without anything then shoveling in a huge dinner and finding myself hungry at 10p.m. and raiding the kitchen for fast junk like Zingers, pie, ice cream, and Little Debbies.

No more late night runs to McDonalds or Burger King.

No more 4 cans of Cherry Coke a day. It's just not good for me. 2 cans, tops.

I will write every single day, no matter what.

I will learn to say no when people ask me to do things I know I don't have time for (like the cake I'm making today).

No more sulking and procrastinating. It's feeding my laziness.

No More Laziness. Seriously, I'm too young to feel this old. Time to start walking at the zoo on good weather days. Exercising at home on bad days. Gotta get UP.

Set a daily plan and stick to it. Yup. I'm gonna have a plan for every single day, a list of daily tasks that I must complete. Or no Cheesecake Factory. Ever again. ) - :

So those are my goals to get my butt in gear. What's yours?


Remember to leave #CRLwin in your comment to be entered to win a copy of Guardian Cowboy that I'll be giving away 2/24 ( - ;

Sunday, February 21, 2010

My Latest Creations

Today I thought I'd share some of my latest creations with you, because in case you didn't know, writing isn't my only talent. Neither is chocolate Zinger Inhalation (I believe I hold the record for that). I also make some cute cakes. Here's some of my latest works of art:





Saturday, February 20, 2010

Getting To Know Wayback, Texas

Since my contribution to the Wayback series will be released this coming Wednesday (whoo hoo!!!!!!) I thought I'd introduce y'all to Wayback, Texas by giving you a little peek at some of the great stories in the series. For even more follow this link:

Here's just a few, some with covers (I'd provide covers for all but I'm doing this at 1:00 a.m. and I'm so tired my eyes are burning so I'm trying to do this quickly), to whet your appetite. I love the entire series, but Blackest Heart, and the anthology, Finding Their Way Back, are probably my favorites. They're all worth reading so check 'em out and then go grab 'em ( - ;
The Wayback bachelor is a dying breed, but that doesn't stop Casey Ridge from wanting to settle down. For this cowboy anyone but Josie Brusky would be an easy wrangle. Unfortunately for him, the Blue Bug singer and owner of Josie's Treasures doesn't believe in commitment much less marriage.
Years ago, Josie lost her heart to Casey's charm and dimpled smile. Since then she has done everything she knows to forget him. After all, she’s known as the local harlot and the daughter of the town’s biggest bigot. Casey could have any girl he wanted. Why would he saddle himself with her? In the wake of a shattering past, she refuses to give up her independence.
Casey digs down deep to win her over, but does he have what it takes to win Wayback's bluest heart?
Marla Ellington inherits an abandoned town on ranchland near Wayback, Texas. When she arrives to claim her property, and finds Cody Matheson sitting on the porch of the dilapidated honky-tonk, her temper flares hotter than her pistol. Anger blazing, she settles in for a showdown.
Cody’s only goal for the week is to win the bull-riding event at the Saturday night rodeo. But when Marla receives an anonymous threat that forces her to leave town, Cody finds himself smack-dab in the middle of a mystery. ’Course, catching a criminal and lasting eight seconds on a bull are easy compared to winning the love of the feisty, strawberry-blonde beauty who wants nothing to do with him. Now it's his turn for a showdown.

America's Sweetheart, Stella Ridge has been away from Wayback for fifteen years paving her way to the top of the acting business. When a car accident leaves her physically and emotionally scarred, the only place she wants to go is home to Texas and her family's ranch.
The changes that have taken place since her departure are enough to rock her world again. She uncovers a buried tragedy, struggles with the penetrating stares and questions from townsfolk, and comes up against an intriguing and unexpected spark with the silent cowboy and champion bull rider, Judd Black. Their wounded souls draw them together and Stella begins to realize that only in him can she find the solace she sought by leaving the bright lights of Hollywood.

Saddle bronc rider Clay Tanner is looking for a good time and the tempting little blonde who’s working the beer concession at the rodeo looks like she could use one—except she turns him down. Feeling like he’s been bucked off his bronc before the eight second buzzer, Clay’s betting he can score if she’ll give him a re-ride. But qualifying may call for more than he’s prepared to give.
Dusty Morgan’s nonplussed when hard-bodied cowboy Clay Tanner hits on her. She doesn’t exactly have the kind of figure that attracts Texas cowboys. Besides, even though Clay’s deep timbred voice sends tingles clear to her toes, he’s an undependable rough stock rider and a player to boot. Though he may be what she desires, Dusty knows from experience he isn’t what she needs—or is he?

Hawk Riley’s life was in a downward spiral until his truck fell on him and he met Maggie Devereaux. And Maggie had problems. Lots of them. A stranger was out to destroy her. She was on the verge of losing her famous cutting horse ranch, Mercy Creek. And she needed help to prepare for the Wayback Grand Rodeo, her make-it-or-break-it moment. Pursued by a red tailed hawk and haunted by a persistent nightmare, could Hawk help Maggie save Mercy Creek and in doing so save himself?
Her friends call her the Intimidator. All the fellas in Wayback, Texas are overwhelmed by her outrageous curves and sassy personality. But sexy as sin cowboy Nash Logan isn’t afraid of anything. Eight seconds on a crazy-mad bull? No problem. Taming a bucking bronco? A snap. When Gina Ballew saunters up to him one night at the Blue Bug Saloon, he knows its going to take an easy hand to tame this sweet Texas lady. It’s going to be a Hot Night at the Blue Bug Saloon.
When Elizabeth O'Leary meets up with the cowboy she's been avoiding for over two years, she doesn't know whether to trust her heart or her head. One tells her Grey Wulfsen just might be The One, the other tells her it doesn’t matter because he'll never forgive her when he finds out what she took away with her on that one starlit night.
Free Wulfsen learned early on that rodeo relationships never last. After one wild weekend, the barrel racer finds herself married to bull rider Zane Malone. She’s all set to ask him for a divorce when she takes a fall—and finds out she’ll have more to remember him by than a ring. Now it’s up to Zane to convince her that love can last after the rodeo’s over.
Bull rider Dusty Wulfsen has been thrown to the ground by more bulls than he can remember, yet nothing caused as much pain as losing Carrie Montgomery. When she shows up in Wayback determined to have a second ride at his heart, he knows he'd be a fool to let her near him. But memories of those nights under a rodeo moon have him coming back for more.

***********************************************************************Don't forget to leave comments with #CRLwin at the end to enter to win a copy of the newest Wayback story, my very own new release, Guardian Cowboy. I'll draw a winner on 2/24 so get those entries in!

Friday, February 19, 2010

What's So Hot About Cowboys?

Hey, peoples. With the approach of Guardian Cowboy I'm trying to be more cowboy-centric with my posts ( I know. So hard to do, right?) so I thought we'd discuss cowboys today. Particularly, what makes them so hot. (The photo I chose to use is the cover of Linda Warren's Once A Cowboy. Great book. Highly recommend.)

It's gotta be more than the Stetsons, tight jeans, and boots, right? I mean, not just anyone can wear them and still earn the title of "cowboy." Trust me, I know. I've been to therodeo. Some guys really do bring shame to the Stetson... But anyway, I'm rambling off.

So... What makes cowboys so hot? Hell-o. They ride bulls and broncs. What's not hot about a man brave enough to get up on the back of such wild animals and ride them for eight seconds? I'd pee myself just being in the arena with a bull. They crack ribs, bruise just about everything that can be bruised, break all sorts of bones, and get better just to do it again. Some would argue that's evidence of stupidity but I consider it rather gutsy.

As for the cowboys in romance novels (a particular favorite genre of mine), they are perfection. Hard-working, well-built thanks to the hard work on their ranches, a little rough (hullo. They're cowboys) but as gentlemanly as they come when it comes right down to it because their mamas taught them good.

Yup. The clothes do not make the cowboy. They're just bonuses. Cowboys are born and bred, raised on the ranch and brought up with the right values. At least the ones in books.

What do you think it is about cowboys that make them so hot in the romance genre?


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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

'Mater Chops

Y'all know I love to stuff my face so I thought we'd exchange recipes today. I'm really not much of a cook. People always look surprised when I say that because I bake the best cake in the world (and that's just the truth. If it sounds conceited, whateva. People who hate cake ask for seconds and thirds of mine. I'd call that scientific proof of my awesomeness, but anyways....) but I'm just not that great at cooking food-food.

However, I've been making these pork chops, which I call " 'Mater Chops" 'cause I'm all hickified like that for a while now and they're pretty darn good. Give 'em a try:


'Mater Chops

6-8 Pork Chops (bone-in or boneless, whatever you want)
2 TBS vegetable oil
1 can cream of (onion, mushroom, chicken, whatever you like) soup
2 TBS Worcestershire sauce
1 TSP garlic powder
1 TSP salt
2 TBS flour
1/2 cup water
2 medium tomatoes, cut into wedges
1/2 green pepper. diced (optional)
You can also feel free to season your chops up with some meat tenderizer, chicken seasoning, oregano, basil, and pepper.

In skillet, brown the chops in the oil and transfer to 13x9 inch baking dish.

Combine flour, soup, sauce, powder, water & salt (and any other seasoning you like) in the same skillet which should still have a little oil in it. Stir it until it's gravy.

Pour gravy over chops in the dish, Add tomatoes and optional green pepper. Sprinkle with pepper, and any other spices (I use every one I've mentioned) you like.

Cover pan with aluminum foil and bake for 1 hour at 350 degrees.


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Book Trailers with The Sims 2

My brother is finally bringing over my computer taht he's had (fixing it) for ever now and FINALLY I can play Sims 2 again. This excites me very much as I'm kind of a Sims addict. In celebration of this occasion, I thought I'd share the book trailers I made for Moonlit Dream and The Fire Still Burns using The Sims 2 :

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Meet Miranda West

Hello, everyone. Today we're chatting with Miranda West, the mother of Presley West, the hero of Guardian Cowboy.

Me: Hi, Miranda. Thanks again for joining us today.

Miranda: No problem, sweetie-pie. I just finished watching the Elvis marathon on tv and there wasn't much else I had going on today.

Me: You really like Elvis, don't you?

Miranda: What's not to like?

Me: Well, I know a lot of people like Elvis Presley, but you even named your son after him.

Miranda: Nothing wrong with that. Elvis Presley was a fine role model.

Me: I guess he was. There's a rumor you've had six hound dogs named Elvis?

Miranda: That's just a rumor. I've only had four.

Me: Oh. Glad you cleared that up. So tell us about Presley. I hear he's a talented man.

Miranda: Sure is. Smart, tough as nails, and has a heart of gold just like his daddy, may he rest in peace. Presley used to be in the military and was offered a job in the secret service but turned it down to work as a bodyguard.

Me: Wow. An offer from the secret service is pretty special. I heard he was pretty good in the rodeo arena too?

Miranda: Best bareback bronc-buster you'll ever know. It's a dangerous sport, though, so he doesn't participate very often. He runs a retirement home for horses now. That's my Presley, always watching out for those who can't watch out for themselves.

Me: Speaking of that, I hear he's been watching out for a very special young lady...

Miranda: Who, Amber? Ain't she a cutie? Such a good girl, though she doesn't seem to know it, the poor thing.

Me: What exactly is she needing protection from?

Miranda: Well, now... I can't say. Presley wouldn't like for me to spill the beans about that. She's under his protection and I don't want the wrong people to know anything.

Me: I gotcha. So, do you like Amber?

Miranda: Love her to pieces.

Me: Do you think anything will come of her and Presley?

Miranda: Provided he yanks his head out of his butt, I sure do. In fact, I've already got baby names picked out. What do you think of Aaron and Garon?

Me: Aaron and... Aren't those the middle names of Elvis and his stillborn brother?

Miranda: Sure are. Oh goodness, speaking of my man, you would not believe the dream I had of him last night. I was in this humongous bathtub just filled with fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches and in walks Elvis in this tiny little gold lamé towel. It looked more like a handkerchief, really, and as he stepped closer to the tub it got smaller and smaller, and...

Me: Um, okay, Miranda. I think I know where this is going. Actually, I heard Charro is coming on in a few so I'll let you go.

Miranda: Charro? Ooh, I love Elvis with a beard. Gotta go!

So... That was Presley's cooky mama. She's always fun. What do you think of her?


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Monday, February 15, 2010

Funniest Commercials

Mondays are always so stressful so today I thought I'd skip the promo and just share some chuckles with you. These are some of my favorite commercials:

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Best & Worst Valentine's Day Gifts

Happy Valentine's Day! Thought I'd share my worst & best V-day memories with you.

I was one of those late bloomers. I spent the majority of my school-year Valentines Days sulking while watching all the girls around me get candy, flowers and gifts. In fact, only once during my entire 13 years of school did I have a boyfriend on Valentine's Day. That was my junior year. I was so excited. Finally, I wouldn't be the pathetic girl watching everyone else enjoy the holiday. I'd been going out with this guy about a week or two, but he'd been my friend for over a year. We should have known each otehr pretty well enough to pick th eperfect presents for one another, but I still dropped hints. Hey, it was the first time I'd get a present. It had to be good. He kept telling me about these rings at the jewelry store that he was going to get me (sterling silver, which I loved. Nothing expensive. We were just kids). I was so excited. I was going to get a ring. ( -; Maybe even more than one ( - ; He knew my tastes in jewelry. Knew I loved silver and onyx. Knew that I hated stud earrings. I wore big hoops or long, dangly earrings. He KNEW this. I was so psyched for Valentine's Day. I got him a flannel shirt at the Gap. (Hey, this was in the height of the grunge fad and it was a $50 shirt, a big deal for a 16-yr old). I couldn't wait to exchange gifts. Well.... I overslept. Didn't get to school until 2nd or 3rd period, the class we had together. I found a single rose in my locker. Yay! Went to our class. As soon as it ended, we left school (I was a bit of a class-skipper back then) to hang out at his house. I never got any chocolate ) - : which he knew I loved. I gave him the shirt which he LOVED. He gave me my gift. Sapphire STUD earrings. I tried my best to plaster a smile on my face. Then he insisted I wear them. I put them in for him despite loathing the things. He'd told me he was getting me a ring, a ring that I'd seen & knew cost the same as the earrings. But he'd given me the earrings because HE liked them. Ok. Fine. Whatever. I got V-Day presents and spent th eday with my boyfriend. I wasn't a miserable loser. But then he came to school th enext day wearing the shirt I got him. And the next day. And the next day. And the next day. By this time he kind of smelled, too and I just couldn't handle it. I'd suggested at Day #2 taht he take the shirt off, but nooooo. For some reason he'd decided he needed to be filthy. We broke up. WORST VALENTINE"S GIFT EVER. Worst V-day week, actually.

The 2nd time I had a boyfriend on V-Day I didn't get squat. Needless to say, that sucked. I'd gotten him a gift but never gave it to him. He obviously didn't deserve it.

Now for the good memories...

My 1st Valentine's Day with Mr. Man. He got me a stuffed teddybear and a big box of chocolates. Perfect gift for a first Valentine's Day together. See. I'm not demanding. I don't require expensive gifts, just thoughtful ones.

But... the best Valentine's Day gift... was this year's. MR. MAN BOUGHT ME A CAR!!!!!!!
Yeah, top that ( - ; LOL! It's not a brand new car. I've never owned a brand new car in my life & doubt I ever will. Way too expensive. But it's a nice car. A 2006 Malibu, and it runs great (my other car was falling apart). Surprised the heck out of me. I knew I needed one and he'd mentioned helping me get one when we got our tax refunds back but instead he went ahead and spent his tax refund on it and declared it my V-day gift. Yup. Greatest gift ever ( - ;

Hey, while you're celebrating the holiday don't forget to comment and include #CRLwin to enter to win a copy of Guardian Cowboy!