Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Repeat of the Same Cover Couple Offenders

So... We all recall the cover of my very first e-book which featured "Adam & Brynn" on the cover:

The Fire Still Burns- Crystal-Rain Love

And then came Anne Kane's book where "Adam & Brynn" made an appearance:


Look what I found now:


Apparently "Adam & Brynn" have gotten a little bored & decided to add another guy to spice up their sex life?

It's so sad it's funny how these same cover models are used over & over on e-books. There's one model that is used as the hero on so many e-books I've decided to name him. I call him Stud Brockman. I think I'm going to start collecting the covers I see him on and post them all together on here. I bet I can get at least twenty...

Anyhow, if you see "Adam & Brynn"" anywhere else let me know! I'm curious just how often tehy get around. Just think of all the covers they graced BEFORE mine. ( - ;


Anne Kane said...

LOL!My,my, they certainly do get around, don't they. I certainly hope they are having as much fun as we are watching them.

Crystal-Rain Love said...

The really funny/sad thing is these are all available at allromanceebooks.com. That's at least 3 books with the same cover couple available at the same site. And I know mine is available at Mobipocket, Amazon, and MBAM as well. *sigh*

Anne Kane said...

You know, my first books all had artist renderings for covers, and then the Stargazer series I asked for photo covers because they looked more "real". I've since gone back to preferring the artistic covers, because at least they're original.

I saw a site the other day advertising romance cover photo's, and they all featured the same guy. Different women, but the same man.

Crystal-Rain Love said...

Hmmm. I wonder if it was Stud Brockman ( - ; I just found him on another cover yesterday. I'm collecting the covers now and once I get 20 I'm posting them all.