Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Blood Revelation, Book #4 is DONE!!!

Oh my goodness... These Blood Revelation books always exhaust me. I LOVE them, but by the time I reach the last few chapters I'm sooooo ready to be done with the writing process. All the action and emotion is so overwhelming.

I just finished Book #4 and I can not wait to share the story with everyone. I loved Book #1, Book #2 will FOREVER remain an all-time favorite, Book #3 was great but ... Book #4 grabbed me by the guts and dragged me through emotional hell like the first two did, reminding me why I LOVE this series so much.

The writing of this book went a little differently, as well. I know I've said before that when I write the characters take over. That's true, but to some extent I'm still there orchestrating. With this book, the characters just hi-jacked the whole thing and there were things that happened that I didn't even know about until they happened! It was insane.

Anyway. it's done. After working diligently to meet deadline (and I came in well ahead of my 2/1 deadline, thank you very much) I can now READ A BOOK FOR MY OWN ENJOYMENT! Oh, I have a To Be Read pile calling to me, believe me. I am diving in there tomorrow. I think I'm going to take a breather from vampires and read about some cowboys...

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