Sunday, February 14, 2010

Best & Worst Valentine's Day Gifts

Happy Valentine's Day! Thought I'd share my worst & best V-day memories with you.

I was one of those late bloomers. I spent the majority of my school-year Valentines Days sulking while watching all the girls around me get candy, flowers and gifts. In fact, only once during my entire 13 years of school did I have a boyfriend on Valentine's Day. That was my junior year. I was so excited. Finally, I wouldn't be the pathetic girl watching everyone else enjoy the holiday. I'd been going out with this guy about a week or two, but he'd been my friend for over a year. We should have known each otehr pretty well enough to pick th eperfect presents for one another, but I still dropped hints. Hey, it was the first time I'd get a present. It had to be good. He kept telling me about these rings at the jewelry store that he was going to get me (sterling silver, which I loved. Nothing expensive. We were just kids). I was so excited. I was going to get a ring. ( -; Maybe even more than one ( - ; He knew my tastes in jewelry. Knew I loved silver and onyx. Knew that I hated stud earrings. I wore big hoops or long, dangly earrings. He KNEW this. I was so psyched for Valentine's Day. I got him a flannel shirt at the Gap. (Hey, this was in the height of the grunge fad and it was a $50 shirt, a big deal for a 16-yr old). I couldn't wait to exchange gifts. Well.... I overslept. Didn't get to school until 2nd or 3rd period, the class we had together. I found a single rose in my locker. Yay! Went to our class. As soon as it ended, we left school (I was a bit of a class-skipper back then) to hang out at his house. I never got any chocolate ) - : which he knew I loved. I gave him the shirt which he LOVED. He gave me my gift. Sapphire STUD earrings. I tried my best to plaster a smile on my face. Then he insisted I wear them. I put them in for him despite loathing the things. He'd told me he was getting me a ring, a ring that I'd seen & knew cost the same as the earrings. But he'd given me the earrings because HE liked them. Ok. Fine. Whatever. I got V-Day presents and spent th eday with my boyfriend. I wasn't a miserable loser. But then he came to school th enext day wearing the shirt I got him. And the next day. And the next day. And the next day. By this time he kind of smelled, too and I just couldn't handle it. I'd suggested at Day #2 taht he take the shirt off, but nooooo. For some reason he'd decided he needed to be filthy. We broke up. WORST VALENTINE"S GIFT EVER. Worst V-day week, actually.

The 2nd time I had a boyfriend on V-Day I didn't get squat. Needless to say, that sucked. I'd gotten him a gift but never gave it to him. He obviously didn't deserve it.

Now for the good memories...

My 1st Valentine's Day with Mr. Man. He got me a stuffed teddybear and a big box of chocolates. Perfect gift for a first Valentine's Day together. See. I'm not demanding. I don't require expensive gifts, just thoughtful ones.

But... the best Valentine's Day gift... was this year's. MR. MAN BOUGHT ME A CAR!!!!!!!
Yeah, top that ( - ; LOL! It's not a brand new car. I've never owned a brand new car in my life & doubt I ever will. Way too expensive. But it's a nice car. A 2006 Malibu, and it runs great (my other car was falling apart). Surprised the heck out of me. I knew I needed one and he'd mentioned helping me get one when we got our tax refunds back but instead he went ahead and spent his tax refund on it and declared it my V-day gift. Yup. Greatest gift ever ( - ;

Hey, while you're celebrating the holiday don't forget to comment and include #CRLwin to enter to win a copy of Guardian Cowboy!


SaturnMoonie said...

WOOOOW a car! That's muy muy awesome. WTG! :D

I am one of those pathetic losers you mentioned. I've NEVER had a valentine. EVER. I don't sulk so much anymore, I've gotten used to being alone. As long as no one rubs it in face, I'm cool.

Hey, I've got my cat.

Those that sound like the makings of a cat lady? Well, I adore cats, I think I'd make a pretty cool cat lady.

You know what would be a good valentines gift? If I won your second book. *hint hint* :P



Crystal-Rain Love said...

Aw, Moonie, you're not a loser. It's just a day, and as you can tell from my post having a man on V-day doesn't always equal good things. ( - ; You know what would make MY V-day better? Pics/vids of Sim-me and Sim-DC ( - : and some PROGRESS!!!!! LOL! If it doesn't snow too bad my bro may be bringing me my PC Tuesday and then I can play (if my game arrives by then...if not I'll still be playing Sims2. I miss them sooooo much!).

Christle Gray said...

I was a shy loner in high school, so I didn't have alot of boyfriends. I would watch the other girls get gifts on V-Day and be jealous. The few guys I dated always seemed to break up with me before any major holidays. Whatever.

But my senior year, I had a boyfriend on V-Day! Yay! He loved pocket watches, so I had saved up a bunch of money to buy him one. I didn't know what to expect. What I got was a card, a necklace, a shirt, and a teddy bear. Really sweet! And then he took me out to dinner.

Since then I've gotten cards, poems, jewelry, roses, candy - you name it. One of the most original was when he cooked dinner for us and made a heart shaped pizza. It's the little things.

And in case you haven't figure it out, that senior year boyfriend turned into the man I married.

Worst V-day? In high school I attended a class at the local college for early college credit. A fellow class member became kind of obsessed with me. He sent me letters, poems, gifts, and called ALL the time. For V-day he gave me a diamond necklace and earrings. I told him I couldn't accept them, because he was freaking me out, and he got really agitated and angry. My father ended up having to come down to the class and have a private "talk" with him the next week. My Dad never told me what he said to the boy, but he left me alone after that.

Crystal-Rain Love said...

Moonie - You're not missing that much. It really is over-hyped.

Christle - Proof that good things come to those who wait (whether they want to wait or not) ( - ;

My dad had some of those "conversations" with guys, too. So did my brother. It was easier to tell when my brother had them bcuz of all the bruising on the guys... LOL! No. My dad was slick. He'd have a little "chat" with a guy and I wouldn't know for the longest. My brother is pretty blatant about it.