Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Book Trailers with The Sims 2

My brother is finally bringing over my computer taht he's had (fixing it) for ever now and FINALLY I can play Sims 2 again. This excites me very much as I'm kind of a Sims addict. In celebration of this occasion, I thought I'd share the book trailers I made for Moonlit Dream and The Fire Still Burns using The Sims 2 :


SaturnMoonie said...


I mean that in the best possible way though, you know I'm as big a loser as you. :P

I looooove your trailers. I could never do that w/ my sims. I don't have the patience. I kinda get tired of them quickly, so I have to make sure someone has a child so I can kill off the older folks and play w/ the new generation.

I didn't mean kill off...I meant...err...I don't know what happens but bad stuff usually goes down and my sims either die early or um...I ...accidentally...throw them out the house w/ no money...yeah...accidentally...yeah.

Idle hands.


Lisa Pietsch said...

You need to start marketing your Sim trailers to other writers. I'll help!

SaturnMoonie said...

Rain, Lisa is right!

You could make trailers for other authors. You'll get paid to sim! Everyone loves those trailers, you should definitely think about that. Less stressful and baking cakes. ;)